Gray Family of Susan J. Dorey

My Grays immigrated from Ireland to New York in 1854; the patriarch is believed to be Scottish. They later moved to New Jersey, and from there to California, Virginia, and China. Grays married Tillman, Tunis, Bloy, Chapman, Trenchard, Clirehugh, Hallowell, Vanderhoef, Gates, and Davis.

My maternal grandmother was a Gray.

There are two fascinating things for me about this family. First is that, with one exception, each son named his son after himself. One descendant is the fifth with his name. The second fascinating thing is that one man went to China and started a business there which remained until recently, through four generations.

One of the long-standing mysteries in this family is the correct spelling of the middle name of the Frederick Grays. As a teenager when I first drew an ancestry diagram, I understood Fred's middle name to be "Hurlburt." A photocopy of a handwritten page from what looks to be a family bible names two children as Frederick Hurlbut Gray and Blanche Hurlbut Gray. In the Spring of 2014 a Gray cousin kindly provided me with an image of a birth certificate, it names the child as Frederick Herbert Gray. Thank you Jeannine! But, this same man was named "Hurlbert" in his wedding announcement. What a mystery!

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At A Glance

In the Beginning

0 John Gray (1833–1901) born Scotland or Ireland, immigrated to America in 1854. He is my great-great grandfather.
wife Jane Malone (1831–1901) born Ireland, immigrated in 1854, married in 1855.

First Generation

1. William Newman Gray (1858–1932) born in New York, lived in Cranford, NJ; undertaker
first wife Katherine Amelia Tillman (1863–1900) born Raritan, NJ to German immigrant parents, married in 1882
second wife Anna Martina Tunis (1870–1912) born and died NJ, married 1901
2. Ellen (Ella) Gray (1856–1928)
husband Royal Elton Hawkins (1866–1941)
3. Blanche P. Gray (1868–1872)

Second Generation

1.1 Augustus Tillman Gray (1883–1949) lived in NJ
1.2 William Newman Gray II (1885–1956) lived in China; importer
1.2b male Gray (1887—1887) born NJ, died shorthly thereafter
1.3 Frederick Hurlbut Gray (1888–1963) lived in Westfield, NJ; undertaker
1.4 Blanche Hurlbut Gray (1889–1892) died young
1.5 Harry Gray (1892–1892) died young
1.6 Marion Hawkins Gray (1894–1984) lived in NJ and CA
1.7 Leslie Gray (1896–1896) died young
1.8 Maude Gray (?–?) died young

List of Family Members

The people are listed here in order by ID.

