Bryne Family of Susan J. Dorey

Michael Bryne left his parental home in Ireland and immigrated to America. He settled in Truro, MA, near the tip of Cape Cod, where he married Marietta Brown in 1852 and had five children. She died shortly after the birth of their fifth child. Michael went to Nova Scotia to ask Marietta's friend Caroline Dorey to take care of his young children. This couple married in 1861 in Truro and had eleven children of their own.

I am a granddaughter of Michael and Caroline's eighth child.

During my childhood visits I grew to have an abiding love for Wellfleet, just south of Truro, where the Brynes had moved to by 1877 and where my father grew up. The families that have come to fascinate me are the residents of Truro: the Browns (Marietta's family), the Pierces (whose daughter married a Bryne son), and the Smiths (a Smith brother and sister married a Bryne sister and brother). The residents of Truro in the 1800s had ancestors there from the earliest Pilgrim settlers. Theirs is a fascinating history.

I've got information on almost 200 people across many generations.

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At A Glance

In the Beginning

1. Michael O. Bryne (1828–1885), born in Ireland, lived in Truro and Wellfleet, MA. He is my great-grandfather.
wife #1 Marietta C. Brown (1831–1861), born Mercer, ME
wife #2 Caroline Ann Dorey (1836–1900), born Guysborough, Nova Scotia

First Generation

Parents Michael O. Bryne and Marietta C. Brown
1.1 William H. Bryne (1852–1925), born Truro, MA, moved to NJ
  m. Emma Poling (1854–1944), born NJ
1.2 Maria Sumner Bryne (1855– ), born Truro, MA
1.3 Michael Lewis Bryne (1856–1941), born Truro, MA, moved to VT
  m. Mary Ann Pierce (1866–1948), born Wellfleet, MA
1.4 male infant Bryne (1858–1858), born and died Truro, MA
1.5 Marietta C. Bryne (1860–1861), born and died Truro, MA
Parents Michael O. Bryne and Caroline A. Dorey
1.6 Andrew Willis Bryne (1862–1933), born Truro, MA, moved to CT
  m1. Annie Elizabeth Barrett (1858–1925), born Ireland, died NYC
  m2. Rose D. Mullins (1872–1914), born Boston, MA
  m3. Clara Coe (1866–1933), born CT
1.7 Thomas Howard Bryne (1863–1951), born Truro, MA, moved to CA
  m. Jennie Amelia Atwood (1870– ), born Wellfleet, MA
1.8 Willard Beecher Bryne (1866–1941), born Truro, MA
  m1. Catherine Frances Hillard (1871–1906), born Boston, MA
  m2. Emma Louise (Dominey) Edwards (1870– ), born Birmingham, England
1.9 Etta Dora Bryne (1867–1868), born and died Truro, MA
1.10 George Milton Bryne (1869–1963), born Truro, MA
  m. Blanche Louise Bruce (1880–1971), born Stoneham, MA
1.11 Edward Bonner Bryne (1871–1871), born and died Truro, MA
1.12 James Lewellyn Bryne (1873–1952), born Truro, MA, moved to ME
  m. Ella Frances (Morris) Fall (1868– ), born Boston, MA
1.13 Estella Dora Bryne (1875–1958), born Truro, MA
  m. Daniel Aloysius Dorey (1874–1960), born Somerville, MA, died Natchitoches, LA
1.14 John Dorey Bryne (1877–1905), born Wellfleet, MA
1.15 Louise W. Bryne (1879–1884), born and died Wellfleet, MA
1.16 Alma M. Bryne (1880–1882), born and died Wellfleet, MA

