Robbins Family of Susan J. Dorey

Oliver Kendall Pierce Robbins married Mary Caroline Bryne in 1914. This is what I know about his ancestors.

The impetus for the research whose findings are documented here is (1) learning that he was the father of one of my living Bryne cousins and (2) the conflict in middle names between his marriage record and his birth record.

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First Family

Oliver Kendall Pierce Robbins
Parents: Edward F. Robbins Jr. and Clara M. Pierce
Born: 1-9-1890 Fitchburg, MA
Married #1: 4-15-1914 Mary Caroline Bryne in Providence, RI
Divorced #1: by 1927
Married #2: ?
Died: ?
Barbara L. Robbins, born 1919 NYC

His name was recorded in his birth record as Oliver Pierce Robbins. It was recorded in his marriage record as Oliver Kendall Robbins. I believe his full name was Oliver Kendall Pierce Robbins.
In 1900 he lived in Fitchburg, MA at 111 Myrtle Avenue with parental family. Sibling: Grace A. Robbins b. 12-1878 MA; father was grocery clerk. His name cited as Oliver P. Robbins, born 1-1890.
I could not find Oliver in the 1910 census.
In 1914 at time of marriage he was 24 and lived in Somerville at 38 Wisconsin Avenue; a chaffeur.
In 1917, per draft card, lived in Elmhurst, NY at 234 25th Street with wife (un-named); a salesman for American Chicle in NYC (his brother-in-law Andrew Montgomery Bryne also worked there).
At the beginning of WW I he attended Officer's Training School in Plattsburg, NY and became a pilot. He fought in France and went to Mexico with General Pershing.
In 1920 he lived in Kelly Field, Bexar, Texas as a Captain in the US Army; married, his wife was not there.
I could not find him in the 1930 census.

Robbins Ancestors

Edward F. Robbins Jr.
Parents: Edward F. Robbins Sr. and Amanda Lucinda Barden
Born: 12-1853 Littleton, MA
Married #1: 5-13-1878 Clara M. Pierce in Littleton, MA
Married #2: Winifred by 1930
Died: ?
Grace Alice Robbins, born 12-1878 Littleton, MA
Oliver Kendall Pierce Robbins, born 1-9-1890 Fitchburg, MA

In 1880 lived in Littleton, MA with wife Clara and daughter Grace; cooper.
In 1900 lived in Fitchburg, MA at 111 Myrtle Avenue with wife Clara M. and children Grace A. and Oliver P.
In 1910 lived in Fitchburg, MA at 111 Myrtle Avenue with wife Clara M.
In 1913 he was given a surprise 60th birthday party at his home. He was employed at the Fichburg Jail in charge of the work-room. A deacon of the Highland Baptist Church and a Sunday School teacher, he was an "untiring servant in christian service." His sister was Mrs. James Nixon in the same town.
In 1920 lived in Fitchburg, MA at 111 Myrtle Avenue by himself.
In 1930 lived in Fitchburg, MA at 111 Myrtle Avenue with Winifred L. (58, age 40 at first marriage, b. VT parents b. VT).
Daughter Grace married 1903 Fitchburg, MA.
Edward F. Robbins Sr.
Parents: Seth Miller Robbins and Elizabeth Bigelow
Born: 8-10-1824 Littleton, MA
Married: 7-3-1851 Amanda Lucinda Barden in Littleton, MA
Died: 1881 Littleton, MA
Buried: Westlawn Cemetery, Littleton, MA
William B. Robbins, born 10-31-1851 Littleton, MA
Edward F. Robbins Jr., born 12-1853 Littleton, MA
Arthur F. Robbins, born abt. 1856 Littleton, MA
Asa F. Robbins, born abt. 1859 Littleton, MA
Emily Maria Robbins, born 1862 Littleton, MA