0 John GRAY b. 1833 Ireland or Scotland
m. abt. 1855 Jane MALONE
d. 6-27-1901 Red Bank, NJ
bur. 6-29-1901 Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY
Parents born Ireland (per 1880 and 1900 census).
Immigrated in 1854. Naturalized.
My grandmother along with her cousins believed he came from Glasgow, Scotland. Certainly a biography of his son William states this. Perhaps he was one of the Scotch-Irish The census that cited him stated he was born in Ireland, but his Report of Death for the State of New Jersey stated he was born Scotland.
Ellen Gray, b. 1856
William Newman Gray, b. 1858
Blanche P. Gray, b. 1868
two others names unknown
In 1855 a 22-year old John Gray and 22-year-old Jane Gray lived in NYC with 20-year old sister Ellen Harpelle; John was gardener, Jane was housekeeper, Ellen was seamstress.
Could not find in 1860 census.
In 1870 lived in NYC with wife Jane (42), Ellen (15), William N. (12), and Blanche P. (2). The parents were born Ireland, the children born NY. John was waiterman.
Not in the Monmouth County, NJ 1875 census—so may have moved to NJ after that year.
In 1880 lived with wife and son William in Raritan Village, Somerset Co., NJ on Farrand Avenue; worked in woolen mill, son was store clerk. John and Jane were born Ireland.
In 1895 lived in Shrewsbury, NJ with wife.
In 1900 lived on Beach Street in Red Bank/Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ with wife; head waiter but unemployed for last 12 months. This census cited his birth year as 1834. John and Jane were born Ireland to parents born Ireland. Five children born, three living.
Died at age 68 in Memorial Hospital, Long Branch of "exhaustion due to old age and general debility." Funeral director was his son. Lived in Red Bank, NJ at time of death.
Buried in Lot 10975 Section 117 Grave 1212. Three unidentified Grays are also buried in the lot: John Gray buried 10-27-1885, Thomas Gray buried 1-11-1882, and Ann Gray buried 2-1-1903. These people are discussed at the end of this page in the Cemeteries section.
0 -1 Jane MALONE b. 4-30-1831 County Antrim, Province of Ulster, Northern Ireland
m. abt. 1855 John GRAY
d. 2-22-1901 Red Bank, NJ
bur. 2-25-1901 Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY
Parents born Ireland. Father: John MALONE.
Jane Malone was born County Antrim, Province of Ulster, Northern Ireland (per son William's biography).
Immigrated in 1854. This birth location makes her Scotch-Irish; her father may have been Irish while her mother Scottish (this is all speculation based on her birth in Ulster).
Had 5 children, 3 living in 1900. I only know of two children alive in 1900. Only three children ever appeared in the census, and one of those died in 1872. So a mystery!
The 1900 census cited her birth year as 1829.
Died at age 70 years, 7 months, and 23 days. Buried in Lot 10975 Section 117 Grave 1212.
At death lived on Beach Street, Red Bank.
Died at home of influenza; obituary in Red Bank Register. Survived by husband and children William N. Gray and Mrs. Ellen Hawkins, both of Cranford. Funeral director was Robert T. Smith.
1. William Newman GRAY b. 7-17-1858 NYC, NY
m1. 10-5-1882 Katherine Amelia TILLMAN in Raritan, NJ
m2. 6-1-1901 Anna Martina TUNIS in Somerville, NJ
d. 7-29-1932 NYC, NY
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Lived in Red Bank prior to moving to Cranford. Worked for Prudential Insurance Company. Was Secretary of the State Funeral Benefit Association of the Junior American Mechanics Lodge; this was the way his wife's obituary read, it was likely the Junior Order United American Mechanics (JOUAM), an organization of working men formed in 1845 to resist labor pressure from Irish (!) and which established a Sick and Funeral Fund.
Augustus Tillman Gray, b. 1883
William Newman Gray (II), b. 1885
male Gray, b. 5-18-1887 Shrewsbury, NJ [discovered 7-6-2012 FamilySearch]
Frederick Hurlbut Gray, b. 1888
Blanche Hurlbut Gray, b. 1889
Harry Gray, b. 1892
Marion Hawkins Gray, b. 1894
Leslie Gray, b. 1896
Maude Gray, b. ?
In 1891 he was a Worthy State Councilor of the JOUAM, lived in Red Bank.
In 1894 he ran for Mayor of Red Bank. His sole opponent, the law partner of an ex-Senator, won handily by a vote of 206 to 31.
In 1895 lived in Lambertville, Hunterdon, NJ with wife Katie A. and children Augustus, William N., Fred H., and Marion H.
In 1897 he and Katie established Gray, Inc. as Funeral Directors.
In 1900 lived on Union Avenue, Cranford, NJ with wife Kate and children Augustus, William Jr., Frederick, and Marion; William was an undertaker, William Jr. was a clerk in a drug store. Census stated 4 children born, 4 living, but while 4 children were living in 1900, more had been born. Census stated William was born New Jersey - in error (he was born in New York).
In 1904 he was the Secretary-Treasurer of New Jersey Funeral Benevelent Association; lived in Cranford.
In 1910 William lived at 106 Union Avenue, Cranford, NJ with wife Anna and children Frederick and Marion; undertaker.
In 1920 lived at 106 Union Avenue, Cranford, NJ with a housekeeper and her son; undertaker.
In 1930 lived in owned home worth $25,000 at 106 N. Union Avenue, Cranford, NJ with a servant; undertaker.
William was a funeral home director in Cranford and Westfield, NJ; he owned Gray Funeral Home ("since 1897"). The business was continued by his son Fred and by Fred Jr. The address in Westfield was 318 East Broad Street; the address in Cranford was 12 Springfield Avenue.
He drove around in a big car—a Pierce Arrow and Lincoln—with a chauffeur.
He was a 32 degree Mason.
William died "on a Hudson River night boat coming down from Albany" (per John Clirehugh). The chauffeur kept driving to avoid a NY autopsy, and drove him home to Cranford, NJ. William probably died of a heart attack; his death was sudden and unexpected. The New York Times obituary of 7-30-1932 called him the Dean of Morticians of Union County, NJ.
The Gray Funeral Home was (and still is) located in Westfield, NJ at 318 East Broad Street and in Cranford, NJ at 12 Springfield Avenue.
Note that the birth location of his parents, as reported by William, differed by census year (this is of interest because his descendants believed both parents were Scottish):
1900: both born NJ
1910: both born Scotland
1920: father born Scotland, mother born Ireland
1930: father born Scotland, mother born North Ireland
1. -1 Katherine Amelia TILLMAN b. 2-23-1863 Raritan, NJ
m. 10-5-1882 William Newman GRAY in Raritan, NJ
d. 7-18-1900 Elizabeth, NJ (age 37 years 4 months 25 days)
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Father: Augustus TILLMAN, born 1823 Hilderburg, Germany, died 1896 Raritan, NJ, buried Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ.
Mother: Magdalene HOLLANDER (or DISBROW), born 1830 Baden, Germany, died 7-1916 Raritan, NJ, buried Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ. There is a mystery about the name Disbrow which appears in old records, but has yet to be substantiated; the current (2013) belief is that Disbrow was the name of her step-father.
Siblings: Elizabeth (born 1852), Mary L. (born 1856), Edward S. (born 1858), Peter (born 1860), John C. D. (born 1865).
Died of complications of gall bladder surgery. Lived in Cranford at time of death. Her entry in the family bible reads "My Beloved Wife."
1. -2 Anna Martina TUNIS b. 1-22-1867 Basking Ridge, NJ
m. 6-1-1901 William Newman GRAY in Somerville, NJ
d. 1912 NJ
Father: William L. TUNIS, born about 1841 NJ.
Mother: Mary S. (or A.) CROSS, born 6-1837 NJ to parents born NJ. Married 1-4-1866 Somerset County, NJ.
Sibling: Emma Louise Victoria Tunis, born 10-15-1878 NJ, died 12-1-1951 Pasadena, CA.
In 1880 lived with parental family in Raritan, NJ.
In 1900 lived with widowed mother and sister in Bridgewater, NJ at 26 South St.; Anna was a nurse, Emma a milliner.
In 1910 mother and sister were living in Somerville, NJ; Louise was a saleswoman of dry goods.
Martie became mentally ill after her marriage, was admitted to Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Morris Plains, NJ where she lived until she died.
See 1.6 -2 for details on her sister.
1.1 Augustus Tillman GRAY b. 10-31-1883 Raritan, NJ
m. 12-21-1905 Maria Helen BLOY
d. 1-1-1949 Hillside, NJ
bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Hillside, Union County, NJ
Nickname was Gus.
Augustus Tillman Gray Jr, b. 1910
In 1900 lived in Cranford, NJ with parental family.
In 1910 lived on Conant Street, Union, NJ with wife Helen and mother-in-law Anna Bloy; correspondent of express company. Two houses away lived the Clirehughs: John C., Margaret B., and John A.—who later married sister Marion H. Gray.
Portions of Union Township in Union County, New Jersey were incorporated as Hillside Township on 4-3-1913.
In 1917 lived in Lyons Farms, Union, NJ at 14 Hollywood Avenue, was accountant for American Express in New York City.
In 1920 lived at 14 Hollywood Avenue, Hillside, NJ with wife and son; superintendent of express company.
In December 1920 applied for his first passport in order to travel on business on the ship Coronia to Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, and Greece sailing on 1‑15‑1921 from the port of New York. Worked as purser-accountant for American Express. Lived in Hillside, NJ. Application witnessed by Sidney W. Holland, an employee of American Express, who had known Gus for 25 years.
The ship Coronia was probably the Cunard Line's Caronia, a steam ship super liner built for cruising in 1904 in Glasgow, Scotland. The ship was 650 feet long. She was scrapped in Osaka in 1933. The Cunard Line was established in 1839 by Samuel Cunard, a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Caronia 2 was launched in 1947, sold in 1967, and scrapped in 1974. Caronia 3 was originally the Vistafjord, built in 1973, bought by Cunard in 1983, and renamed in 1999. I guess Augustus traveled on the Caronia between New York and England, changing ships in England to cruise the Mediterranean. American Express advertised a 1922 winter cruise on the Mauretania to the Mediterranean.
In January 1923 applied for a passport in order to travel on business on the ship Coronia to Portugal, Spain, France, British Isles, Italy, Greece, Constantinople, Egypt, Monaco, and Germany sailing on 2-10-1923 from the port of New York. Worked in the tourist business for American Express. Lived at 14 Hollywood Avenue, Hillside. He was accompanied by his wife and son.
Passport I've seen has stamps dated 1921 and 1922 from Spain, Monaco, and Alexandria, Egypt.
Was 5' 8" tall with brown hair, blue eyes, roman nose, and fair complexion.
Between 1913 and 1925 he was a member of the Hillside Board of Education.
Prior to 1927 he was involved in building 100 houses in Hightstown. In 1927 he bought a 160-acre farm on Route 33 in Manalapan, NJ (seven miles from Hightstown).
Persuaded John Alexander Clirehugh to quit the assay office and open a gas station-restaurant next to where Bon (Vair) Clirehugh was building some houses.
In 1930 lived at 14 Hollywood Avenue, Hillside, NJ with wife and son. He was real estate developer, son was foreman on farm.
In 1940 lived in Millstone, Monmouth Co., NJ with wife; he worked in nurseries. Next door lived son and his family. His death notice in the Asbury Park Press stated: "For the past few years he owned and operated the Manalapan nurseries."
His obituary appeared in the 1-3-1949 New York Times. It announced a "service at his home 32 Hollywood Ave., Hillside."
FindAGrave Memorial 184825501.
1.1 -1 Maria Helen BLOY
(Helen M.)
b. 2-9-1878 in Jersey City, NJ
m. 12-21-1905 Augustus Tillman GRAY
d. 12-18-1957 Hillside, NJ at her home at 32 Hollywood Ave after a short illness
Father: James W. BLOY, born 8-1841 England.
Mother: Anna KIRKMAN, born 11-1839 PA; both parents born England.
Siblings: Robert K. (born 1-1870 NJ), Mary (born 1879, dead by 1900).
In 1880 lived in Jersey City, NJ with parental family; father was gardener.
In 1892 James W. Bloy lived at 86 Union, Jersey City, NJ with Robert Bloy, a clerk.
In 1900 lived in Union, NJ with parental family and brother's family.
According to family stories, Helen and her mother had an interest in the Ivory Soap factory in Hillside, NJ. I cannot confirm such a factory. Ivory Soap, invented in 1878, was owned by Proctor & Gamble. P&G makes no claim of a factory in NJ. However there was an Ivory Soap plant at Port Ivory, a coastal area in the northwestern corner of Staten Island, New York City; the factory operated from 1907 until 1991. This location is about one mile east of Elizabeth, NJ and four miles east of Hillside. There was also an Ivory Soap factory at Palisades Park, NJ. Then there is the Kirkman Soap Company which was headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and bought out by Colgate. William Colgate built a soap factory in Jersey City in 1847.
1.1.1 Augustus Tillman GRAY Jr. b. 11-17-1910 Hillside, NJ
d. 8-1985 near Freehold, NJ
bur. Freehold, NJ
Nickname was Tillman.
Robert Tillman Gray, b. 1934
Frederick Allen Gray, b. 1939
In 1920 and 1930 lived 4 Hollywood Avenue, Hillside, NJ with parents.
On 4-25-1940 lived in Millstone, Monmouth Co., NJ as Tillman with wife Anna (25), son Robert T. (5), and son Frederick Allan (10/12); he was farm manager. His parents lived next door.
Later lived Manalapan, NJ. Ran farm and Manalapan Nursery. Had numerous heart attacks. Died of heart problem.
1.1.1 -1 Anna May VANDERHOEF b. 10-18-1914 NJ
m. Augustus Tillman GRAY Jr.
d. 4-18-1997 Freehold, NJ
bur. Freehold, NJ
Father: William VANDERHOEF born abt. 1891 NJ of parents born NJ. Dutch.
Mother: Anna May VANDERHOEF born abt. 1894 NJ of parents born NJ.
Sibling: William Jr. born abt. 1913 NJ.
In 1920 parental family lived in Millstone, NJ. Names and dates of family are based on this census record. May have been different family.
Her family lived in Freehold at 164 Highway 33. Her father's grandmother Julia Stanhope married Thomas Howard Allen Newman, a Delaware Indian (Lenni Lenape); I have a photo of this couple. Thomas enlisted 6-14-1862 in Trenton, NJ with the 11th Volunteer Infantry. He was wounded 12-13-1862 at the Battle of Fredericksurg, VA. Robert Tillman GRAY b. 10-27-1934 Neptune, NJ
m. 9-30-1963 Irma Antonia Rodriguez FONSECA in Santa Decla, El Salvador
d. 3-20-2006 San Rafael, CA
His family lived in Manalapan, NJ at time of his birth. Robert joined the Army and left home in 1956, returned in 1959, left the following August and drifted west. Got to San Rafael, CA on Labor Day 1960 where he settled. Robert was a great train fan.
Ian Roy Gray, b. 1970 Greenbrae, CA
Died of emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis (probably related to his heavy smoking). -1 Irma Antonia Rodriguez FONSECA
b. 5-2-1936 in San Salvador, El Salvador
m. 9-30-1963 Robert Tillman GRAY in Santa Decla, El Salvador
Mima met Robert when he visited her grandmother, whom he had met in Marin County, CA at the College of Marin, in her home in El Salvador. Ian Roy GRAY b. 2-19-1970 Greenbrae, CA
d. Frederick Allen GRAY
b. 6-19-1939 NJ
m. Karen
Graduated Rutgers University (the state university of NJ).
Ellen Susan Gray, b. 1966 in Neptune, NJ
In early 1950s visited aunt Marion Gray Hallowell in Southern California and uncle William Gray in San Francisco, CA.
In 1986 lived near Freehold, NJ. Moved to Blue Ridge, VA. Did landscaping, raises evergreens, college teacher. -1 Karen H. b.
m. Frederick Allen GRAY
Father was photographer who worked for Life Magazine. Ellen Susan GRAY b. 2-25-1966 Neptune, NJ
Lives with parents. May have married Cheski.
1.2 William Newman GRAY II
William Newman GRAY Jr.
b. 4-24-1885 Raritan, NJ
m1. Florence De Pegau CHAPMAN
m2. 12-8-1950 Ida Bertha KATZBERG at Traverse City, Michigan
d. 11-11-1956 San Francisco, CA
bur. 11-15-1956 Woodlawn Memorial Park, Colma, CA
William Newman Gray III, b. 1910 Cranford, NJ

In 1900 William lived with his parental family in Cranford, NJ on Union Avenue. He was 15.
In 1905 William and Florence lived in Westfield, New Jersey on Broad Street. He was 22, she 21. He was a funeral director.

