Family of Vair Clirehugh (1798–1860)

My mother was Marion Clirehugh. She was the fourth generation of Clirehughs in America. Her great-grandfather, Vair Clirehugh, moved in 1834 from Edinburgh, Scotland to New York City, New York. Vair Clirehugh was 36 when he moved his wife and three children to NY. He resumed his business as a wig maker and barber and had two more children.

This page details the family and descendants of Vair Clirehugh. His parental family is detailed on the Clirehugh family home page.

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First Family in America

1.2 Vair Clirehugh (1798–1860) born Scotland, immigrated to NY
wife Mary Ann Scott (1802–1873) born Scotland, lived NY, died Scotland; married 1824
1.2.1 William Scott Clirehugh (1825–1897) born Scotland, died NY
  m. Margaret McAlpin (1829–1873) lived Scotland, died NY
1.2.2 Vair Clirehugh Jr. (1830–1866) born Scotland, died NY
  m. Catherine W. Hutchison (1842–1909) born Scotland, died NY
1.2.2b Charles Alexander Clirehugh Jr. (1837–1854) born Scotland, died NY
1.2.3 Mary Scott Clirehugh (1839–1905) born NY, died Scotland
  m. John Steel lived Scotland
1.2.4 John Cumming Clirehugh (1843–1912) born NY, died NJ
  m. Rebecca C. Jones (1843–1873) born Ireland, died NY
  m. Margaret Bernardina Octavia Frey (1848–1927) born SC, died NJ

List of Family Members

1.2 Vair CLIREHUGH b. 10-10-1798 Edinburgh, Scotland
bap. 11-1-1798 Edinburgh, Scotland
m. 6-6-1824 Mary Ann SCOTT in Edinburgh, Scotland
d. 5-27-1860 at sea en route to NYC from Scotland on steamship Glasgow, a Sunday
bur. 5-31-1860 Brooklyn, NY

Wigmaker, barber, and perfumer.
Baptism witnessed by Francis Mackay, hair-dresser, and Miss Cumming.
William Scott Clirehugh, b. 1825 Edinburgh, Scotland
Vair Clirehugh Jr., b. 1830 Edinburgh, Scotland
Charles Alexander Clirehugh, b. 1837 Scotland or NY
Mary Scott Clirehugh, b. 1839 NY
John Cumming Clirehugh, b. 1843 New York City, NY
There are questions about where two children were born. A diagram by Robert Charles Clirehugh shows William Scott born Montrose and John Cumming born Dundee.
An 11-24-1824 announcement in The Scotsman: Vair Clirehugh announces he has moved to No. 25 Duke Street, Edinburgh because of fire in previous location. "ORNAMENTAL HAIR in all its Branches." This fire was the Great Fire of 1824, which started on November 15 and burned for most of four days, destroying many of the tall tenement houses, traditionally known as lands, in Edinburgh's historic Old Town, and leaving from four to five hundred families homeless. It was finally extinguished by rain.
At time of his marriage in 1824 he lived in Old Kirk Parish, Edinburgh.
From 1825 through 1827 he was cited as peruke maker, hair dresser, and perfumer by the Edinburgh Post Office Annual Directory at #25 Duke Street.
From 1826 through 1828 Vair Clirehugh was cited as Master of Masonic Lodge (Mary's Chapel) in Edinburgh (the world's oldest Masonic Lodge).
From 1828 through 1830 he was cited in Edinburgh Post Office Annual Directory at #31 George Street.
In Sept. 1829 he filed bankruptcy as perfumer and hairdresser at George Street, Edinburgh.
He was cited in Gray's Annual Directory for 1832-1833 as a "hairdresser and peruke maker" at 67 George Street, Edinburgh.
On 1-16-1833 he was admitted to the Edinburgh Burgesses and Guild Brethren as a barber and wigmaker; referred by father.
An 5-15-1833 ad in The Scotsman: Clirehugh, "Patent Spring Peruke Maker" of 67, George Street announces "an extensive assortment of the most beautifully finished NATURAL CURLED PERUKES, which he will dispose of at his usual moderate prices."
Clirehugh & Co., hairdressers, at 67 George Street were cited in Gray's 1834–35 Annual Directory for Edinburgh.
In 1834 immigrated to NYC.
In 1835 he wrote and published a 12-page book "A treatise on the anatomy and physiology of the skin and hair: As applied to the causes, treatment and prevention of baldness and gray hair; the removal of scurf, dandruff, etc." This book is currently listed on Amazon (and I have ordered it)!
In 1835 cited in Longworth's American Almanac, NYC Directory as wigmaker living in NYC.
In 1839 cited in Manhattan Directory as wigmaker at 160 Fulton Street c. Broadway.
In 1840 census, lived in Third Ward of NYC with 6 other people (unnamed): males: 1 age under 5, 1 age 10–15, 1 age 15–20, 1 age 30–40; females: 1 age under 5, 1 age 30–40, 1 age 40–50. These are likely, in order, Charles, Vair Jr., William Scott, Vair, Mary Scott, Mary Ann, and Helen Laing.
In 1842 (4-11-1842) patented hair preparation "Clirehugh's Tricopherous" described as "improvement in preparations for the hair"; US patent #2551. The preparation was composed of 70% alcohol, 14% caster oil, 10% muriate of ammonia, 2% cantharides, 2% iodine, and 2% essence of bergamot; the primary ingredients being the alcohol, the cantharides, and the iodine. An improved version, named Pherotrix, was registered in 1874 (by son William); the bottle's label has an address of 584 Broadway.
In 1850 cited by Doggett's NYC directory as living in NYC.
In 1850 (July 29) lived in Brooklyn, NY (6th Ward) with wife Margaret and children William (25), Vair (19), Charles (14), John (6), Mary (12), Vair (8/12); also Thomas Davidson (27), Mary Gilbert (24), and Ellen Lane (Helen Laing, 53). Vair was a hair cutter, William was a hair cutter, 19-year old Vair was a merchant as was Thomas Davidson. All people born Scotland (must be error because son John was born in NY). I believe the "wife" Margaret was really Margaret (McAlpin) Clirehugh, William's wife, as Vair's wife Mary returned from Scotland one month later on 8-26-1850 with daughter Mary. But then why was daughter Mary listed in the census? A mystery. The infant Vair was the first grandson, son of William Scott Clirehugh.
In 1851, Vair and his oldest son William Scott exhibited gossamer wigs in London's Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations held at the Crystal Palace. He received an Exhibition Medal and Certificate; the written notice of such, dated 1-31-1853, was signed by Millard Fillmore, Chairman of the Central Committee US.

EXECUTIVE MANSION Washington, 31st January 1853 To V. Clirehugh New York Sir: I have the pleasure to inform you that a Jury of the Royal Commissioners connected with the Exhibition of the Works of All Nations, at London, in the year 1851, in consideration of your having exhibited specimens of gossamer wigs, has awarded you an Exhibition Medal, Certificate, and a copy of the Reports of the Juries. These articles are in possession of Col. Peter Force of this city, Chairman of the American Executive Committee, and will be forwarded to you by such mode of conveyance as you shall suggest. Very respectfully, Your obedient servant, Millard Fillmore Chairman of the Central Committee US. Peter Force Chairman of the Executive Committee. P.S. You will please direct your communications on this subject to Tos. C. G. Kennedy, Secretary of the Executive Committee.