In 1850 lived in Littleton with parents and Amanda Barton (Barden?, 23).
In 1860 lived in Littleton with wife Amanda L. and children William B. (8), Edward F. (6), Arthur F. (4), Assa F. (1) and parents Seth M. (80), Elizabeth (75).
In 1870 lived in Littleton with wife Amanda L. and children Joseph A. (14), Asa F. R. (10), Emma M. (8) and mother Elizabeth Robbins (83).
In 1880 lived in Littleton with wife Amanda L. and children Joseph A. (23), Asa F. (20), Emma M. (17), William B. (27), Anna M. (20) wife of William, Walter B. (1) son of William and Anna.
Amanda Lucinda Barden
Parents: Joseph A. Barden and Sarah Sawtell
Born: 8-22-1827 Groton, MA (based on age at death)
Married: 7-3-1851 Edward F. Robbins in Littleton, MA
Died: 1-13-1904 Littleton, MA
Buried: 1-16-1904 Westlawn Cemetery, Littleton, MA

In 1850 she likely lived in Littleton with Seth and Elizabeth Miller and their son Edward F. Robbins. Her name was recorded in the census as Amanda Barton.
Died of dysentery after 6 days. Occupation nurse. Age 76y 4m 25d.
Seth Miller Robbins
Parents: ?
Born: abt. 1783 MA
Married #1: 5-8-1808 Relief Rice in Grafton, MA
Married #2: 9-22-1823 (or 10-1-1823) Elizabeth Bigelow of Harvard, MA
Died: 1860 Littleton, MA
Children with first wife:
Seth Miller Robbins, born 7-8-1809 Littleton, MA
Relief Emily Robbins, born 11-25-1811 Littleton, MA
Elizabeth Harrington Robbins, born 9-5-1813 Littleton, MA
Benjamin Wilson Robbins, born 12-13-1815 Littleton, MA
Harriott Wilson Robbins, born 4-19-1818 Littleton, MA
Persis Selinda Robbins, born ?, died 4-14-1822 Littleton, MA, an infant
Children with second wife:
Edward F. Robbins born 8-10-1824 Littleton, MA
Daniel B. Robbins, born 12-5-1826 Littleton, MA
William B. Robbins, born 5-18-1829, died 5-2-1848 Littleton, MA of consumption

His first wife Relief Rice was the daughter of Samuel and Rispah (Wilson) Rice of Northbourough and Grafton, MA, who married 10-17-1784; she was born 2-22-1785 in Northboro and died 1-10-1823, six months after death of last child. Relief was a descendant of Edmund Rice who immigrated from Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England to Sudbury, MA in 1638 or 9. The name Rice is of Welsh origin.
His daughter Emily married Ira Fisher in 5-1831 and resided in Worcester. They had one child: Edward Everett Fisher born 10-12-1848 Worcester.
His daughter Elizabeth married Stillman Graves on 10-2-1830.
His son Benjamin married Sarah A. Ames on 5-15-1842.
His daughter Harriett married Francis Harrington in April 1841. She died on 9-26-1842 in Worcester, MA.
In 1850 lived in Littleton with wife Elizabeth and son Edward F.
In 1860 lived in Littleton with son Edward's family.
Elizabeth Bigelow
Parents: William Bigelow and Hannah Robbins
Born: abt. 1785
Baptized: 12-8-1785 Templeton
Married: 9-22-1823 Seth Miller Robbins in Littleton, MA
Died: 1871 Littleton, MA

Parents married 1-1-1772 at Bolton. Hannah born abt. 1751. William was born abt. 1749 at either Harvard or Groton. William served throughout the Revolution, and at the close of his life, claimed pension. He was a farmer and laborer. He died at Bolton 10-1-1826, and his wife Hannah died 7-19-1837, aged 86 years. William was the son of Jonathan Bigelow (born 1707, died before 1760) and Mary Snow (married 1730, died before 1760). Jonathan was the son of Jonathan Bigelow (born 1670) and Elizabeth Bemis (died 1734). Jonathan was the son of Joshua (1655–1745) and Elizabeth Flagg (1657–1729). Joshua was the son of immigrants John Biglo (1617–1703) and Mary Warren (1624–1691).
Siblings: (1) Jane Bigelow, born 7-15-1774 Bolton, married 12-31-1795 Jonathan Houghton Jr. at Bolton. (2) William Bigelow, born 10-3-1776 Bolton. (3) Mary Bigelow, born 3-5-1779 Bolton, married 5-7-1807 Asa Farr at Harvard. (4) Jonathan Bigelow, born 3-8-1783 Bolton. (5) Ann Bagnell Bigelow, called Nancy, baptized 10-9-1791 Bolton, died 9-3-1847 Boston unmarried.