William traveled in the Far East for many years on business.

  • On 8-2-1908 a William Gray born 1885 arrived in San Francisco, CA from Victoria, BC; may have been WNG.
  • In April 1917 he applied for a passport in New York. He had a permanent residence at 1061 East Jersey Street, Elizabeth, NJ. Desired a passport to travel on commercial business to British Columbia, Japan, and Russia (Moscow). He planned to depart on 5-10-1917 on the ship Empress of Asia from the port of Vancouver, BC. The application was witnessed by Henry W. Schiff of NYC who had known William for 4 years, worked for Scully Walton Ambulance. The application was accompanied by a letter from David Herman, President of Herman & Herman, Inc. Manufacturers and Jobbers of Chemicals with offices at 5 Church Street, NY. The letter states that William had been an employee for one year and was "going to Russia for us in the capacity of a messenger, and will be on a salary basis."
  • In April 1918 he applied for a passport in Vladivostok. He had a permanent residence in Elizabeth, NJ and was temporarily sojourning in Vladivostok, last left the US on 5-10-1917. Desired a passport to travel on commercial business to Russia, China, and Japan. Was 5' 8.5" tall with brown hair and hazel eyes. The application witness, Sidney B. Wight, Jr. resided temporarily at the Versaille Hotel, Vladivostok.
  • On 5-22-1918 he arrived Seattle, WA on the ship Katori Maru from Yokohama, Japan; he lived in Elizabeth, NJ at 1061 E. Jersey Street.
  • In April 1919 he applied for a passport. Said he was living permanently at 1061 E. Jersey Street, Elizabeth, NJ where he was a salesman. He had resided outside the US from May 1917 to April 1918 traveling the Far East. He planned to travel to British Columbia, Japan, Siberia (Vladivostok), China, and the Philippines. He planned to depart on 5-29-1919 on the ship Empress of Russia from the port of Vancouver.
  • In November 1920 he applied for a passport in Shanghai. Said he was living permanently at Elizabeth, NJ. Last left the US on May 1919 arriving in Shanghai on July 1919 residing for the purpose of manager on behalf of Graywolf Trading Co. (American) at 18 Nanking Road. He had resided in the Far East from 1917 to 1919 and in China from July 1919 to the current date. He planned to travel on commercial business to China, Japan, and Hong Kong. The application was witnessed by Robert S. Smith of Asia Banking Corporation in Shanghai who said he had known WNG for 2 years.
  • On 9-26-1922 arrived Seattle, WA on the ship President Madison from Shanghai, China; US address 124 Jefferson Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ.
  • In December 1922 he applied for a passport. His father was born NY and lived at 106 Union Avenue, Cranford, NJ. From 1916–1920 he resided in Russia, China, and Japan; from 1920–1922 he resided in China. In the US he resided at 124 Jefferson Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ. His last passport was 12-21-1920 from Shanghai. He planned to travel to China, Japan, and Hong Kong, departing from Seattle on the President Jackson on 1‑18-1922 [I find this date odd given the date of the passport application].
  • On 12-19-1925 arrived Seattle, WA on the ship President Madison from Shanghai, China; US address 350 Morris Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ; the List of US Citizens gave his middle name as "Napoleon."
  • On 9-4-1934 arrived Seattle, WA on the ship President Grant from Shanghai, China; US address 645 Pearl Street, Elizabeth, NJ.
  • On 12-22-1938 he arrived Honolulu, Hawaii on ship Empress of Canada from Yokohama, Japan.
  • On 9-30-1940 arrived Los Angeles, CA on the ship President Coolidge from Shanghai, China; stayed at the Biltmore Hotel.
  • On 10-12-1941 he arrived Los Angeles on ship Torrens from Manila, Philippine Islands. Had US Passport #1441 issued Shanghai on 8-21-1941. In the US he lived at 823 Salem Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ. This voyage was a timely escape from Shanghai days before the Japanese invasion.
  • On 11-17-1947 he and Florence arrived New York, NY on the ship Marine Flyer from Shanghai, China; US address 666 Post Street, San Francisco, CA. They had last left the US on 5-29-1947 from San Francisco.
  • On 6-4-1949 he arrived Honolulu, Hawaii on ship President Cleveland from Yokohama, Japan.

He had an import-export business (of novelties and linens) called the Gray Trading Company, Inc. with offices in Shanghai, Ningpo, and Hong Kong, China. He had at least one Chinese partner. Florence had a shop, the Yellow Lantern, in the Cathay Hotel in Shanghai which was quite successful, perhaps more so than the export business. The Cathay Hotel, an Art Deco building, was built in 1929 and symbolized the most luxurious "No.1 Mansion in the Far East"; it reopened in 1956 as the 5-star Peace Hotel. I have a Chinese embroidered silk jacket and several Chinese cloisonné pieces that came from them.
Shanghai is described as the capitalist mecca of the Far East in the 1920s and '30s.

In Shanghai he got sick and was given months to live by his doctor. Shortly thereafter, about 1937, he and his wife moved to San Francisco, CA and bought apartment 1602 at 666 Post Street. He also had a summer house in Atherton, CA. He outlived his doctor! He also outlived his only child by four months.
He had pulmonary emphysema since 1952. At his death he had lived in San Francisco 15 years.