(Millard Fillmore was the 13th President of the US, from July 1850, upon the death of President Zachary Taylor, to 1853.)
On 3-21-1854, when his son Charles died, Vair purchased the lot in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY where many Clirehughs are buried.
Retired in 1856.
On 6-25-1856 Vair left for Scotland on the City of Baltimore with no firm plans of returning. The NY Tribune article reported "He said it was twenty-five years since he first made this country the land of his adoption, not from necessity, but from choice, and he has never regretted it. What he has sown he leaves his sons behind to reap."
An 1857 NYC Directory cited Vair Clirehugh, perfumer at 162 Fulton; home at 33 Hoyt, Brooklyn. He shared a business address with son William Scott.
On 1-29-1859, the centenary of Robert Burns' birth, he addressed a dinner of local dignitaries in Montrose, Scotland. He claimed he was an ex-President and "father" of the Burns Club of New York, which had authorized him to represent them at any meeting in whatever part of Scotland he might be on the 25th. In conclusion, he delivered his toast "Scotchmen the world over, whose souls can appreciate the poetic genius of Burns, whose good sense can imitate his steady independence, and whose sociality gathers them together in honour of the centenary of his birth." (The toast was drunk with all the honours.) Vair was at that time the Secretary of the Burns Club of New York.
This family is not in the 1860 US census, which was held June 1, the day after Vair was buried; three of them were in Scotland, the oldest son had a family of his own. I do not know where the second son was, he may have been in Scotland, returning later that year before his marriage in December.
Made many trips to Scotland.
He died of general debility. The funeral director was John Cumming. The funeral was held at 59 Carroll Street, South Brooklyn (his son William's home).

In 1995 a book titled Strong on Music: Resonances, 1836-1849 by Vera Brodsky Lawrence was published. It uses the diaries of lawyer and music lover George Templeton Strong as a jumping-off point from which to explore every aspect of New York City's musical life in the mid-nineteenth century. Vair Clirehugh, "Scottish barber/ballad singer," was mentioned five times (on pages 236, 281, 349, 411, 481).
Page 236: "The extraordinary music boom of 1843 embraced all varieties of music as well. One Vair Clirehugh, a New York barber of Scottish origin, enjoyed a lively fad as a singer of his native folk ballads. Appearing in collaboration with the Misses Cumming, two young sisters who arrived from Scotland early in the year, Clirehugh—who was referred to as 'Signor Clirehugh, the Figaro of New York'—created a considerable stir. The Misses Cumming collaborated successfully with their countryman William Dempster, who returned to give his accustomed series of popular ballad concerts at the New York Society Library and elsewhere."
Page 281: "The highlight of Austin Phillips's annual concert of light ballads, at Niblo's on April 18 [1844] was the performance of his four-year old niece, little Mary Augusta Hardwick, who sang in character 'The Old Woman's Song.' Phillips was additionally assisted by his sister Mrs. Hardwick, the Misses Cumming, Mary Taylor, Clirehugh, Marks, Kyle, and Timm; George Loder conducted.... Dempster, the Cumming sisters, and Clirehugh gave their usual multiplicity of Scottish and Irish ballad soirées."
Page 406: "Other resident (or naturalized) givers of concerts in 1846 were ... Austin Phillips, at whose annual concert, in addition to a copious cast of assisting singers ranging from Madame Otto to Vair Clirehugh, Dodsworth's Band played during the intermission, Musard fashion."
Similar comments are included in the book "Annals of the New York Stage, Volume V: 1843–1850" by George C. D. Odell, and available online at North American Theater Online.
A 1840s NY magazine, on Google Books, stated that Vair Clirehugh was "a lineal descendant of the Clirehugh immortalized in Guy Mannering as the host of the tavern . . ." Guy Mannering was written in 1815 by Sir Walter Scott. I hope to confirm this descendancy! I also wonder if Walter Scott was related to Vair's wife Mary Ann Scott. [Some of John Galsworthy's stories, Tatterdemalion and The Bright Side, also include a character named Clirehugh. These stories are itemized in the Clirehugh family home page.]

Helen Laing: Born October 1797 in John's Haven, Scotland (a bit north of Montrose). She entered the service of Vair Clirehugh at his marriage in 1824. She came to the USA with his family in 1834. She nursed all his family and that of his son William Scott over the course of 50 years. She died September 1881 in the home of William Scott "loved and lamented by all." She was buried in the Clirehugh family lot in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.
FWIW, two Laings were cited in Montrose, Scotland in 1846: Mrs. John Laing at 34 High Street and Mr. Laing, New.wynd.

1.2 -1 Mary Ann SCOTT b. 10-3-1802 Montrose, Scotland
m. 6-6-1824 or 6-24-1824 Vair CLIREHUGH at Edinburgh, Scotland
d. 9-27-1873 Edinburgh, Scotland

Father: Alexander SCOTT, born about 1771 in St. Cyrus, Kincardine, died 1-29-1858 Montrose, buried Montrose; stoneware and china merchant. Died of diarrhea. His father: Robert SCOTT, salmon fisher. His mother: Christina BARCLAY.
Mother: Mary BERTIE born 4-17-1767 Montrose, married 2-2-1800 Montrose, died 11-20-1859 Montrose, Scotland, buried Montrose, Scotland. Died of old age (93). Her father: Alexander BERTIE (may have been born 8-1-1735). Her mother: Elizabeth SMITH married 7-26-1761 Montrose.
Parents married 2-2-1800 Montrose. Brother Charles SCOTT born 5-24-1805 Montrose.
In the 1841 census Alexander Scott (69), a ship owner, and Mary Scott (73) lived in Montrose on Queens Street.
In the 1846 Montrose Directory was Alexander Scott, shipowner, Academy-square.
I found two marriage records for Mary in 1824, on June 6 and June 24, one in Edinburgh the other in Montrose. But I'm not sure if she was actually married twice or if the marriage was recorded in two separate places. The Montrose parish registry: "6th June 1824 Mr. Vair Cleriugh [sic] Perfumer Edinburgh and Miss Mary Ann Scott of this parish were proclaimed in order to marriage and no objections offered."
Mary inherited her father's house on Academy Square, Montrose as well as two other rental houses in Montrose (on High Street and Queen's Lane). In addition she inherited 4 shares in the Montrose Patent Ship Company.
Tantalizingly enough there is a record of 4 people arriving NY from Greenock, Scotland on 6-27-1834 on the ship Cruikston Castle: William Scott 32, Mary Ann Scott 30, William Scott 8, Helen Laing 36. This is the only immigration record I can find for a Helen Laing (so far). This seems to be my Clirehugh family without 3-year old Vair.
Traveled between NY and Scotland several times.
Arrived 6-21-1841 in NYC from Scotland on the ship Europe; traveled with daughter Mary and son Vair.
Arrived 8-26-1850 in NYC from Scotland on the ship City of Glasgow with daughter Mary.
I believe Mary Ann, her husband, daughter, and son John returned to Scotland for the death of her father (1-1858) and remained through the death of her mother (11-1859). Mary and her children remained when Vair sailed to New York in the Spring of 1860 (when he died en route). The oldest two sons were married and the third dead at this time, leaving only Mary and John to go with their parents.
In 1861 and newly widowed she lived at 6 Manor Hall, Dundee, Scotland with daughter Mary Scott and son John Cumming; she owned their home; John was a mercantile clerk. Both children were born in NY and were British subjects. Her brother-in-law William Clirehugh lived in nearby Newport.
Wrote will 5-29-1861 in Montrose. Divided property evenly between her children. Will reads "for the love favor and affection which I have and bear to my children ...". Wrote codicil 12-9-1866 in Aberdeen that revoked previous disposition in favor of her daughter who "has sacrificed much to remain with me and is now my only comfort and stay." Property included the houses and shares she got from her father.
May have lived at 28 Melville Terrace, Edinburgh at time of death.
Academy Square (whose image I hope to relocate and place a link to here) is currently the location of the Montrose Academy, a non-denominational secondary school, "representing one of the best examples of Scottish architecture in 1800." Interestingly, a G. W. Laing was a bookseller on Academy Square, Montrose; perhaps he was related to the Helen Laing who served with Vair and Mary Ann Clirehugh's family.