Pierce Ancestors

Clara M. Pierce
Parents: George Bigelow Pierce and Harriet Ann Parkhurst
Born: 8-17-1859 Groton, MA
Married: 5-13-1878 Edward F. Robbins Jr. in Littleton, MA
Died: by 1920
Children: See Edward F. Robbins Jr.
George Bigelow Pierce
Parents: Oliver Pierce and Elizabeth Dodge (Kendall) Vinton
Born: 9-14-1836 Groton, MA
Married: 1860 Harriet Ann Parkhurst in Groton, MA
Died: 1908 Ayer, MA
Clara M. Pierce, born 8-17-1859 Groton, MA
Nellie Florence Pierce, born 1861 Groton, MA
Frank S. Pierce, born 10-1862 Groton, MA
Nettie Bigelow Pierce, born 1866 Groton, MA
Estella Bigelow Pierce, born 1868 Groton, MA

In 1850 lived in Groton with parental family.
In 1860 lived in Groton with wife Hattie A. and daughter Clara M (7/12); lived next door to parental family; farmer.
In 1870 he lived in Groton with wife Harriet A. and children Clara M. (11,), Nellie F. (9), Frank S. (7), Nettie B. (5), and Stella (2); George was carpenter, all children born MA. Next door lived brother's family: Oliver K. Pierce (34, b. MA), Martha (34, b. ME), John D. (3), Lizzy M. (1); children born MA; Oliver was in ice business.
In 1878 daughter Clara married in Littleton, MA.
In 1880 lived in Ayer, MA with wife Harriet A. and children Frank S., Jenette B., and Estella W.; farmer. His brother Oliver and his wife Martha lived next door; Oliver was agent for ice company. Also living nearby was father Oliver and sister Emma E.
In 1885 daughter Nellie married in Ayer, MA.
In 1891 daugher Estella married in Everett or Malden, MA.
In 1893 daughter Nettie married in Somerville or Woburn, MA.
In 1900 lived in Ayer with wife Hattie, 5 children born 5 living, married 41 years; farmer. Brother Oliver and his wife Martha (64, b. 8-1835 ME) also lived in Ayer, MA; he was ice superintendant. Also in Ayer 1900 census was son Frank S. Pierce with wife Flora (40, b. 8-1859 NH) and children Rebecca B. (6, b. 10-1893) and Kendall B. (1 1/2 b. 11-1898); Frank was ice dealer.
Harriet Ann Parkhurst
Parents: Sylvester P. W. Parkhurst (1810–1841) and Harriet Newell Burgess (1820–1898)
Born: 10-18-1839 Brookline, NH
Married: 1860 George Bigelow Pierce in Groton, MA
Died: 1-6-1909 Ayer, MA
Buried: 1-8-1909 Woodlawn Cemetery, Ayer, MA

Her father was born 6-24-1810 Bedford, MA, his parents were Joseph Parkhurst (born 11-1783 MA or Wilton, NH; died 3-30-1873 Somerville, MA) and Rhoda Wyman (died 9-28-1815 in Bedford, MA) who married 11-26-1807 in Bedford, MA. Sylvester died 1-21-1841 in Brookline, NH. He had a brother Joseph Addison Parkhurst born 1-31-1808 in Bedford, MA; married 2-27-1835 Lydia Allen of Billerica in Tewksbury/Bedford, MA. Sylvester was cited as mason, bds. at Mansfield's, Suffolk sq. in Floyd's City Directory for Lowell, MA in 1834.

Her mother was born 9-24-1820 Harvard, MA to parents Asa Burgess (1795–1888) and Lydia Walker Stearns (1791–1858). She was a descendant of Jonas Prescott (1648–1723) and Mary Loker (163–1735) whose grandson Colonel William Prescott (1726–1795) was the American commander at the Battle of Bunker Hill, 6-17-1775.
I believe her mother was the Harriet Ann Burgess (Parkhurst) Jewett, 1825–1898, who is buried in Westlawn Cemetery, Littleton and who was the Harriet N. Parkhurst who married Shadrach S. Jewett of Littleton, 7-28-1842 in Harvard and had 10 children.
Shadrach S. Jewett was born 10-6-1812 in Jeffrey, NH and died 7-18-1873 in Groton, MA; he was a descendant of immigrant Maximilian Jewett born in Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, and baptized there Oct. 4, 1607. Maximilian with his wife Ann and his brother Joseph sailed from Hull, England in 1638 in the ship John and in the spring of 1639 founded the town of Rowley, MA.