1.2 -1 Florence De Pegau CHAPMAN b. 11-20-1883 Elizabeth, NJ
m. William Newman GRAY II
d. 6-13-1949 San Francisco, CA
bur. Evergreen Cemetery, Hillside, Union County, NJ
Father: Edward A. CHAPMAN born 9-1857 NJ to parents born PA and NJ.
Mother: Louisa De PEGAU born 9-1862 NY to parents born Germany. I believe Louisa was the daughter of a father Branna (?) Pegau born in Saxony (which is where the town of Pegau is located) and a mother Sophia born in Bavaria; this family lived in NYC in 1870.
Siblings: Louisa M. born 9-1881 NJ; Edith E. born 7-1886 NJ; Dellia born 1-1889 NJ; Grace Lillian born 7-1894 NJ.
In 1885 lived in Elizabeth, NJ with parental family: parents and two siblings (Lulu M. and Margaret).
In 1900 lived in Elizabeth, NJ on Rahway Avenue with parental family, age 16. Parents married 20 years. Father was steel filer.
In 1905 she lived in Westfield, New Jersey on Broad Street with husband William. He was 22, she 21.
In 1910 she gave birth to her only child in Cranford, NJ. I have not found her in the 1910 census.
In April 1920 applied for her first passport for herself and son. Her husband resided in Shanghai, China. Florence lived at 340 South Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ. She was going to join her husband and travel to China, Hong Kong, and Japan. She planned to depart on 6-8-1920 on the ship Karea Maru from the port of San Francisco.
She was 5' 4" with blue eyes and brown hair.
In 1920 lived in Elizabeth, NJ at 1061 East Jersey Street with son; ran boarding house.
On 6-30-1928 arrived Vancouver, BC on the ship Empress of Canada from Shanghai, China.
Neither Florence nor her husband William appear in the 1930 US census.
On 5-10-1939 arrived Los Angeles, CA on the ship Asama Maru from Kobe, Japan. Lived at 823 Salem Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ.
On 11-17-1947 arrived NYC, NY with husband on the ship Marine Flyer from Shanghai, China.
FindAGrave Memorial 184968211.
1.2 -2 Ida Bertha KATZBERG b. 5-22-1903 Ebenezer, Saskatchewan, Canada
m. 12-8-1950 William Newman GRAY II at Traverse City, Michigan
d. 9-24-1961 San Francisco, CA
bur. Woodlawn Memorial Park, Colma, CA
Father: Friedrich Gottlieb KATZBERG (1870–1945), born Lublin, Poland (eastern Poland, under Russian rule 1815 to 1915); immigrated 1889, naturalized 1894; died Ebenezer, Saskatchewan, Canada. Converted to Baptist church 1898. Friedrich homesteaded at least 160 acres. Friedrich's parents and some siblings also immigrated, although likely not together. His father was Ludwig Katzenberg. Both parents are buried in the Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery.
Mother: Ida HOFFMAN (1872–1965), born Poland; arrived Canada 1897; died Kelowna, British Columbia; married 1899 Ebenezer, Saskatchewan. Baptist. She moved to BC in 1954. Some famiilies with the Hoffman surname lived near she and her husband in Saskatchewan, I suspect at least some were related.
Seven siblings: Wilhelm Frederick (William), Anna, Otto, Ella, Lilly, Allan, and Ruben.
In 1916 Ida's family lived in Ebenezer, Saskatchewan.
In 1940 Ida lived at the Traverse City State Hospital in Traverse City, Michigan (a psychiatric hospital). She was 36, single, a supervisor, born Canada; on 4-1-1935 she had lived Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
On 7-18-1943 Ida Bertha Katzberg crossed into the US at Brownsville, TX on Pan American Airways from Mexico City. She lived Yorktown, Saskatchewan; occupation nurse.
At the time of her father's death in 1945 Ida was in Calcutta, India in the U.S. Army Nurses Corps.
Ida and William married in the rectory of the First Methodist Church of Traverse City; they were accompanied by one other couple. Afterwards they had a celebratory lunch served in the Bamboo Room of the Frontier Hotel with three other couples. After the brunch they left immediately for California.
Ida was a nurse to William. I knew her as Aunt Ida and met them in their San Francisco apartment in 1962.
Died of cancer.
William Newman Gray IV remembers Ida as being about six feet tall.
1.2.1 William Newman GRAY III b. 7-11-1910 Cranford, NJ
m. Ellen Marjorie GATES in Shanghai, China
d. 7-4-1956 Morrison, IL
bur. 7-24-1956 Sunset View Cemetery, El Cerrito, CA
In 1920 lived in Elizabeth, NJ at 1061 East Jersey Street with mother.
He joined his father in the Gray Trading Company in Shanghai. That business included a tapestry factory and a glove factory; pieces were made by hand. There was at least one Chinese partner. William was a prominent American in Shanghai.
Jane Gray, b. 1937 in Hong Kong
William Newman Gray IV, b. 1942 in San Francisco, CA
On 7-14-1927 arrived in San Francisco, CA from Shanghai, China on ship President Taft. Traveled alone. US address was 158 Madison Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ.
On 7-1-1936 arrived in San Francisco, CA from Shanghai, China on ship President Hoover; exporter. Traveled with wife.
War, first the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1941) then WW II (1941–1945), intervened. Shanghai was occupied by the Japanese beginning in 1937. During the war, William served on the American Association, which was a relief organization for Americans in the captured city. They were active until internment began in early 1943. He was the chairman of the repatriation committee—responsible for determining who would be exchanged in 1942. Those Americans who weren’t exchanged ended up being interned, though some 1500 of them were exchanged in late 1943 from the camps.
When WW II began he evacuated his family to CA.
In March 1943 he was interned by the Japanese in the Chapei Camp in Shanghai. In September 1943 he was repatriated; he sailed on the Teia Maru to Mormugao, Goa. where he was exchanged with other prisoners and returned to USA (New York City) on the Gripsholm. Goa, on the west side of India, was at that time a Portuguese colony. While there, William was active in the trading of prisoners.
After the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan he returned to Shanghai.
When the Korean War (1950–1953) began he was in Hong Kong and moved the business to Japan. This entailed moving the workers as well as the equipment.
When told by doctor that he would soon die, William went on vacation with his son traveling across the US via a Greyhound bus. He left his wife in Berkeley, CA. He died on the bus.
After his death his wife's father Frank Gates went to Hong Kong to run the business.
1.2.1 -1 Ellen Marjorie GATES b. 9-9-1916 Shanghai, China
m1. William Newman GRAY III in Shanghai, China
m2. James AURELL in Tokyo, Japan
d. 9-2-1962 Akia, Japan
bur. 9-8-1962 Sunset View Cemetery, El Cerrito, CA
Father: Frank GATES b. 1887 Manchester, d. 1973 Hong Kong. Frank once worked for English Ford Motor Company in Shanghai. He was a manager for the Gray Trading Company in Hong Kong. During WWII, Frank and Elsie were interned in the Santo Tomas camp in the Philippines.
Mother: Elsie WATSON b. 3Q 1890 Manchester. Frank and Elsie married 2Q 1915 in Manchester.
Barbara Gates, b. 1920
Frank Rodney Gates, b. 3Q 1923
Wendy Watson Gates, b. 1926
Ellen had British passport.
On 7-1-1936 arrived San Francisco from Shanghai on ship President Hoover with husband.
On 12-8-1940 arrived San Francisco, CA from Shanghai, China on ship Washington; traveled with daughter Jane. Lived in a house at 61 San Mateo Road in Berkeley, CA. Was living there when son William was born in 1942. WNG II had bought the house for his son's family awhile before.
On 12-22-1948 arrived San Francisco, CA from Shanghai, China on ship General A. E. Anderson; traveled alone.
On 2-3-1951 arrived San Francisco, CA from Yokohama, Japan on ship China Transport; traveled with son. Lived at 61 San Mateo Road, Berkeley, CA. Probably was fleeing the Korean War.
After her husband died, her father Frank Gates ran the Gray import-export business. He lived with WNG 4 and wife in Hong Kong for awhile. Frank Gates at age 86 of illness in a Hong Kong hospital.
Ellen worked for Dean Witter in Oakland, CA for about a year.
Ellen remarried James Aurell in Tokyo, Japan while son William was in high school. James worked for Chase Manhattan Bank in Shanghai.
Her parents separated with her mother living in Vancouver, BC for awhile before moving in with Ellen in the Berkeley, CA house. Mom later moved to South Africa.
Her family believes she committed suicide. She had had severe hepatitis. One morning at their beach house in Akia, Japan she took an overdose of sleeping pills and never woke up. [Note: I am not sure of the correct spelling of the town where she died, I cannot find a beach town with this name on my atlas. I am fairly sure it is near the US Naval Base at Yokosuska which is south of Yokohama.]
After her death, Ellen's second husband brought her ashes to CA to be buried with her first husband. Jane GRAY b. 9-13-1937 Kowloon, Hong Kong
m1. James Ross Patterson
m2. Frank Schindler in Berkeley, CA
m3. 12-10-1972 Gerald R. Dunn in Marin County, CA
As a young woman she worked as stewardess for American Airlines based in Dallas, TX. Later worked in real estate in CA. In 2004 lives in Palm Desert and is a golfer.
Heidi Schindler, b. 1960
James John (Patterson) Dunn, b. 1966 -1 James Ross PATTERSON b.
m. Jane GRAY
Lived Fullerton and San Ramon, CA -2 Frank SCHINDLER b.
m. Jane GRAY in Berkeley, CA at St. Clements Church
d. Hong Kong -3 Gerald R. DUNN b. 9-10-1942
m. 12-10-1972 Jane GRAY in Marin County, CA
In 1972 lived in Bolinas, CA; moved in 2000. Heidi SCHINDLER b. 3-2-1960 Berkeley, CA
m1. 2-23-1980 Dan L. RICKERD in Sausalito, CA
m2. Mark RIZZO in Sausalito, CA
Lived in Hong Kong. Now lives Sonoma.
Talia Jane Rizzo, b. 4-17-1999 James John (PATTERSON) DUNN b. 6-11-1966 Los Angeles, CA
m2. 7-1-2011 Sara JOHNSON
A son of James Ross Patterson, he was adopted by Gerald Dunn. In 2012 lives in San Ramon, CA. William Newman GRAY IV b. 4-22-1942 San Francisco, CA
m1. 1965 Marilyn Carol CONNORTON in Hong Kong
m2. 12-7-1998 Maureen Amy DIETZ in Lake Tahoe, CA
d. 5-9-2015 San Francisco, CA
Born in Stanford Hospital (?) while mother was living in Berkeley, CA.
In 2-1951 arrived San Francisco, CA from Yokohama, Japan on ship China Transport; traveled with mother.
In 1956, after father's death, he began attending the San Rafael Military Academy, a boarding high school in San Rafael, CA. (That school is now the Marin Academy.)
In 1960 he graduated from Berkeley High School. Then attended one semester at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA. He claimed to have joined the Navy where he was on the destroyer USS Everett F. Larson (DDR830) but that is not confirmed. After his mother died he lived in Walnut Creek, CA for awhile then went to Hong Kong with his sister and brother-in-law, met up with Frank Gates, and began working in the family business.
William Newman Gray V, b. 1965 in Hong Kong
Jason Anthony Gray, b. 1970 in Hong Kong
Marjorie Jane Gray, b. 2001 San Francisco, CA
He visited my grandmother, his aunt, Marion Gray Hallowell in Huntington Beach, CA. Took auto trips with his father.
Bill was a great help to me in my research. He lived in San Francisco, CA. For the last few years of his life he was hospitalized. He died on Saturday at the hospital with his wife in attendance. -1 Marilyn Carol CONNORTON b. 12-26-1942
m. 1965 Willian Newman GRAY IV in Hong Kong
div. abt. 1974 Hong Kong
Irish. After divorce in 1974 moved to Australia where she still lives. I thought her last name was spelled Connerton, but was corrected by a daughter-in-law. -2 Maureen Amy DIETZ b. 4-17-1966 San Francisco, CA
m. 12-7-1998 William Newman GRAY IV in Lake Tahoe, CA
In 2004 lives San Francisco, CA. William Newman GRAY V b. 6-27-1965 Hong Kong
m. Manuela MACCHI
In 1974 moved to Sydney, Australia with his mother.
In 2004 lived in San Francisco, CA. In 2007 lives in Sydney, Australia.
Mickaela Stephanie Gray, b. 1996 -1 Manuela MACCHI b.
m. William Newman GRAY V
French Italian. Mickaela Stephanie GRAY b. 2-7-1996 Sydney, Australia
d. Jason Anthony GRAY b. 9-10-1970 Hong Kong
m. Joanna PEPPAS
Confirmed to be a Russell Crowe look-alike.
Jennifer Marina Gray, b. 2007 Sydney, Australia -1 Joanna PEPPAS b. 2-22-1966 Sydney, Australia
m. Jason Anthony GRAY
Primary school teacher. Ancestry is Greek. Jennifer Marina GRAY b. 7-17-2007 Sydney, Australia
d. Marjorie Jane GRAY b. 10-8-2001 San Francisco, CA
1.3 Frederick Hurlbut GRAY b. 5-18-1888 Red Bank, NJ
m. 6-15-1910 Nadine E. TRENCHARD in Westfield, NJ
d. 1-12-1963 NJ
bur. Fairview Cemetery, Westfield, NJ
The spelling of his middle name is from a handwritten page listing births that may have been in a family bible. There are variants, Hurlburt being one.
Fred went into the mortuary business with his dad and continued it with his son.
Fred married at the home of his bride's parents; R. W. I. Stearns of the Presbyterian church officiated. The couple honeymooned at Niagara Falls then returned to Cranford.
Frederick Herbert Gray II, b. 1917 NJ