The family archives had a black-bordered letter, apparently done by a printer because of the quality of the letters and justified margins:

"Montrose, 22d November, 1859 Sir, The favor of your Company to attend the funeral of Mrs. Alexander Scott, my Mother-in-Law, from her house, Academy Square, to the Old Church Burying-Ground, on Wednesday first, the 23d instant, at Two o'clock afternoon, will much oblige. Sir, Your very obedient Servant, Vair Clirehugh"
1.2.1 William Scott CLIREHUGH b. 7-10-1825 Edinburgh, Scotland
m1. 5-21-1848 Margaret McALPIN in Brooklyn, NY
m2. ??
d. 7-16-1897 Brooklyn, NY
bur. 7-18-1897 Brooklyn, NY

Wigmaker with father. "Gentlemen's hair cutter". Insurance agent after 1880.

Vair Clirehugh, b. 12-9-1849 New York
Robert Alexander Clirehugh, b. 5-14-1852 Brooklyn, NY
William Arthur Clirehugh, b. 2-5-1853 NYC
Henry Clirehugh, b. 5-14-1854 Brooklyn, NY
Nelly Clirehugh, b. 12-13-1857 Brooklyn, NY

Was he really born in Edinburgh? A diagram by Robert Charles Clirehugh shows William Scott born in Montrose.
In 1850 lived in Brooklyn, NY (6th Ward) with parental family, wife, and son Vair.
In 1850 cited in Doggett's NYC Directory as "gentlemen's haircutter, inventor wigs" in NYC.
In 1850 cited in NY Mercantile Union Business Directory at 179 Broadway.
In 1850 exhibited his painting "Royal Family of Scotland" at the American Institute. He was "wigmaker and amateur painter of NYC."
An 1857 NYC Directory cited him as wigmaker at 162 Fulton; home at 26 Carroll, Brooklyn.
An 1859 NYC Directory cited him as barber at 162 Fulton, Brooklyn; home at 59 Carroll, Brooklyn.
In 1860 lived in Brooklyn, NY with wife, sons Vair (10), William (7), and Robert (6), and servant Helen Laing (63); William was wigmaker, Helen was servant; children were in school.
On 5-28-1862 he enlisted as a Lieutenant 1st Class in Company F, 13th Infantry Regiment. The Regiment left the state 6-20-1863 and went to PA where it served in the 2d Brig., 1st Div., Dept. Susquehanna; it returned to Brooklyn after thirty days. William Scott was mustered out 9-12-1862 in Brooklyn with "distinguished service." He apparently got a pension for his service.
From 1862 to 1866 IRS Excise Tax records show him at 309 1/2 Broadway.
In 1866 he was selected for membership in the Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York.
An 1869 NYC Directory cited him as "wigs" at 395 Broadway; home at 98 Nelson, Brooklyn.
In 1870 lived in Brooklyn with wife, sons Vair, William, Robert, and Henry, longtime family servant Helen Laing, Isabel McAlpin, brother John Clirehugh, Henry Stall, and John Ryley. William was a wig maker, Vair was an iron moulder, son William worked in brokers office, Robert worked in dry goods store, John and Henry were insurance agents, and John Ryley was dry goods store clerk.
In 1872 he was the manager of the Thalia Dramatic Company.
An 1875 NYC directory cited William S. Clirehugh as wigmaker at 162 Fulton; home at 36 Carroll, Brooklyn.
In 1876 he was cited as wigmaker at 564 Broadway with E. McNamee.
In 1879 he was cited in "Puck" as adapting a novel by Wilkie Collins, "The Frozen Deep," to a play "Self Conquest," "an interesting play . . . that has been attracting audiences to the Fifth Avenue." Co-adapter was Townsend Percy.
In 1880 lived in Brooklyn, NY at 100 Third Place with wife, son Vair, son Robert, son William, daughter-in-law Anna (Asche), mother-in-law Isabella McAlpin (age 78, born in Scotland, widowed), nephew Horace L. Hunt (26, born NY, father born NY, mother born Scotland), two servants, and one boarder (a mining engineer). Wm. Scott was an insurance agent. Conclusion: sons Robert Alexander and William Arthur were not married.
In Jan. 1890 he bought real estate on 6th Avenue north corner of 11th Street.
Cited in "The New-York Historical Society's Dictionary of Artists in America. 1564–1860".
The Clirehugh archives contain a letter:
  "Southern Pacific Company
  23 BROAD STREET New York, June 8, 1888
  Mr. W. Scott Clirehugh is hereby authorized to insure Pier 37 North River for the sum of $86,000 at a rate not over sixty per cent. For one year or three years at fifty per cent per annum.
  C. P. Huntington"
At his death he lived at 116 Lawrence Street, Brooklyn. He died in Brooklyn Hospital of a pistol shot wound in his head, a suicide.
The newspaper article about his death said he was 72, an insurance broker, attempted suicide at his furnished room, 115 Lawrence Street. Veteran of the Mexican War (1846–1848), twice married and survived both wives. "Mr. Clirehugh was at one time quite prosperous and was able to equip his three sons with excellent education and a fortuitous beginning in commercial life." He cured himself of an opium habit. His brother John, who lived in Elizabeth, NJ, handled his affairs after the death.
What is the greatest news here is the mention of a second wife. I do not know who she was.
Tombstone reads: "1st LIEUT 13 NY HV ARTY" which I take to mean 1st Lieutenant 13th New York Heavy Artillery Regiment.

1.2.1 -1 Margaret McALPIN b. 7-26-1829 Killin Parish, Perthshire, Scotland (or 7-24-1828)
m. 5-21-1848 William Scott CLIREHUGH in Brooklyn, NY
d. 7-22-1885 Brooklyn, NY at 8:15am
bur. 7-24-1885 Brooklyn, NY

Father: Robert McALPIN b. 1791, d. 1862, bur. 7-8-1862 Green-Wood Cemetery (lot 8097), Brooklyn, NY. Parents: Alpin McALPIN (1758–1840) and Jean CAMPBELL (1765–1805+); married 1783. Robert had eight siblings.
Mother: Isabella McARTHUR b. 1801, m. 1823, d. 1884, bur. 3-19-1884 Green-Wood Cemetery (lot 8097), Brooklyn, NY.
Margaret's siblings: John b. 8-13-1824, Jean (female) b. 7-12-1826, , Alpin b. 9-27-1830, Betsey b. 6-19-1833, Isabella b. 12-3-1835. All childen born Killin, Scotland.
Parental family immigrated in 1836. They arrived in NYC on 9-27-1836 on ship New York from Greenock, the main port on the west coast of Scotland.
Brother James B. McALPIN buried 2-6-1865 in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn in the same lot as his parents.
Margaret's grandfather Alpin McAlpin was known as the singing "Boatman of Loch Tay" in Killin, Perthshire, Scotland.
On 3-8-1874 she was granted "letters of guardianship of the persons and estates of ... Horace L. Hunt." (Horace lived with them in 1880).
She died of consumption at her home at 100 3rd Place, Brooklyn. Vair CLIREHUGH b. 12-9-1849 New York
m1. 5-4-1874 Anna M. ASCHE in Brooklyn, NY
m2. 9-30-1888 Catherine M. (DYCKMAN) LOSEE
d. 7-7-1902 NYC, NY
bur. 7-9-1902 Brooklyn, NY