Sibling: Sylvester Addison Parkhurst, born 12-17-1837 in Brookline, NH; married 2-4-1861 Sarah Melissa Cummings in Groton (both lived in Westford at the time, she was born Guysborough); died 3-16-1909 in Ayer, a widower. Son Charles S. Parkhurst born 1-8-1861 in Westford; died 11-9-1914 in Shirley, MA. Son Sylvester Parkhurst born 1-8-1863 in Westford.

In 1840 her father lived in Brookline, NH with wife and one young son and one young daughter.
In 1850 lived in Ashburnham, MA with family of Shadrack S. Jewett (37) and his wife Harriet N. (29). She was 10. I believe she was a step-daughter, the daughter of Harriet Jewett.
In 1860 lived in Groton, MA with brother Sylvester A. Parkhurst (21, b. NH).
In 1870 her brother Sylvester lived in Groton, married with four children.
She died of natural causes, suddenly, age 62y 2m 19d. [This age disagrees with her birth date.]
Oliver Pierce
Parents: ?
Born: abt. 1815 Groton, MA
Married: 11-5-1834 Elizabeth Dodge (Kendall) Vinton in Groton, MA
Oliver Kendall Pierce, born 6-27-1835 Groton, MA
George Bigelow Pierce born 9-4-1836 Groton, MA
Sarah Elizabeth Pierce, born 3-26-1838 Groton, MA
Mary Dodge Pierce, born 9-10-1839 Groton, MA
Lucy Smith Pierce, born 6-21-1841 Groton, MA
Francis Henry Pierce, born 1-27-1843 Groton, died 8-3-1844 Groton, MA
Charles Hubert Pierce, born 2-15-1846 Groton, MA
Emma E. Pierce, born abt. 1854 Groton, MA

A farmer.
In 1850 he lived in Groton with wife Elizabeth and children Oliver K. (16), George B. (14), Mary D. (10), Lucy (8), Charles H. (4).
In 1860 he lived in Groton with wife Elizabeth D. and children Oliver K. (24), Mary D. (20), Lucy S. (18), Charles H. (14), Emma E. (6).
In 1870 he lived in Groton with wife Elizabeth D and daughter Emma E. Lived near sons Oliver and George.
In 1880 he lived in Ayer with daughter Emma E. (25). Next door lived son George and his family, and Oliver and his wife.
Son Oliver K. Pierce married 1-1-1863 Martha Durgin in Groton. He was 27, a carpenter. She 27, born ME to Benjamin and Martha Durgin.
On 10-8-1884 daughter Emma married Warren Winslow Nutting in Fitchburg. He was 25, born 7-11-1860 in Littleton to parents Phineas S. and Mary W. Nutting.
In 1910 daughter Emma lived in Ayer with husband Warren W. and 3 children (4 born, 3 living). Warren was a laborer in an ice company.
Elizabeth Dodge Kendall
Parents: Benjamin Kendall (born Ashby) and Lucy Pierce (born Groton)
Born: abt. 1807 Ashby, MA
Married #1: 2-24-1828 Edward Mills Vinton (1804–1829) in Quincy, MA
Married #2: 11-5-1834 Oliver Pierce
Died: 12-30-1872 Ayer, MA age 65
Children with first husband:
Edward Mills Vinton, born 1-5-1829, died 2-1842 Braintree, MA
Iram Joy Vinton, born 4-18-1830 Braintree, MA
Eight children with second husband.

Edward Mills Vinton, eldest son of Capt. Edward Mills Vinton (born 7-3-1783 Braintree) and Lucy Thankful Joy (1784–1866), was born 10-27-1804 and married Elizabeth Dodge Kendall of Ashby. They resided Braintree. He was a stonecutter. He was killed 8-24-1829 in Quincy, while he and others were hoisting stone at a granite quarry; the shears, which sustained the weight, broke and struck him on the bask of the head, causing instant death.


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