In 1900 lived in Cranford, NJ with parental family.
In 1910 lived in Cranford, NJ with parental family.
In 1911 lived at 159 East Broad Street, Westfield; the funeral parlor was at 141.
In 1917 lived at 159 East Broad Street, Westfield, NJ; undertaker; medium height, stout build, blue eyes, light hair.
In 1920 lived at 159 East Broad Street, Westfield, NJ with wife, son, and mother-in-law; partner in Gray Burial Co.
In 1930 lived at owned home worth $150,000 at 318 East Broad Street, Westfield, NJ (the funeral home was in the basement) with wife, son, and mother-in-law; director, funeral home.
In 1940 lived in Westfield, NJ at 318 Broad Street with wife Nadine, son Fred H. (23), and mother-in-law Adelaide Trenchard (80).
In 1926 he was treasurer of the Westfield Lions Club.
In April 1942 he opened a branch office of Gray, Inc. in Cranford, NJ at 12 Springfield Avenue.
His widowed sister, Marion Hawkins (Gray) Clirehugh, lived with him until she re-married.
1.3 -1 Nadine E. TRENCHARD
b. 3-30-1890 Madison, NJ
m. 6-15-1910 Frederick Hurlbut GRAY in Westfield, NJ
d. 1-2-1980 Tennent, NJ
bur. Fairview Cemetery, Westfield, NJ
Father: William H. TRENCHARD, born 6-1859 NJ,
Mother: Adelaide A. TRENCHARD, born 4-1860 NJ. Died 2-1952.
Siblings: Maude A. (born 9-1886 NJ), William A. (born 6-1892 NJ).
In 1880 her father lived in South Orange, NJ with his parental family; his father was policeman, he was drug clerk.
In 1900 Nadine lived at 134 Broad Street, Westfield, NJ with parental family; father was druggist.
In 1910 lived at 142 East Broad Street, Westfield, NJ with mother (widow), brother, sister (widow), and her daughter. Ten years later she was living across the street with her husband.
1.3.1 Frederick Herbert GRAY II b. 1-23-1917 Westfield, Union County, NJ
m. 12-25-1941 Jean Mildred DAVIS in Westfield, NJ
d. 2-24-2001 Tom's River, NJ
The spelling of his middle name has been an ongoing question for me. "Herbert" is from his birth certificate. "Hurlbert" is from his wedding announcement. His father's was "Hurlbut."
Fred was in the undertaking business with his father after serving an apprenticeship. Fred sold the funeral home after his father's death.
Fred inherited his father's home at 111 D Street, Seaside Park. Previously in the 1960s and 70s he lived in Tennent Hill. Fred also had a home in Brewster, MA at Silver Leaf Estate, Long Pond Road.
In 1936 Fred graduated from Westfield High School. He then took a two-year business course at Clark Business College (likely the B. S. and Clark's Business College in Newark, NJ). He also completed a degree at the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Fred married Jean in her parents' home on Hillcrest Avenue; Rev. Arthur F. O'Donnell, rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, officiated. The bride was a senior at Westfield High School. The groom was a senior at Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science.

Frederick Herbert Gray III, b. 1948 NJ
Jeannine Trenchard Gray, b. 1950 NJ

On 4-3-1942 he enlisted in US Army as Private; had 2 years college; married; 69 inches tall, 157 pounds.
Fred was in the Army during World War II and was stationed overseas, beginning in Italy.
See below for details of his military service.

Fred enjoyed annual around-the-world voyages on big ocean liners. He visited with my parents when the ships stopped in Los Angeles Harbor.
Fred died after a brief illness at Tom's River Community Hospital. Had been living in Shirley, MA.
1.3.1 -1 Jean Mildred DAVIS b. 9-15-1924 Plainfield, NJ
m1. 12-25-1941 Frederick Herbert GRAY II in Westfield, NJ
m2. Richard David WELLS
d. 10-7-1981 Bridgeport, CT age 57
bur. Newton Cemetery, Newton, MA
Mother: Amee Beatrice (Horner) Davis was a marine artist. Born 3-27-1893 Newark, NJ to Howard Horner born PA and Elizabeth Drake born NJ. She married Leland Davis on 8-21-1917 in Plainfield, NJ at the home of her parents; the ceremony was performed by the Rev. Dr. E. G. Reed of the Dutch Reformed Church. The Rockport Art Association established the Amee B. Davis Memorial Award for Excellence in Painting in her honor. Amee died May 1972 in Gloucester, MA.
Father: Leland Carlton Davis born 11-8-1893 Shiloh, NJ. His parents: William Jeremiah Davis and Anna Marsh Willis who married 12-10-1890; Anna was a descendant of Thomas Sayre, the immigrant founder of Southampton. Leland died 1-21-1983 Gloucester, MA. Leland was a dentist, he graduated with a Doctor in Dental Surgery from the University of Pennsylvania in 1916.