Charles W. Clirehugh, b. 8-13-1875 Brooklyn, NY
Nelly Asche Clirehugh, b. 10-9-1876

In 1870 lived in Brooklyn, NY with parental family; iron moulder.
In 1880 lived in Brooklyn, NY with parental family and wife Ann; miner (perhaps influenced by mining engineer who boarded with family).
On 12-26-1881 arrived NYC on ship Garnet from Port of Spain, Trinidad.
In 1900 lived in Cortlandt, Westchester County, NY with wife Catherine and Jacob Losee (age 23, born 8-1876 NY); married 12 years. Jacob was Catherine's son by a previous marriage.
At his death he lived in Peekskill, NY. He died in Hood Wright Hospital, NYC of a fracture. His death was reported in the Borough of Manhattan, certificate 20219. -1 Anna M. ASCHE b. 7-12-1852 NY
m. 5-4-1874 Vair CLIREHUGH in Brooklyn, NY
d. 6-23-1886 Brooklyn, NY
bur. 6-26-1886 Brooklyn, NY

Parents: Henry ASCHE, b. 1803, d. 3-1863 NY and Anna ASCHE, b. 1819. Both parents born in Prussia.
Mary Asche, b. 1839 NY
Frederick Henry Asche, b. 4-20-1841 NY, d. 10-22-1884
Thomas Henry Asche, b. 10-1843 NY, d. 12-1904 Brooklyn, NY
Charles Henry Asche, b. 1847 NY, d. 5-1925 Brooklyn, NY
Martha Asche, b. 1849 NY
On 1-9-1850 Anna Margaret Asche, born Germany, was naturalized. This may, or may not, have been Anna's mother.
Married at 100 Third Place by Rev. H. M Storrs per NYC newspaper extract.
In 1880 lived in Brooklyn with husband and his parental family.
At her death she lived at 131 First Place, Brooklyn. Died of peritonitis. She is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery lot 17263 section 15 grave 131 as Annie M. Clirehugh; this is an Asche family lot. She is named on a tombstone as Anna M. Clirehugh with her brother, Frederick H. Asche (1841–1884). -2 Catherine M. DYCKMAN b. 4-1856 NY
m1. abt. 1875 Jacob O. LOSEE
m2. 9-30-1888 Vair CLIREHUGH
bur. Cedar Hill Cemetery, Montrose, NY

Father: Peter Corney DYCKMAN (1820–1884). Peter lived in Cortlandtown, Westchester County, NY. A descendant of Jan Dyckman, born Bentheim, Westphalia (near Netherlands border) who immigrated to NY about 1663. Jan played a key role in establishing Harlem. He became one of the most prosperous and wealthiest of the colonists. At one time the family owned the single largest tract of land in the history of Manhattan.
Mother: Leah Ann CONKLIN (1821–1882).
Siblings: six.
Jacob Dyckman Losee, b. 8-4-1877, Ardsley, NY

Jacob O. Losee was cited as a deceased member of the Masonic Diamond Lodge organized in July, 1865, by the Dobbs Ferry Register of 10-29-1948.

In 1880 a widowed Catherine M. Losee (24, born NY) lived in Peekskill, Westchester County, NY with son Jacob Losee (3, born NY) and her parents Corney Dyckman (66, born NY) and Leah A. Dyckman (52, born NY). Her parents died in 1884 and 1882 respectively.
In 1900 she lived in Cortlandt, Westchester County, NY with husband Vair and son Jacob Losee.
In 1910 lived in Cortlandt, NY at 19 New York and Albany Post Road as widow and head-of-household with son Jacob D. Losee and niece Leah Dyckman (27, born NY), with no occupation. Leah was a daughter of Catherine's sister Amelia and her husband Charles Walter Dyckman; Leah died unmarried in 1918.
In 1920 she lived in Cortlandt, NY on Albany Post Road as widow. Next door was son Jacob Losee's family.
Could not find in 1930 census.

Son Jacob D. Losee was born in Ardsley, Westchester County, NY. He married in 1914 per a marriage record issued in Westchester County as County Clerk No. 15999. A son, Clyde Losee, was born 5-17-1915; he died 7-20-1981, bur. Cedar Hill Cemetery. Jacob died 12-7-1915 and was buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Montrose, NY.

I learned about Catherine's burial on 5-3-2013 from the man who created a memorial for her on Find A Grave. Her tombstone has subsided, leaving only her name visible. She is buried in the same cemetery as her son Jacob and grandson Clyde. Charles W. CLIREHUGH b. 8-13-1875 Brooklyn, NY
d. 8-14-1875 Brooklyn, NY
bur. 8-14-1875 Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

Died nine hours after birth of "asthenia" (a medical term denoting a feeling of weakness), at 361 (or 36) 1st Street, Brooklyn. My Uncle John has a record of Charles.
I guess his father was Vair # based on the date and location. The death certificate, which does not name the parents, does say both parents were born in NY and that two families were living in the house. Nelly Asche CLIREHUGH b. 10-9-1876
d. 1-16-1878 Brooklyn, NY
bur. 1-18-1878 Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

Died at and funeral at family home, 100 Third Place, Brooklyn. Robert Alexander CLIREHUGH b. 5-14-1852 Brooklyn, NY
m1. 1894 Elizabeth McNAMARA in Brooklyn, NY
m2. 4-14-1898 Caroline Martha HOWARD
d. 8-13-1904 Brooklyn, NY
bur. 8-16-1904 Brooklyn, NY

No children.
His tombstone cites his birth date as May 14, 1854.
In 1870 lived in Brooklyn, NY with parental family; worked in dry goods store.
1880 census says occupation is "Commercial Traveler". He may have been the "Mr. Clirehugh" whose handwritten passport dated 5-5-1874 by Venezuela allowing entry to Trinidad is in the Clirehugh archives. On the other hand, in 1881 brother Vair Clirehugh arrived NYC from Trinidad, so the passport may be his.
In 1885 the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper reported: "Mr. Robert Clirehugh of Third place, arrived home last Tuesday from an extensive trip from the Far West. He expects to take charge of his large cattle ranch at Topeka, Kan. next Spring. He has improved very much from his trip, and it is reported that he is to lead to the alter an ex-Senator's daughter, of Boston, Mass., this Fall."
There is a 1894 marriage record in Brooklyn, NY transcribed as Robert A. Clinghugh, certificate # 4320. This is certainly Robert Alexander and a first marriage.
In 1900 lived in Brooklyn, NY at 311 State Street with wife, 1 boarder and 1 servant; manager of ?.
At his death he lived at 301 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn. Died of indigestion. -1 Elizabeth McNAMARA b. 1-25-1845 NYC, NY
m. 1894 Robert Alexander CLIREHUGH in Brooklyn, NY
d. 2-4-1896 NYC (or Tremont aka Bronx), NY age 51
bur. 2-5-1896 Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, NY
bur. 3-13-1897 Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

Father: John McNAMARA born Ireland. Mother: Elizabeth McNAMARA born Boston, MA.
New York City Death Certificate 4107.
Lived at 2089 Washington Ave., NYC with her parents at time of death. Was married. Died of pneumonia.
Tantalizing enough, the death certificate does not name her husband. I could not find her or her family in the census.
She was reburied in the Clirehugh family lot in 1897.
She may have gone to live with her parents for nursing when she was ill.
I believe she was a wife of Robert Clirehugh because of (1) her reburial in the Clirehugh lot and (2) Robert's marriage certificate in 1894. Certainly this woman was dead before Robert married Caroline. I have no family record about her. -2 Caroline Martha HOWARD
b. 10-1862 Canada or England
m. 4-14-1898 Robert Alexander CLIREHUGH in Manhattan, NY

Father: John HOWARD. Mother: Elizabeth STERLING (per IGI).
Parents born Canada, English-speaking (per 1900 census).
Marriage certificate 4320.
Her birth date is from the census, so may not be reliable.
In 1920 a Caroline Clirehugh lived in Boston, MA as widow with brother Francis T. Howard, age 62, single, and a railroad steward. Census said both were born in MA and their parents were born in ME. Rent residence. She was cited in 1938 List of Boston Residents age 20 and older, as living on Winthrop Street, age 66; she would have been born about 1872. Clearly her age was not reported reliably.

