Genealogy of Susan J. Dorey

I'm interested in knowing my ancestors—their lives and relationships. My information is organized by my grandparents' families:

  • Paternal grandfather: Daniel Aloysius Dorey
  • Paternal grandmother: Estella Dora Bryne
  • Maternal grandfather: John Alexander Clirehugh
  • Maternal grandmother: Marion Hawkins Gray

Distinguished ancestors include:

  • William Leete (born 1612 Dodington, Huntingdonshire, England; died 4-16-1683 Hartford, CT); Governor of New Haven Colony 1661–1664; first Governer of Colony of Connecticut 1676–1683.
  • William the Lion, King of Scotland 1165–1214 (born 1143; died 12-4-1214) and his wife Ermengarde. William Leete was descended from King William. Queen Elizabeth II of England is also a descendant of King William, which makes her and I very distant cousins.
  • Henry I, King of England 1100–1135
  • Charlemagne, Charles I "The Great", King of France (747–814)

Revision: 9-8-2011.