In 1930 Jean lived in Westfield, NJ at 216 Kimball Avenue with parents Leland C. and Amee B. Davis, sister Betty A., mother's brother Archie Horner, and one servant; father was dentist.
In 1940 Jean lived in Westfield, NJ at 603 Hillcrest Avenue (age 15) with parents Leland C. and Amee B. Davis, sister Betty A. and one servant; father was dentist.
She played the wedding march for her sister Betty Ann Davis' August 1948 wedding to Robert L. Wesson in Gloucester, MA.
At the time of her death, Jean was a real estate broker.
FindAGrave Memorial 165541457.
  Richard David WELLS b. 9-13-1918 Boston, MA
m. Jean Mildred (DAVIS) GRAY
d. 6-23-2009 Westerly, RI age 90
I am including him in this narrative for his wonderful role in the life of FHG III aka Chipp Davis Wells.
Parents: Carl S. Wells and Vera Burkhardt.
In 1940 Dick graduated from Princeton University with a major in history. His postgraduate studies included a year at Harvard Law School and a year at Columbia Business School.
He enlisted 7-25-1942 in the Army at Boston. From 1942 to 1945, as a lieutenant in the Air Force, Dick served in the Material and Air Transport commands in New York and Puerto Rico.
After the War, Dick worked for White Motor Co. and Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., but his longtime employment was with Chrysler Corp. in the New England and New York markets from which he retired as a Vice President.
At the time of his death he had been a long time resident of Fairfield, CT and summer resident of Gloucester, MA. Frederick Herbert GRAY III
(Chipp Davis WELLS)
b. 3-19-1948 Plainfield, NJ
m. 1-11-1975 Dale Miller SIMONDS in Salem, MA
d. 7-29-2013 Yale New Haven Hospital, CT
Frederick changed his name to Chipp Davis Wells, apparently after his mother's second married name (Jean Davis Wells). He was raised in Fairfield, CT. He studied art from an early age.
He began his art training with his maternal grandmother, Amee B. Davis. A formal art education included Rome and The Tyler School of Art, Temple University from which he graduated with a BFA in 1970. He was a successful TV and print Art Director in New York City until 1998 when he began to paint full time. Chipp was a fine artist with a website When I first saw his website it was nice, now (2013) it is extraordinary.
He married his wife in Grace Episcopal Church, Salem, MA officiated by the Rev. Gerald W. Porter.
Hollis Woodward Wells
In 2004 he lived in Westerly, RI.
He died of a stroke following back surgery. -1 Dale Miller SIMONDS b. 5-2-1950 Boston, MA
m. 1-11-1975 Chipp Davis WELLS in Salem, MA
d. 4-18-2005 MA
The following information is from her obituary in the Swampscott Reporter, Marblehead, MA 4-28-2005.
Parents: Gifford Kingsbury Simonds Jr. and Jean Evatt.
Attended the Applewild School and Westover School and graduated from Skidmore College in 1972. She debuted in Boston in 1968 and was a member of the Vincent Club in Boston.
After their marriage "Chipp and Dale" lived in Darien, CT, where she was an active volunteer and a past president of the YWCA of Darien/Norwalk, Person to Person and the American Red Cross.
Her love of the beach, sailing, gardening and traveling with a crossword puzzle in hand will be dearly missed.
At her death she was a longtime resident of Darien, CT, a summer resident of Westerly, RI, and Gloucester, MA. "Her heroic 17-year survival from brain cancer was a testament to her love of life and old-fashioned New England Yankee determination."
"In addition to her husband of 30 years, Mrs. Wells is survived by her daughter, Hollis Woodward Wells Silverman of San Diego, Calif.; two sisters, Lynn S. Hamilton of Florida and Annie S. Clifford of Marblehead; a stepbrother, David S. Ingalls of La Jolla, Calif.; three nephews, Stephen Hamilton of Palo Alto, Calif." Hollis Woodward WELLS b.
In 2005 lived in San Diego, CA. In 2013 lived in Washington, DC. Has daughter Davis. Jeannine Trenchard GRAY b. 5-5-1950 Plainfield, NJ
m. 1971 Michael Leo MORRIS in CT
She was born in Muhlenberg Hospital. She lived in Norwalk, CT at one time.
Jessica Ameé Morris, b. 1977 Evanston, IL
Michael Leo Morris Jr., b. 1979 Evanston, IL
Jeannine has old family photos from the 1800s. -1 Michael Leo MORRIS b. 1948
m. 1971 Jeannine Trenchard GRAY in CT
Financial advisor. Jessica Ameé MORRIS b. 1977 Evanston, IL
m. Andrew Schaberg MILLER
Andrew Schaberg Miller, Jr., b. 2007
Flinn Davis Miller, b. 2010 Michael Leo MORRIS Jr. b. 1979 Evanston, IL
1.4 Blanche Hurlbut GRAY b. 11-1-1889
d. 11-14-1892
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Died young: 3 years 14 days. Died of membraneous croup. Obituary in Red Bank Register 11-16-1892.
1.5 Harry GRAY b. 10-7-1892
d. 10-30-1892 on Beech Street, Red Bank
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Died young: 23 days, Obituary in Red Bank Register of 11-2-1892 reported he died of whooping cough after an illness of 15 days, at age 1 year 11 months. So where did I get the idea he was only 23 days old? From Blanche's obituary.
I have a photo of his tombstone, it is weathered and hard to read, I got it in 2006 and it was the first I knew about Harry. Perhaps I misread it?
The birth date is from the NJ Births & Christening Index, FHL Film 494224. It is consistent with his sister Blanche's obituary. Is the Red Bank Register wrong?
1.6 Marion Hawkins GRAY b. 9-30-1894 Redbank, NJ
m1. 8-18-1917 John Alexander CLIREHUGH in Cranford, NJ
m2. 9-24-1952 Guy George HALLOWELL in Pasadena, CA
d. 9-6-1984 Huntington Beach, CA
bur. 9-11-1984 Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
In 1900 lived in Cranford, NJ with parental family. After Anna Martina was hospitalized, Marion lived with her grandmother Magdalene Hollander Tillman (who died in 1916).
In 1910 lived in Cranford, NJ with parental family.
Out of high school at age 18, Marion went to NYC to secretarial school. She lived there with Emma Louise Victoria Tunis, her stepmother's sister. During that time she made friends with Susannah (a woman I called Aunt Susy) who later married Crofton Foster; a son Jack was a VP of Chase Manhattan Bank; grandson Jack Foster spent a summer with my family in CA when I was 15.
Marion met John Alexander Clirehugh when he worked on a brick wall in Louise's yard.
After marriage lived in Hillside, NJ with mother-in-law for 8 years, later bought a farm in Hightstown, NJ.
John Cummings Clirehugh, b. 1919 Hightstown, NJ
Marion Gray Clirehugh, b. 1921 Elizabeth, NJ
About 1940 and a widow she lived in Westfield/Cranford with her brother Fred, after selling her farm. The family story is that she lived in Cranford, however Fred lived in Westfield during the census years.
In 1948 she joined the Cranford Historical Society.
She was quite the driver: About 1947 she drove to Cherry Point, NC regularly to visit her daughter's family. Also drove to visit them in Millington, TN. And drove her second husband Guy from Pasadena, CA to Kansas and back several times; Guy's family had a farm there.
In 1952 she moved to Pasadena, CA to be closer to her daughter and to be housekeeper for Guy Hallowell; Marion and Guy married later that year. They lived on Oswego Street.
Was a member of Eastern Star.
She taught me to play canasta.
I have a photo of Marion Hawkins Gray wearing a black lace dress and fan that originally belonged to Magdalene Hollander Tillman, her maternal grandmother.
Is buried in Lot 104.
1.6 -1 John Alexander CLIREHUGH b. 5-4-1884 Elizabeth, NJ
m. 8-18-1917 Marion Hawkins GRAY in Cranford, NJ
d. 12-6-1936 Hightstown, NJ
bur. Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY
Father: John Cumming CLIREHUGH.
Mother: Margaret Bernardina Octavia FREY.
See Clirehughs for details.
1.6 -2 Guy George HALLOWELL b. 7-19-1877 Mahaska Co., IA
m1. 4-3-1903 Ethel MILLS in Greenleaf, KS
m2. 1929 Emma Louise Victoria TUNIS in Los Angeles, CA
m3. 9-24-1952 Marion Hawkins (GRAY) CLIREHUGH in Pasadena, CA
d. 11-19-1968 Pasadena, CA
Father: David Jerome HALLOWELL born 9-10-1843 OH to father born MD and mother born PA. Was M.D. in 1880. David was a veteran of the Civil War: He enlisted in the 7th Iowa Infantry in July 1862 in Oskaloosa, IA and served as a Private in C Company. He was discharged Feb. 1864 in St. Louis, MO with a disease of the lungs, "catarrh," contracted Jan. 1863 in Corinth, Miss; a separate register stated he had rheumatism. Beginning in 1901 he was admitted at least five times to the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers (known colloquially as the Old Soldiers Home): once in Leavenworth, KS and four times (from 1907 through 1917) in Sawtelle (Santa Monica), CA. I suspect he moved to Southern California because of his ill health. He died 3-6-1920 and was buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, CA; the grave is located in section 34, row 14, number 21.

Mother: Mary Jane STRAIN, born 11-8-1852 Homesburg, IN to father born OH and mother born IN. Married 10-3-1872. Had 3 children, 2 living in 1910. Died 3-28-1935 CA. Buried Los Angeles National Cemetery, CA.

Brother Claude William Hallowell born 8-29-1875 IA, died 2-16-1958 Los Angeles, CA. In 1900 he lived in Haddam, KS as boarder; jeweler. In 1910 he lived in Frederick, OK with second wife and two children.

First wife Ethel MILLS was born 8-23-1879 in Hendricks Co., IN to Pleasant and Mattie Mills, their first child of three. Ethel and Guy married in 1903. This couple had a child, Lois Jean Hallowell, born 10-1-1904 Washington Co., KS. Lois lived with her Mills grandparents in 1910 and 1920, and married in 1926. In 1905 Ethel and Lois lived together, without Guy, in Pleasanton, KS. By 1920 Ethel was a patient of the Topeka State Hospital (a mental hospital, previously called the Kansas State Insane Asylum). I suspect she was a patient there in 1910, but can find no census for that year. She died in Topeka 10-30-1926 age 47. She was buried in White Lick Cemetery, Mooresville, KS.

Second wife Emma Louise Victoria TUNIS, the sister of Anna Martina TUNIS who was the second wife of William Newman GRAY. Louise was born 10-15-1878 in Bridgewater, NJ, died 12-1-1951 probably in Pasadena, CA. In 1910 she lived in Somerville, NJ with her mother. In 1920 she lived in Morristown, NJ with aunt Helen Cross, she was a bookkeeper for the First National Bank; the Morristown Directory cited her residence there from 1919 through 1930. In 1915 she attended the Pan-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, CA. A 7-19-1929 Los Angeles Times article announced her and Guy's intention to marry.
My mother and grandmother called her "Aunt Lou." It is ironic that Louise's sister died 1912 after several years of mental illness while Guy's first wife Ethel died 1926 after several years of mental illness. Or did they somehow meet with that connection? See 1.6 -2 for more Tunis family details.

Third wife Marion Hawkins (Gray) Clirehugh was my grandmother. Guy was her uncle.

Children: As described earlier, Lois Jean Hallowell was born 10-1-1904 in Washington Co., KS. She was apparently raised by her maternal grandparents. She married 6-20-1926 Cecil E. Gates in Morgan County, IN. She used to check up on Guy after he married Marion Clirehugh.

Guy lived in locations:
In 1880 lived in White Rock, KS with parental family.
In 1895 lived in Coleman, KS with mother and brother; he was 17.
In 1900 lived in Pleasant, NE as boarder, single; jeweler.
In 1908 lived in Los Angeles, CA at 529 Pyrites with his parents.
In 1910 lived in Pasadena, CA at 259 Sierra Grande Street with parents; jeweler, father had own income. Guy was single.
In 1912 through 1915 Guy and his parents lived in Santa Monica. I guess that was convenient to his father's multiple admissions to the hospital there.
In 1918 Guy was 41, a retired watchmaker living in Los Angeles, CA. Nearest relative was father who lived with him.
In 1920 lived in Pasadena, CA with parental family; watchmaker at home. Parents were not working. Married.
In 1930 Guy was living in Pasadena with his mother, both were widowers; proprietor of watchmaking business. Note: this census entry is confusing. His second wife, Mrs. Louise T. Hallowell, had a voter registration in 1928 in the city of Los Angeles. Their intention to marry was published in July 1929 (the basis of my marriage date for them).
From 1931 through 1935 Guy and Louise lived in Pasadena with his widowed mother.
By 1938 Guy and Marion lived in Pasadena at 2485 Oswego Street where he lived the rest of his life.

When I knew him in the 1950s and 60s Guy was a watchmaker in Pasadena with an office in his home at 2485 Oswego Street. He was "Uncle Guy" to me and my sister. He was the closest I came to a grandfather. He and my grandmother made at least two auto trips to Kansas to visit the farm; I am still looking for information on that farm.