Could not find a Caroline Howard in US census prior to 1894. This woman is elusive. William Arthur CLIREHUGH b. 2-5-1853 NYC
m. 5-27-1885 Lillian SUTFIN at Ballston Spa, NY in her parental home
d. 10-20-1910
bur. Southampton, NY

Robert Charles Clirehugh, b. 6-7-1887 Brooklyn, NY

In 1860 he lived in Brooklyn with parental family.
In 1870 lived in Brooklyn, NY with parental family; worked in brokers ofice.
Owned a men's clothing (haberdashery) store.
In 1879 he was a Mason, member of Mistletoe Lodge No. 647.
In 1880 lived in Brooklyn, NY at 100 Third Place with parental family; occupation given as "Keeps Shirt Store."
In 1883 he was manager and agent for Keep Manufacturing Company, shirtmakers according to an ad in the Brooklyn Eagle. He had an "elegant new store" at 359 Fulton Street "opposite City Hall Fountain."
In 1885 Clirehugh & Voorhees were agents for Keep at 359 Fulton Street. They placed a series of ads in the Brooklyn Eagle.
On 5-8-1885 he was sworn in as a juror at the inquest of a building fire in which several people died. Mr. Clirehugh lived at 359 Fulton Street (this was the address of both businesses and residences).
On 10-11-1885 Clirehugh & Voorhees advertised a house to let at 100 Third Place (the family home).
Beginning on 2-2-1887 Clirehugh & Voorhees sold all their stock of Keep goods.
In 1888 to 1890 was a "clerk" at 92 Schermerhorn, Brooklyn.
Cited in 1897 Lain's Directory for Brooklyn as shirtmkr h 92 Schermerhorn.
In 1900 lived in Brooklyn, NY at 149 Schemerhorn with wife and son Robert C., 12 boarders, and 1 servant; dry goods clerk.
In 1910 lived in Milton, NY at 261 Malta Avenue with wife and Sutfin in-laws (father-in-law is Royal S. Sutfin); insurance agent.
Per Saratoga County, NY GENWEB, William is buried in the Ballston Spa Village Cemetery, stone F-47. -1 Lillian SUTFIN b. 3-1865 Ballston Spa, NY
m. 5-27-1885 William Arthur CLIREHUGH at Ballston Spa, NY in her parental home
d. 3-20-1952 Ballston Spa, NY
bur. Ballston Spa Cemetery, Ballston Spa, NY

Mother: Elizabeth Anne WISWALL, born 5-13-1840 in Troy, NY. She graduated from the Hudson River Academy, Fort Miller, NY.
Father: William SUTFIN born NY (per Wiswall memoirs). However, two census named Lillian's father as Royal S. Sutfin.
Per 1920 census lived at 66 West Street, Milton, NY with father Royal S. Sutfin, age 87, widower; aunt Alice Wood, age 65, widow, born NY; cousin Adelaide Sutfin, age 35, single, born NY, public school teacher. Other Sutfins were living in Milton at that time.
In 1924 per Ballston Spa, NY Directory lived as widow in Ballston Spa.
In 1930 lived in Milton, NY in owned home at 261 Malta Avenue with nephew, niece, and boarder.
In 1940 she lived in Milton, NY on Malta Street. She was 75, widowed, and lived with a niece and nephew Fred and Lillian Shaver, and with a boarder.
Per Saratoga County, NY GENWEB, Lillian is buried in the Ballston Spa Village Cemetery, stone F-47; she was born 1865 and died 3-19-1952.
At her death she lived at 261 Malta Avenue. She died at Benedict Memorial Hospital after a brief illness. She was a member of the Eastern Star and Methodist Church. Robert Charles CLIREHUGH b. 6-7-1887 Brooklyn, NY
b. 8-15-1889 Salem, MA
m. 12-27-1909 Katherine Alice NASON
d. 10-1981 Quogue, NY
bur. Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary R.C. Cemetery, Southampton, NY

Elinor M. Clirehugh, b. 5-1911 New York City, NY
Robert William Clirehugh, b. 1-10-1913 New York
Geraldine Josephine Clirehugh, b. 6-26-1921 New York

In 1900 lived in Brooklyn, NY with parents.
In 1910 lived in Manhattan, NY at 46 West 64th Street with wife; chauffeur for private family.
On 9-12-1918 signed a World War I draft card with occupation "chauffeur" for a hotel in Brooklyn.
In 1920 lived in Southampton, NY on Lamb Avenue with wife and children Elinor and Robert; manager of garage.
In 1930 lived in Quogue, NY on Main Street with wife and children Robert and Geraldine; superintendent of private estate.
Shortly after son Robert William was born, the family moved to Garden City, Long Island and subsequently bought a house in Hempstead, Long Island. For two summers while living in Hempstead they vacationed at Belgrade Lake, about 30–40 miles north of Portland, ME. About the time the Armistice was signed ending World War I, the family moved to Quogue and lived in a house on Quogue Street.
Robert Charles entered into a garage business with another man. After Elinor's death, Robert Charles went to work for L. H. Beers, the senior partner of the law firm Lord, Day, and Lord. Robert Charles was a land manager. He eventually bought a property on Alden Lane in Quiogue, a small residential area between Quogue and Westhampton Beach, on which he built two houses; the family moved into the larger house.
Robert Charles died a few days after moving into a nursing home.
FindAGrave Memorial ID 65349174. -1 Katherine Alice NASON b. 8-15-1889 Salem, MA
m. 12-27-1909 Robert Charles CLIREHUGH
bur. Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary R.C. Cemetery, Southampton, NY

Father born MA, was an undertaker. The 1920 census reports her father was born in England.
Mother born MA, died in childbirth. Husband "remarried almost immediately."
Could not find parental family in 1900.
Met husband on Shelter Island; Robert Charles was working for the J. J. Lanin Corporation which owned several hotels in New York and on Long Island; Katherine was teaching music.
Musician. Died of a heart attack. Elinor M. CLIREHUGH b. 5-1911 NYC
d. 1928 Southampton, NY
bur. Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary R.C. Cemetery, Southampton, NY

Died of accident while riding a horse named Gray Mist (Misty). Robert William CLIREHUGH b. 1-10-1913 New York
m. 1940 Virginia Joan MEYER at Yuma, AZ
d. 8-9-1995 San Francisco, CA
bur. 8-15-1995 Presidio Cemetery, San Francisco, CA

Graduated from Fordham University 1934; participated in ROTC program.
After a series of jobs and adventures, moved to Santa Barbara, CA where he married and joined the 144th Field Artillery, which was called to active duty in February 1941.