Second Generation

Parents William H. Bryne and Emma
1.1.1 William H. Bryne Jr. (1872–1955), born Raritan, NJ
  m1. Josephine (1880–1944), born NJ
  m2. Patsy Keegan ( – )
1.1.2 Charles S. Bryne (1874– ), born Raritan, NJ
  m. Amanda E. (1877– ), born NJ
1.1.3 Marietta Bryne (1880–1902), born Raritan, NJ
  m. Mr. Weltch (Welsh?)
1.1.3b Adaline Bryne (1882–1965), born Raritan, NJ
  m1. Alexander Smith, lived NJ
  m2. George Ira Walling (1886–1978), lived NJ
1.1.4 Edward Bryne (1887– ), born Raritan, NJ
1.1.4b Daniel Edgar Bryne (1888–1970), born Raritan, NJ
1.1.5 Geneva Bryne (1889– ), born Raritan, NJ
1.1.6 Telfair Bryne (1894–1977), born Raritan, NJ
  m. Susella Bennett (1895–1980), born NJ
Parents Michael Lewis Bryne and Mary Ann Pierce
1.3.1 Elbren Lewis Bryne (1887–1923), born Truro, MA, moved to VT
  m. Hannah Alfreda Smith (1889–1965), born North Truro, MA
1.3.2 Maria Sumner Bryne (1888–1984), born Truro, MA, moved to VT and NH
  m. Rolfe Paine Smith (1887–1968), born Truro/Wellfleet, MA
1.3.3 Mary Higgins Bryne (1892–1967), born Truro, MA, moved to VT
  m. Robert Gustav Dasse (1914–1976), born Hebron, ND, died CT
1.3.4 Cora Leland Bryne (1894–1981), born Truro, MA, moved to VT and FL
  m. Wallace Francis Robair (1881–1959), born Burlington, VT
1.3.5 Lester Pierce Bryne (1905–1972), born Truro, MA, moved to VT
  m. Marion Viola Langevin (1908–1977), born VT
1.3.6 Leighton Wesley Bryne (1909– ), born Truro, MA, moved to VT
Parents Andrew Willis Bryne and Anne Elizabeth Barrett
1.6.1 William Willard Bryne (1887–1978), born Cambridge, MA, moved to NY, VT, and NJ
  m. Madeline A. Schumm (1889–1977), born NY
1.6.2 John Francis Bryne (1888–1970), born Somerville, MA, moved to CT
  m1. Julie E. Maher (1889– ), born MA
  m2. Ethel Ames (1908–1986), born NY
1.6.3 Andrew Vincent Bryne (1889–1890), born and died Somerville, MA
1.6.4 Anne Louise Bryne (1890–1981), born MA, moved to MD
1.6.5 Mary Caroline Bryne (1892–1951), born Somerville, MA
  m1. Oliver Kendall Robbins (1890– ), born Fitchburg, MA
  m2. William Paget Hedges (1895–1952), born Streatham, London, England
1.6.6 Andrew Montgomery Bryne (1894–1949), born West Medford, MA, moved to CA
  m1. Esther Harvey ( – )
  m2. Gladys Virginia Shaw (1894– ), born Cincinnati, OH
  m3. Marjorie Signer (1898–1987), born IL
Parents Andrew Willis Bryne and Rose D. Mullins
1.6.7 Thomas Lachlyn Bryne (1900–1991), born Grand Encampment, WY, moved to CT
  m1. Mary Isabelle Chapin (1904–1989), born Manchester, CT
  m2. Elizabeth Gertrude McGuire (1910–1989), born Manchester, CT
1.6.8 Wynona Bryne, died young
Parents Willard Beecher Bryne and Catherine Frances Hillard
1.8.1 James Willard Bryne (1891–1968), born Somerville, MA
  m1. Lilian Faye Hanson (1891–1918), born Augusta, ME
  m2. Marion Gould Roberts (1892–1963), born MA
  m3. Alice Morse (1909–2001)
1.8.2 Estella C. Bryne (1893–1980), born MA
  m1. Wallace Bruce Olson (1893–1984), born Medford, MA
  m2. Charles Otto Tanc (1893–1977), born Milwaukee, WI
1.8.3 Herbert Hillard Bryne (1896–1977), born Medford, MA, moved to ME
  m1. Mildred Jane Cutler (1894–1959), born Boston, MA
  m2. Lois (Nile) Toothaker (1894–1992), born ME
1.8.4 Nina C. Bryne (1899–1983), born Medford, MA
  m. Herbert Snow
1.8.5 Helen Etta Bryne (1902–1936), born Medford, MA
  m. Gordon Wesley Olson (1895–1969), born Medford, MA
1.8.6 female infant Bryne (1906–1906), stillborn Medford, MA
Parents George Milton Bryne and Blanche Louise Bruce
1.10.1 George Herrick Bryne (1911–1998), born Stoneham, MA
  m. Eleanor Townsend Foster (1908–1996), born Danvers, MA
1.10.2 John Dewart Bryne (1917–2006), born Winchester, MA
  m. Sally Snodgrass (1912–1994), born Jenkintown, PA
Parents James Lewellyn Bryne and Ella Frances (Morris) Fall
1.12.1 Perry B. Bryne (1897– ), born MA, lived ME
  m. Katherine M. Tukey
Parents Estella Dora Bryne and Daniel Aloysius Dorey
1.13.1 Hazel Miriam Dorey (1897–1979), born Medford, MA
1.13.2 Evelyn Hamilton Dorey (1899–1900), born Somerville, MA
1.13.3 Ruth Caroline Dorey (1900–1920), born Somerville, MA
1.13.4 Daniel Dorey (1902–1978), born Somerville, MA, moved to ME
  m. Gladys Frances Hajos (1908–1967), born Tuckahoe, NY
1.13.5 Leander Elmore Dorey (1908–1999), born Natick, MA, moved to CA
  m. Marion Gray Clirehugh (1921–2004), born Elizabeth, NJ
1.13.6 Marian Cecelia Dorey (1910–1985), born Natick, MA
  m. Harold A. Carlsen (1905–1968)
1.13.7 Estella Elizabeth Dorey (1913–1985), born Natick, MA, moved to CA
  m. Claude William Stuck (1908–1982), born Kansas City, MO, moved to CA