1.6.1 John Cummings CLIREHUGH b. 4-13-1919 Hightstown, NJ
d. 3-12-2010 Susqhehanna, PA
bur. 5-20-2010 Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY
See Clirehughs for details.
1.6.2 Marion Gray CLIREHUGH b. 2-1-1921 Elizabeth, NJ
d. 4-10-2004 Costa Mesa, CA
bur. 8-20-2004 Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Wellfleet, MA
See Clirehughs for details.
My mother.
1.7 Leslie GRAY b. 1-13-1896
d. 1-14-1896
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
A boy. died young: 1 day.
FindAGrave Memorial 102926514.
1.8 Maude GRAY b.
Died young. I have a family photo of her.
2. Ellen GRAY
(Ella Gray)
b. 1856 NY
m. 4-11-1894 Royal Elton HAWKINS in NYC
d. 1928
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Older sister of William Newman Gray.
In 1870 lived in NYC with parental family.
In 1901 per mother's obituary she lived in Cranbury, NJ as did her brother William. However, the 1900 and 1910 census has brother William living in the same house in Cranford, NJ. Perhaps the obituary confused Cranbury with Cranford.
I learned her married name through her tombstone and her mother's obituary. On 12-26-2012 I found her marriage record! She was married at St. Paul's Church, NYC on Wednesday, April 11, 1894 by Rev. Robert Morris Kemp. The newspaper announcement named her as "Miss Ella Gray of Red Bank." The groom was "of New York."
On 8-5-1900 Ellen G. Hawkins lived in Cranford, NJ on Union Avenue with two servants; she had one child living, but not with her. William Newman Gray lived on the same street.
FindAGrave Memorial 102926584.
2. -1 Royal Elton HAWKINS b. 7-25-1866 Derby, New Haven, CT
m. 4-11-1894 Ellen GRAY in NYC
d. 4-26-1941 Bayshore, Long Island, NY age 74
bur. 4-29-1941 Oak Cliff Cemetery, Derby, CT
Likely the source of Marion Hawkins Gray's middle name, a mystery solved at last. Of course, the remaining mystery is who was he? My uncle wrote this man's name as "Royal Hawkins."
12-26-2012 I am thrilled to report I found the marriage record in the Red Bank Register.

Father: William HAWKINS, b. 7-15-1816 Derby, New Haven, CT; d. 3-31-1881; bur. Oak Cliff Cemetery, Derby. Son of Abram Hawkins and Chloe Tuttle.
Mother: Theda ELTON, b. 5-19-1841 Derby, New Haven, CT; m. 2-3-1863; d. 9-12-1922; bur. Oak Cliff Cemetery, Derby. Daughter of Alonzo Elton and Mary Harrison. After William's death Theda married Fred T. Mercer in 8-1884.
William Elton Hawkins, b. 9-1-1865 Derby, CT, d. 1951; bur. Oak Cliff Cemetery, Derby, CT
Samuel Stanley Hawkins, b. 3-31-1868 Derby, CT; d. 1-29-1949 Bay Pines, FLA; bur. Oak Cliff Cemetery, Derby, CT
The three brothers were in business with their father manufacturing skates in Derby, CT until 1890; that was the Hawkins Manufacturing company. Brother William Elton Hawkins founded the American Brass and Copper Company in 1893. This business should not be confused by a similarly-named one, American Brass Company, which was the first large brass manufacturing firm in the United States, and for much of its existence was the largest brass manufacturer in the country.
In 1870 he lived in Derby Cove, Borough of Birmingham, CT.
In 1880 he lived in Derby, CT on Elizabeth Street with his parents and brothers, four boarders, and a servant; father was a skate manufacturer.
Cited in 1884 through 1888 Waterbury CT Directory.
In October 1918 he applied for a passport to Cuba as a salesman; he lived in NYC, NY at 138 Lafayette Street.
In June 1920 he applied for a passport to Cuba as a salesman. He planned to depart from Key West on the P&O S.S. Line. He lived in NYC, NY at 138 Lafayette Street.
On 1-24-1928 he arrived San Francisco, CA on the ship President Hayes from Havana, Cuba. He was 61. He traveled with 27-year old Grace Hawkins born Oklahoma in 1900; I guess she was his daughter, but so far have no proof. Both lived at 138 La Fayette Street, NYC.
In 1930 he lived in Manhattan, NY on West 44th Street as a guest; 63, divorced, not employed.
On 8-3-1932 he arrived NYC from Bremen on the ship Europa, He was 66, single, and lived at 130 West 43rd Street, NYC.
In 1940 he resided in Greenport, Southold, NY at Townsend Manor as a hotel guest, he lived in NYC; he was 73, divorced, not employed.
He died in the South Side Hospital, Bay Shore. At the time he was a resident of Greenport. He had retired from active business about 20 years earlier. He was survived by his brother William Hawkins who lived in Bay Shore.

His family genealogy is at Although Royal is not named there.

3. Blanche P. GRAY
or Blanche A.
b. abt. 1868
bur. 3-7-1872 Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY
Appears in 1870 census living with parental family.
Buried in Lot 10975 Section 117 Grave 1212 with her parents.


Grays Buried in The Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

That Grays are buried here is of especial interest because Clirehughs are also buried here in their own lot. The Grays are buried in one lot: Lot 10975 Section 117. The lot is a single grave area; individual graves are numbered. Grave 1212 was purchased 9-20-1865, but records do not name the purchaser. The first three persons are definitely in my Gray family; the last three may or may not be related, I cannot tell.

Name Burial Grave Number Notes
John Gray 6-29-1901 1212 ID 0. Father of William Newman Gray.
Jane Gray 2-25-1901 1212 ID 0 -1. Mother of William Newman Gray.
Blanche A. Gray 3-7-1872 1212 ID 3.
John Gray 10-27-1885 860 Died 4-15-1880 age 67 years of haematocele (collection of blood around the testicle). Born Ireland. Last residence was 18 Leroy Street, NY. Born about 1880 - 67 = 1813. May have been my John Gray's father.
Thomas Gray 1-11-1882 347 Died 1-9-1882 of apoplexy, age 67; death certificate 20551. Last residence was 340 East 77th Street, NY. Born about 1882 - 67 = 1815. Maybe he was a brother or uncle of my John Gray.
The June 1880 census has a Gray family living at 340 77th Street: Thomas Gray, 58, steam engineer, born Scotland; wife Ann, 54, born MA, parents born England; son H. James, 19, nickle plater, born NY; son L. Joseph, 15, errand boy, born NY. This Thomas was born about 1880 - 58 = 1822. The address makes it very likely that this Thomas is the same as the one who died in 1882; it is interesting that the ages are so different.
In 1870 Thomas, Ann, James, and Joseph lived in NYC ages 49, 46, 10, and 6 respectively. Thomas was an engineer born Scotland. Next door lived two families whose names interest me: William Gray, 24, and Patrick Newman, 39. William is likely a son of Thomas (see the 1860 census data), he was a bartender born NY, with wife Mariah, 21, and daughter Mariah, 2, both born NY. Patrick lived with his wife and seven children; he and his wife were born Ireland, children born NY.
In 1860 Thomas and Ann lived in NYC with four children born NY: daughter Iennot (?), 16; son William, 14; daughter Mary E., 9; son John H., 6 months. Thomas was an engineer age 36, Ann was age 34, both born Scotland.
The 1857 NYC Directory has an entry for Thomas Gray, engineer, home at 297 W. 26th.
Ann Gray 2-1-1903 347 Died 1-30-1903 of old age (77 years), a widow. Last residence was 415 Willis Avenue, NYC. Based on her age, she was born about 1903 - 77 = 1826. Given her burial location, she must have been the wife of Thomas Gray.
I could not find her in the 1900 census.

Grays Buried in Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ

These people are buried in the same lot, #912 in the center section. The exception is Marion Hawkins Gray who is buried in lot #104. Photos of the gravestones were kindly taken March 2006 by Rev. Dr. John F. Stephenson, Jr., a Director of the cemetery.

Name Death Tombstone Sentiment
William Newman Gray I 7-29-1932 [none]
Katherine Amelia Tillman 7-18-1900 Under his wing I am safely abiding
Tell my three boys to be Standard bearers for Jesus
Leslie Gray 1-14-1896 Budded on earth to Bloom in Heaven
Blanche H. Gray 11-14-1892 To Fair a flower for Earth God took her Home
Ella Gray Hawkins 1928 [none]
Harry Gray 10-30-1892 Suffer the little Children to come HOME
Marion Hawkins Gray Clirehugh 9-6-1984 With mother at last

Grays Buried in Sunset View Cemetery, El Cerrito, CA

Grays are buried in the Heian Garden Section, Row 14, Lot 7a.

Name Burial
William Newman Gray III 7-24-1956
Marjorie (Gates) (Gray) Aurell 9-8-1962

Grays Buried in Woodlawn Memorial Park, Colma, CA

Colma is a town just south of San Francisco, in San Mateo County. The community began in the 1800s as a collection of homes and small businesses. It was incorporated in 1924 at the request of the cemetety owners, and now contains 16 cemeteries. San Francisco outlawed the construction of new cemeteries in 1900 and evicted all existing ones in 1912, making Colma its necropolis.

Name Burial
William Newman Gray II 11-15-1956
Ida B. Katzberg Gray 1961

Grays Buried in Fairfield Cemetery, Westfield, NJ

Founded in 1868, this cemetery is located at 1100 East Broad Street in Westfield. That location is about a mile northeast of the Gray family residence at 159 East Broad Street.

Name Burial
Frederick Herbert Gray 1-1963
Nadine Trenchard Gray 1-1980



William, Katie, and 4 children
William Newman Gray I
Augustus Tillman Gray
Augustus Tillman
Katherine Tillman Gray and sister Mary
Magdalene Hollander Tillman
Marion Hawkins and Fred Herbert Gray (children)
William Newman Gray II and Florence Chapman


In the 17th century the English, at the direction of King James I, set up "plantations" in Ulster, northern Ireland, evicted the Irish, and populated them with over 100,000 Lowland Scots (who were Protestants, primarily Presbyterians). These people are commonly referred to as the Ulster Scots and Scotch-Irish. A majority of the Irish people who emigrated to America in the 18th century were Protestant Scots from Ulster; over a quarter million immigrated between 1717 and 1725.