Joan C. Clirehugh, b. 1941 Fort Lewis, WA
Robert William Clirehugh Jr., b. 4-19-1944 Santa Barbara, CA
Mark Austin Clirehugh, b. 7-15-1948 Carlisle Barracks, PA

On 5-8-1951 arrived on TWA in NY from Frankfurt, Germany; he was stationed at the Pentagon, Washington, DC.
On 7-10-1953 he, his wife, and three children arrived at Idlewild Air Base, NYC on an airplane from Rhein Main Air Base, Franfurt, Germany; Robert was Lt. Col.
An officer in the Army, Robert served in World War II; as Colonel was the 188th Commandant of the Presidio in San Francisco (June 1963–August 1965). Retired to San Francisco, CA where he and his wife Virginia lived in Park Merced.
Authored Part 2 of Wiswall-Clirehugh Family and A Journey Through Memory. -1 Virginia Joan MEYER b. 11-25-1918 Chicago, IL
m. 1940 Robert William CLIREHUGH at Yuma, AZ
d. 7-22-1993 San Francisco, CA
bur. 7-30-1993 Presidio Cemetery, San Francisco, CA

Mother's surname: CONNOR.
Virginia and Robert eloped. Joan C. CLIREHUGH b. 1941 Fort Lewis, WA
m. 1966 Richard MITCHELL
d. 7-5-2012

Horsewoman. Lives in Alexandria, VA.
1959–1961 attended Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, VA.
Husband Richard Mitchell was born in 1936.
Cynthia Mitchell, b. 1967 Alexandria, VA
Joan died of cancer. Robert William CLIREHUGH Jr. b. 4-19-1944 Santa Barbara, CA
m. 12-27-1968 Leslie Ann SHERWIN at Brattleboro, VT
d. 4-22-1969 South Vietnam
bur. 5-2-1969 Presidio Cemetery, San Francisco, CA

In 1962 he graduated from Francis C. Hammond High School in Alexandria, VA. Attended UC Berkeley.
He died in South Vietnam, Quang Tri province, on 4-22-1969 in an explosion. He was a Captain in the 1st Battalion 61st Infantry Regiment 5th Division (Mechanized), A Company. His body was recovered and buried in the San Francisco National Cemetery in San Francisco, CA. -1 Leslie Ann SHERWIN b. 11-13-1942 VT
m. 12-27-1968 Robert William CLIREHUGH Jr. at Brattleboro, VT

Father: Richard SHERWIN.
Mother: Eunice BAGOT. Mark Austin CLIREHUGH b. 7-15-1948 Carlisle Barracks, PA
m. 2-14-1970 Judith CLARKE at Seattle, WA

Lives in Des Moines, WA. Commercial real estate broker.
Scott Austin Clirehugh, b. 9-3-1971 San Francisco, CA
Todd Clarke Clirehugh, b. 8-7-1975 Seattle, WA -1 Judith CLARKE b. 1-20-1949 Bremerton, WA
m. 2-14-1970 Mark Austin CLIREHUGH at Seattle, WA

Mother: Esther Anne BEATTY born 10-22-1919 Union, MT (raised Glendive, MT), died 7-12-2004 Federal Way, WA, buried Gethsemane Catholic Cemetery, Federal Way, WA.
Father: William CLARKE born 5-4-1918 Butte, MT, died 7-6-2009 Federal Way, WA.
Sibling: Gary Clarke. Scott Austin CLIREHUGH b. 9-3-1971 San Francisco, CA
m. 9-10-1994 Stacy Deana RUDE at Vancouver, WA

Haley Deanne CLIREHUGH, b. 11-29-1995 Olympia, WA
Liam Austin CLIREHUGH, b. 7-22-1999 Olympia, WA
Vice President of CTX Mortgage in Kirkland, WA. Resides in Federal Way, WA. -1 Stacy Deana RUDE b. 8-12-1971 San Francisco, CA
m. 9-10-1994 Scott Austin CLIREHUGH at Vancouver, WA

Homemaker residing in Federal Way, WA. Todd Clarke CLIREHUGH b. 8-7-1975 Seattle, WA
m1. 6-29-2002 Sara Jane ANDERSON in Bellevue, WA
div1. 5-3-2006
m2. 7-7-2007 Stacy Lee AUSTIN in Seattle, WA

Insurance Adjuster and musician. Resides in Federal Way, WA. -1 Sara Jane ANDERSON b. 6-22-1979 Glens Falls, NY
bap. 8-12-1979 Ticonderoga, NY
m. 6-29-2002 Todd Clarke CLIREHUGH at Bellevue, WA
div. 5-3-2006

In 2000 graduated with BS degree in Leisure Services from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA. -2 Stacy Lee AUSTIN b. 8-1-1975
m1. Ryan WOODEY
m2. 7-7-2007 Todd Clarke CLIREHUGH at Seattle, WA

Stacy has two children from a previous marriage: ZoŽ Alexis Woodey (b. 5-21-2001) and Abigail Diane Woodey (b. 2-17-2003). Geraldine Josephine CLIREHUGH b. 6-26-1921 Quogue, NY
m. 1945 Richard STEVENS at Escambia County, FL
d. 2-29-2008 Largo, FL
bur. 3-6-2008 Clearwater, FL

Thomas Stevens, b. 1944
William Stevens, b. 1946; m. Kathleen Socher
Susan Stevens, b. 1947
Diane Stevens, b. 1956; m. Hal Gladson; div. 2004
Alan Stevens, b. 1957

Attended fashion design school in NYC.
Son William had two children: Timothy Stevens (1975) and William Stevens (1977).
Daughter Diane had four children: Tiffany Gladson (1986), Matthew Gladson (1989), Rachel Gladson (1991), and Audrey Gladson (1992). Husband Hal was in the military for several years; served in Operation Desert Storm; was in Saudi Arabia. In 2005 Hal worked for US Postal Service, lived in FL.
Her obituary: Stevens, Geraldine, 86, of Largo, passed away February 29, 2008. She was predeceased by her husband, Dick, and son, Tom. She is survived by sons Bill (Kathy), and Alan; and by daughters Sue (Jodi) and Diane Blanton (Mitch); and also grandchildren Tim and Will Stevens, Tiffany, Matt, Rachel and Audrey Gladson. Graveside Services will take place at noon on Thursday, March 6, 2008, at Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park, 2860 Sunset Point Rd, Clearwater, FL.
Husband Richard Stevens was born in 1919, he died 1992, and is buried with Geraldine at Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park in Clearwater, FL. Henry CLIREHUGH b. 5-14-1854 Sunday, Brooklyn, NY

In 1870 lived in Brooklyn, NY with parental family.
The birth day is from Vair Clirehugh Jr.'s diary, who just wrote that Margaret had another son, unnamed, no daughters so far. Nelly CLIREHUGH b. 12-13-1857
d. 11-22-1859
bur. 11-24-1859 Brooklyn, NY
1.2.2 Vair CLIREHUGH Jr. b. 3-9-1830 Edinburgh, Scotland
m. 12-19-1860 Catherine W. HUTCHISON at Brooklyn, NY
d. 6-17-1866 Brooklyn, NY
bur. 6-18-1866 Brooklyn, NY

Born 3-9-1831 per Scotlands People.
In 1850 lived in Brooklyn, NY (6th Ward) with parental family.
The Clirehugh archives include a diary of Vair's of the period 8-1852 through 6-1858. Vair wrote about the weather, family, who saw who, entertainments (plays, musicals, books), the ships to and from Scotland (which carried news and letters). But nothing about himself or his business. The diary presents a man with sufficient money, family, friends, time, and well-educated. He lived with his parental family.
On 6-21-1841 he arrived NYC from Scotland on the Europe with his mother and sister.
On 7-2-1851 he traveled to England and Scotland on the Cunard steamship Niagara. He returned home about 12-1-1851 on the Glasgow.
Did he go to Scotland in 1858? Did he return with his father? If so, he likely stayed in Brooklyn with his brother William Scott.
I could not find him in the 1860 census.