Notes for the Reader

ID: In this document and the linked PDF files, each person has an assigned ID. The ID is a segmented number where each segment is separated by a period. The number of segments indicates the generation. For example, 1.2.3 is the third child of 1.2 who is the second child of 1.0. Spouses are identified with a suffix of "-n" where n is the number of the marriage; for example, 1.2.3 -1 is the first spouse of 1.2.3.
When there is no ID, the relationship of the person to others is unknown; they may not be a relative.

Key dates are specified in MM-DD-CCYY format.

Date abbreviations: abt.: about b.: born bap.: baptized m.: married div.: divorced sep.: separated d.: died bur.: buried


Pine Grove Cemetery, Truro, MA

This cemetery, also known as South Truro Cemetery and South Side Cemetery, is located on Cemetery Road off Old County Road. The website of the Town of Truro has, in the section for the Cemetery Commission, a set of files about the cemeteries and their inhabitants. The oldest graves in this cemetery date from 1799.

There is a Bryne lot #85, but apparently there are no markers. The following people are known to be buried there:
Marietta C. Bryne died 1861, age 29
Marietta Bryne died 1861, age 2 months
male infant Bryne died 1858, age 3 days
Edward Bryne died 1871, age 1 month
Michael Bryne (listed but not buried here)

Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Wellfleet, MA

The cemetery is located on Gross Hill Road near Route 6. This was originally the Methodist burying place.

There are two family lots in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Wellfleet, MA, one for Doreys (#450) and one for Brynes (#400). Thomas Bryne is buried in the Dorey lot, Caroline Ann (Dorey) (Bryne) King is buried in the Bryne lot (her headstone reads "Caroline Ann Doré").

Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, VT

The cemetery is located on North Avenue south of Institute Road at 455 North Avenue. The cemetery was started about 1800 and is still being used.

The family of Michael Lewis Bryne and Mary Ann Pierce is buried there. There are photos of the tombstones on Find A Grave.

Loudon Center Cemetery, Loudon, NH

The address of the cemetery is 460 Clough Hill Road.

The family of Maria Sumner Bryne and Rolfe Paine Smith is buried there.

Largo Cemetery, Largo, FL

The Largo Municipal Cemetery, established in 1887, is located at 1232–1298 Jasper Street, one tenth of a mile east off of North Missouri Avenue in Largo, Pinellas County, Florida.

Five Robairs are buried there:
Robair, Cora L., b. 1894 d. 1981 — Cora Leland Bryne
Robair, Doris, b. n/a d. n/a — wife of Wallace A. Robair
Robair, Frederick Paul, b. 1944 d. 1962 — son of Wallace A. Robair
Robair, Wallace A., b. 1919 d. 1988 — Wallace F's son by his first wife
Robair, Wallace F., b. 1891 d. 1959 — husband of Cora Leland Bryne

New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery, Boscawen, NH

The cemetery is located at 110 Daniel Webster Highway. It was constructed between 1997 and 2003. It has a website.

Lester Pierce Bryne Jr. is buried there: Section H5R, Row A, Grave 6.


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