The potato famines caused the Catholic Irish to immigrate beginning in the mid 1800s, over 2 million between 1846 and 1856. The poor Catholic Irish would work for nearly nothing and posed a strong threat to natural-born American laborers. To differentiate the Ulster Scots from the Catholic Irish, the term Scotch-Irish (and its PC variant Scots-Irish) was adopted. The term was in use by 1730 when it was probably used to distinguish the Ulster-Scots from either Irish Anglicans, Irish Catholics, or immigrants who came directly from Scotland.

The immigrant John Gray was born in Ireland. He is believed by his descendants to have been Scottish. My tentative conclusion is that both are correct, and that he was Scotch-Irish.

Polish Canadians

Ida Bertha Katzberg, the second wife of William Newman Gray II, was born in Saskatchewan to parents of Polish ancestry. Her parents were pioneers in the village of Ebenezer. I am curious about why they left Poland and how they settled in Canada.

Poland is a country in eastern Europe. Modern post WW2 Poland sits between Germany on its west, the Baltic Sea on its north, Kaliningrad Oblast Russia on the northeast, Belarus on the east, Ukraine on the southeast, and Slovakia on the south. Russia and Poland have struggled over their shared borders for centuries. In the 1790s Poland and Lithuania were divided up by Russia, Prussia, and Austria; this was done in three partitions. In 1772 Lublin, where Ida Bertha Katzberg's father was born, became Lithuanian; in 1795 it was Austrian.

The assimilation of Polish territories, as well as religious persecution and a poor economy, inspired the emigration of the Polish. The 6 discernable waves of Polish immigration to Canada were from 1854–1901, 1902–15, 1916–39, 1944–56, 1957–79 and 1980–93. The first 2 waves included many family groups from villages and small towns of Austrian-occupied territory; they settled in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, where they built farms.

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is located in the west central area of Canada. To the south are the American states of Montana and North Dakota. It was first settled by Europeans in 1774. The province was formed in 1905 from the original North-West Territories. The southern half of the province is prairie. Pioneers were enabled by the transcontinental Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), built between 1881 and 1885, and a homestead system (the Dominion Lands Act of 1872 offered free ownership of 160 acres of land to a head of household who lived on the land and improved it). The CPR was for decades the only practical means of long-distance passenger transport in most regions of Canada, and was instrumental in the settlement and development of Western Canada. In fact, it conducted an aggressive marketing campaign in Europe, making it easy for emigrants to reach Western Canada.

Most pioneers who settled Ebenezer arrived by train at Winnipeg, Manitoba where they acquired a wagon and team of oxen with which they traveled west. Some walked the rest of the way. Ebenezer was attractive to the immigrants because it had wood and water. Some families split up with the head and maybe an older child or two emigrating first and setting up a homestead, after which the rest of the family would emigrate.

After 1890 they could change trains in Winnipeg and travel on by rail to Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

Ebenezer is a district and village located 10 miles north of the city of Yorkton. The first settlers arrived between 1885 and 1887, mostly German-speaking Protestants. The Ebenezer Baptist Church was founded in 1889. The village itself, a grid of streets surrounded by farm land, was laid out in 1910 in conjunction with the construction of a rail line through it by the Grand Trunk Railroad. The settlers named the village after the location of Eben-Ezer mentioned in the Books of Samuel of the Old Testament. Ebenezer was incorporated as a village in 1948. Its population in 2006 was 139.

In choosing land to settle, the new immigrant in Saskatchewan faced basically three alternatives. He/she could homestead 160 acres of raw prairie; could purchase new or improved land from the railway companies, the Hudson Bay Company, or from one of the many land companies; or could opt for a combination of homestead and purchased land. When the homesteader filed for title, he also had to apply for naturalization. Thus, he would relinquish his citizenship to a foreign country, and acquire the rights and privileges of a British subject residing in Canada.

The first pioneer home was often the upside-down bed of the wagon that got them to the prairie. The second home was a one room log house with a sod roof. The third home, built about the turn of the century, was shingled and had three rooms downstairs and two bedrooms in the loft, the kitchen had a clay floor for the first five years. The stable built by Friedrich Katzberg in 1895 of hand-hewn and dove-tailed logs is still standing on the farm of Leslie Rieman.

Family of Ellen Marjorie Gates, Wife of William Newman Gray III

Ellen Marjorie Gates' parents were Frank Gates and Elsie Watson.

Frank Gates, b. 10-11-1886 Manchester, Lancashire, England; bap. 12-5-1886 Edge Hill, Lancashire; d. 1973 Hong Kong. Parents Robert Henry Gates and Sarah Tudor McLaren; they married 8-3-1885 at Saint Mary, Edge Hill, Liverpool.
.. m. .. 2Q 1915 Elsie Watson (1890-1963) at Manchester; b. 3Q 1890 Manchester.
........ Four children.
........ i. .. Ellen Marjorie Gates (1916–1962), b. 9-9-1916 Shanghai, China; d. 9-2-1962 Akia, Japan.
.............. m1. . William Newman Gray III in Shanghai.
.............. m2. . James Aurell in Tokyo, Japan.
........ ii. . Barbara Gates, b. abt. 1920 Shanghai, China.
.............. m1. . Michael Peshek. He was an American taken prisoner by the Japanese in WW2,
.................... died in captivity.
.............. i. .. Susan Peshek, b. 1942 Manila, Phillippines in prison camp.
.................... m. ..
.....................i. .. Sian Jones.
.....................ii. . Guy.
.............. m2. . 1950 Gordon Harvey.
.............. ii. . Michael Harvey, b. 1951.
........ iii.  Frank Rodney Gates, b. 3Q 1923 Chorlton, Manchester, Lancashire. Emigrated to Canada, joined Canadian Air Force. The death of a man of his name was reported for Elliot Lake ON in the Toronto Star, 9-23-2003.
.............. m1. . Barbara.
.............. Three children.
.............. m2. . .
........ iv. . Wendy Watson Gates, b. 1926 Shanghai, China.
.............. m1. . 2-21-1962 Harris J. Goldberg in Los Angeles, CA; b. abt. 1923. Two daughters.
.............. m2. . 5-31-1970 John Duncan Craven in Los Angeles, CA; b. abt. 1929, radiologist.

The 1891 census in Withington, Lancashire has a Gates family:
    head Robert Henry Gates born abt. 1860 Liverpool
    wife Sarah Tudor Gates born abt. 1862 Scotland
    son Frank Gates born abt. 1887 Manchester
    son Ernest Gates born abt. 1890 Manchester
    daughter Elsie Gates born abt. 1895 Liverpool (actually 9-24-1894 per Keith Bateman)
    son Harry Gates born abt. 1898 Liverpool

In 1901 this family lived in Withington, Lancashire at 10 Victoria Road with 1 servant. Robert Henry Gates was a Commercial Traveler.


I am indebted to Keith Bateman who contributed information on this family. Sadly Keith died shortly thereafter of cancer.

Keith's information on Elsie Watson was that she was born 3Q 1890. I want more details, but am unable to verify the possibiliies. I found several girls of her name that are possible:
Elsie Watson born 8-7-1889, baptised 9-18-1889 Parish of Saint Michael Hulme in Manchester-Lancaster to parents William and Ellen Watson who lived Hulme, Town-Hall, occupation hall-keeper. This is the best fit based on the mother's name, which was given to the first daughter.
Elsie May Watson born 11-20-1889 Everton, St. Chad with Christ Church, baptized 12-21-1889, parents George and Mary Catherine Watson who lived at 90 Lime Grove, occupation railway clerk. Frank Gates was baptized in Edge Hill. Also "received into the church" 6-25-1890 St. Dunstan, Edge Hill, Liverpool.
Elsie Elizabeth Watson baptized 4-2-1889 at Longsight, St Clement, Lancashire. Parents John Robert and Hannah Watson, lived 74 Earl street, clerk.
Elsie (Watson) Gates born 8-7-1890 Manchester applied for US Social Security in August 1945. Her parents were William Watson and Ellen Mellows. This looks to be the first person in my list. And an interesting fit!

Looking for John Gray

John Gray first appears in the 1870 US census. The census for 1880 and 1900 both say he was born in Ireland of parents born Ireland.

The following immigration records may or may not be for my ancestor:

Military Record of Fred H. Gray II

The following information was generously provided by Mathias Aerts in June 2019.

Fred had part of his military training at an Army training center at Camp Pickett, Virginia (his unit would have been A Company, 45th). From what I know he served with the Military Police Platoon of the 45th Infantry Division (This division was nicknamed the 'Thunderbird Division', its insignia was a golden thunderbird on a red square; the origins of the division had been the Oklahoma National Guard, many soldiers were Native Americans.) This division saw first action in Sicily in 1943, then went on to Italy. The unit saw action in the following actions: Naples-Foggia (9 Sep 43 – 21 Jan 44). After which they went to Rome-Arno from 22 January to 22 May 1944.

After their period in Italy, the Thunderbirds went to Southern France where they were in August 1944. (They were a part of Operation Dragoon, the allied invasion of the Southern of France). From September 1944 they went to the Rhineland. They ended the war in Germany. Frederick Gray was transferred to the Military Police Platoon of the 103rd Infantry Division on the 4th of July 1945. So he was in the area Bensheim, Germany. (This division was also called the Cactus Division, due to the cactus in their patch). He was sent back with this Division to the United States. He ended the war with the rank of Corporal. His MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) was 145 which meant Clerk-Typist. (The source for this transfer is the Morning Reports of the 103rd Infantry Division.)

The Thunderbirds fought in Europe for 511 days, longer than any other unit. The 1942 Allied invasion of Sicily, which began 10 July and continued until 17 August 1943, was actually the greatest amphibious invasion of the war, in terms of American men sent into enemy territory.

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