May Wemyss Clirehugh, b. 10-1862 Indiana
Vair W. Clirehugh, b. 10-18-1863 NY

In 1864 he was cited in the NYC Directory as a clerk at 76 Varick Street.
At death lived at 73 4th Place, Brooklyn. Died of "phthisis pulmonalis" (pulmonary consumption — tuberculosis — with progressive emaciation).

1.2.2 -1 Catherine W. HUTCHISON b. 12-1842 Scotland
m1. 12-19-1860 Vair CLIREHUGH Jr. at Brooklyn, NY
m2. Mr. GAHAN
d. 9-27-1909 Manhattan, NY
bur. 9-27-1909 Brooklyn, NY

Both parents born in Scotland. Based on her daughter's name, I suspect she was born in Weymss, Scotland, a town on the east coast between Edinburgh and Dundee. I also suspect her middle name was Wemyss.
Lived in Brooklyn at time of marriage. Married by Rev. R.W. Clarke. Marriage notice in the NY Tribune spelled her surname as Hutcheson.
I have had no success looking for evidence of her outside the family archives and the census. I found a "Catherin Hutchen" age 23 born Scotland in the 1860 census living in Brooklyn, a servant in the household of William and Agnes Warkfield. She is my best candidate for the wife of Vair.
I do not know where she was in 1870, four years after her husband's death.
In 1880 she lived on East Washington Square, NYC. The following census record is presented here from the perspective of the head of household. Head Robert P. Leonard (50, hotel keeper), wife Mary Leonard (40), sister-in-law Kate Clirehugh (35, suggesting birth year of about 1845), niece May Clirehugh (18), niece Lizzie Hutcheson (18), and many hotel employees. Robert was born Ireland, Kate and Mary were born Scotland, May born Indiana, Lizzie born NY to parents born Scotland and NY (she must be the daughter of a sibling of Mary and Catherine).
A 1882 NYC Directory cited Clirehugh, Catherine W. Wid Bayer [Vair?] home 47 East 28th.
Sometime between 1882 and 1900 Catherine remarried, to a Mr. Gahan who died before 1900 leaving her a widow for the second time.
In 1900 (per census) she lived at 36 Orchard Street, Elizabeth, NJ with daughter and son-in-law. Cited as "Kate Gahan." Widowed. Had 4 children, only one of which was living; I only know of two children. Her brother-in-law John Clirehugh also lived in Elizabeth at that time.
Buried as "Catherine Gahan" in Clirehugh lot per cemetery records.
Tombstone reads "Kate wife of Vair Clirehugh, 1830–1909"; the birth year seems wrong.
At time of death lived at 23 W. 128th Street, Manhattan, NY. Died of old age (67, which suggests a birth year of 1842).
I could not find Mary Hutchison or Robert P Leonard in the 1870 census. May Wemyss CLIREHUGH b. 10-1862 Indiana
m. 1894 Sidney Augustus PETTY
d. 12-18-1914 Manhattan, NY
bur. 12-22-1914 Brooklyn, NY

I do not know where she was in 1870.
In 1880 lived in NYC with an extended family consisting of her widowed mother, her mother's sister and brother-in-law; she was age 18.
In 1900 lived with husband and widowed mother in Elizabeth, NJ. Her birth date is given as Oct. 1870 and her age as 30; this conflicts with the death date of her father (1866) and the date on her tombstone. I choose to believe the month.
Buried in Clirehugh family lot in Green-Wood Cemetery. Tombstone reads "May Wemyss Clirehugh wife of Sidney A Petty 1862–1914."
At death lived at 23 West 128th Street, Manhattan, NY (address where her mother died five years earlier). Died of diabetes. -1 Sidney Augustus PETTY b. 1-1856 Manchester, England
m. 1894 May Wemyss CLIREHUGH
d. 3-20-1920
bur. 3-23-1920 Brooklyn, NY

Mother: Mary Ann PETTY, born abt. 1815 Manchester, England.
In 1881 (per census) lived in Stretford, England with mother, two brothers, sister-in-law, and niece. Occupation was "clerk printing".
Immigration: arrived 4-21-1884 in NYC on ship City of Chester.
In 1900 census cited with occupation "publisher." Lived with wife and mother-in-law in Elizabeth, NJ.
In August 1904 he traveled with wife and mother-in-law, Mrs. Gahan, to Lake Champlain "to rusticate for a couple of weeks." On their return they visited with Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Clirehugh (his wife's uncle) who lived on Upper Glen Street, Glens Falls. They had previously traveled to Lake George with Vair Joseph Clirehugh and his wife.
In 1910 lived in Manhattan, NY at 23 West 128th Street with wife; clerical, publishing. Wife was 46 years old. Sidney immigrated in 1895 (after marriage?).
Buried with wife in Clirehugh lot in Green-Wood Cemetery.
Paid for perpetual care of Clirehugh lot in Green-Wood Cemetery—thank you Sidney! Vair W. CLIREHUGH b. 10-18-1863 NY
d. 3-26-1865 or 3-25-1865
bur. 3-26-1865 Brooklyn, NY

Vair's middle name may have been Wemyss (as opposed to the family-popular William).
At death lived at 73 4th Place, Brooklyn, NY (the home of his father, who died 9 months later). Died of "marasmus," a form of severe protein-energy malnutrition characterised by emaciation.
Buried in family lot in Green-Wood Cemetery.

1.2.2b Charles Alexander CLIREHUGH b. 2-21-1837 Scotland or NY
d. 3-20-1854 Brooklyn, NY age 17
bur. 3-22-1854 Brooklyn, NY

In 1850 lived in Brooklyn, NY (6th Ward) with parental family. Census says born in Scotland, however parents had immigrated in 1834. So it is likely that Charles was born in NY.
He is mentioned in Vair Jr.'s diary.
A 12-year old Charles Clirehugh arrived on 6-7-1850 NYC from Scotland on the ship Ohio.
He returned to Scotland for a visit, leaving NYC on 9-29-1852 on the ship Glasgow.
His brother's diary notes for 3-16-1854 "Charlie not very well." The next day "Charlie no better passed a little blood." 3-18-1854: "Charlie worse called Dr. Minor a great deal of blood passed and he very weak and drowsy." 3-19-1854: "Charlie very bad indeed." And the last day "Charlie still in the same state . . . He lingered till 1/2 past 11 AM and then died."
At his death he lived at corner DeKalb and Classan Avenues, Brooklyn. Died of dysentery, single. His death notice was published in the N.Y. Herald. The official diagnosis of dysentery does not fit the diary description very well (at least to me).
His birth date is from the Gravestone Inscriptions of Green-Wood Cemetery. When I attended the 2010 burial of John Clirehugh I found Charles's tombstone illegible.

1.2.3 Mary Scott CLIREHUGH b. 2-16-1839 NY
m. 1-16-1873 John STEEL at Edinburgh, Scotland
d. 12-5-1905 Scotland
bur. Edinburgh, Scotland

Arrived 6-21-1841 NYC from Scotland on ship Europe with mother and brother Vair.
In 1850 lived in Brooklyn, NY (6th Ward) with parental family.
Returned to Scotland with mother.
In 1861 lived in Dundee with mother and brother John Cumming.
I could not find her in the 1871 Scottish census.
Inherited house on Academy Square, Montrose from mother.
Married same year her mother died.
Her mother's will named a tenant in her Montrose property as William Steel, might he be related to John Steel?
In 1881 Mary S. Steel (42) lived in Newington district of Edinburgh on 8 Marchmont Road with husband John Steel (39, b. Montrose, a house agent).
In 1901 Mary and John Steel lived in Newington district of Edinburgh at 22 Dalkeith Road, ages 60 and 59 respectively with the family of Isaac (39, b. England, a butler), Jane (34, b. England), and Issa Henderson (10). John was born Montrose, occupation property agent. John and Mary were boarders, not in-laws. Perhaps Jane was related to John Steel? In 1891 Isaac Henderson (29, b. Glassary, England) was a butler living in Newington district, St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh; Jane Steel (26, b. England) was a dressmaker living in Newington district, St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh at 3 Marchmont Street, with her cousin Thomas H. Hall, a tea and coffee traveler born in England. This Jane Steel may have been the woman who was living in 1901 as the wife of Isaac Henderson. It is all very circumstantial.

1.2.3 -1 John STEEL b. abt. 1841 Montrose, Scotland
m. 1-16-1873 Mary Scott CLIREHUGH at Edinburgh, Scotland

In 1874 was grain merchant in Edinburgh.

1.2.4 John Cumming CLIREHUGH b. 7-19-1843 NYC, NY
m1. 12-19-1872 Rebecca C. JONES at Brooklyn, NY
m2. 3-4-1875 Margaret Bernardina Octavia FREY at Elizabeth, NJ
d. 5-22-1912 Elizabeth, NJ
bur. 5-24-1912 Brooklyn, NY

The family bible says he was born 7-19-1842 in NY.
Robert Charles Clirehugh's Wiswall book has a diagram showing John was born 1843 in Dundee, Scotland.
I have been fascinated by the origin of John's middle name. My current theory is that it reflects the admiration his father had for his singing partners the Cumming sisters.

Vair Clirehugh, b. abt. 12-19-1873 Brooklyn, NY
Vair Joseph Clirehugh, b. 10-20-1876 Elizabeth, NJ
unnamed, d. 7-31-1882 (per family bible)
John Alexander Clirehugh, b. 5-4-1884 Elizabeth, NJ

In 1850 lived in Brooklyn, NY (6th Ward) with parental family.
In 1861 lived in Dundee, Scotland with widowed mother and sister; was mercantile clerk.
In 7-1861 Mr. J.C. Clirehugh won the 380-yard competition of the Tay Swimming Club, Edinburgh.
During the Civil War he served in U.S. Navy; he was commissioned 6-15-1864 and discharged 7-29-1865 as Paymasters Steward on the USS Galena. The Galena was built in 1862 as an ironclad steam gunboat but was stripped of the iron plating in February 1864. She took part in the siege that led to Fort Morgan's (Alabama) surrender in August 1864. She later served on Virginia's James and Nansemond Rivers through the end of the Civil War. She decommissioned in June 1865.
In 1870 lived in Brooklyn, NY with brother William Scott's family; insurance agent.
Lived in NYC at time of first marriage. Insurance agent. Was married at 158 14th Street, Brooklyn at 6pm; was "at home" at 100 Third Place, Brooklyn (brother William's home) from 8 to 10pm.
In 5-1874 at time of first child's death he lived in Brooklyn, NY at 158 14th Street.
Between 1874 and 1900 he lived in Elizabeth, NJ and worked as a special insurance agent for the Queen Fire Insurance Company, United States Branch, 37 and 39 Wall Street, New York City, an affiliate of the London & Lancashire Fire Insurance Company which had been founded by John's first cousin, William Palin Clirehugh.
In 1880 lived in Elizabeth, NJ at 522 Walnut Street with wife, son Vair, mother-in-law, and 1 servant; fire insurance agent.
From 1886 through 1889 lived at 355 Morris Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ; sold insurance for the Lancashire Insurance Company.
In June 1900 lived in Elizabeth, NJ at 355 Morris Avenue with wife and two sons; special agent insurance.
About 1900 moved to a farm near Glens Falls, NY where he raised fruit. In 1904 he lived on Upper Glen Street, Glens Falls.
In 1910 lived in Union, NJ at 234 Conant Street with wife and son John; "own income." Per census Margaret had 3 children, 3 living; the family bible indicates 4 children, 3 living.
John travelled to Scotland with his family.
They also owned a large summer home on Lake George, NY. Several photos exist showing the family haying and lounging. I attributed to son John Alexander, perhaps in error, a newspaper ad for the rental of the summer home.
Per a family letter he died "after seven weeks in bed and stopped abruptly in the middle of a word."

1.2.4 -1 Rebecca C. JONES b. 12-22-1843 Glenosheen, County Limerick, Ireland
m. 12-19-1872 John Cumming CLIREHUGH at Brooklyn, NY
d. 12-29-1873 Brooklyn, NY
bur. 12-31-1873 Brooklyn, NY

Father: Samuel JONES, born County Limerick, Ireland about 1801. Was a clerk and school master. Died 12-5-1879, age 78 and married, of phthisis pulmonalis at 528 E. 117th Street, NY; at that time he was a real estate agent. Buried 12-7-1879 in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, section 189, lot 16990; he bought this lot, 17 Jones are buried there.
Mother: Phebe FENWICK, born in County Durham, Northumberland, England about 1797; her parents were John and Margaret Fenwick, born England. Married 2-16-1828 in Townsend, Rockmills, County Cork, Ireland. Died 9-20-1884 in Newark, NJ at 57 Halleck Street (age 87y 2m 5d) and buried 9-23-1884 in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, in same lot as her husband. She had lived in NJ 2 years 4 months at time of death. She had six children before immigrating to Brooklyn.
Siblings: five, Rebecca was the youngest.
John Jones, b. 2-24-1829
Margaret Jones, b. 9-14-1831; m. George Hooper
Richard Jones, b. 11-21-1834
William F. Jones, b. 10-25-1837
Edward Henry Jones, b. 6-15-1841; m. Mary Ann Davenport
Edward H. Jones was buried in Green-Wood Cemetery section 189, lot 16990 on 1-29-1879. William F. Jones was buried in Green-Wood Cemetery section 189, lot 16990 on 8-22-1902.
Her parental family immigrated to Brooklyn about 1852 where her father was naturalized on 5-17-1862.
I could not find her parental family in the 1860 census.
In 1870 this family lived in Brooklyn, NY: Samuel (68, born Ireland), Phebe (73, born England), and Rebecca (26, born Ireland) Samuel was a house agent, Rebecca a school teacher. Next door lived two brothers with their families: Edward (28, born Ireland) and William (33, born Ireland), both printers.
On 6-20-1863 Rebecca graduated from Packer Collegiate Institute, Brooklyn; she was cited as "poets-laureate." Packer was the preemininent school for girls for much of the latter 19th century.
In 1866 she was promoted at Brooklyn School No. 13 upon the resignation of another woman; this was reported in the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper.
Died in childbirth a year after her marriage. Buried as Rebecca C. Clivehugh (at least in Green-Wood's records and web database).
Child Vair was buried 5-28-1874 in Green-Wood Cemetery with his mother.
At death she lived at 158 14th Street, Brooklyn. Died of puerperal fever (also called childbed fever or puerperal sepsis, it is a serious form of septicemia contracted by a woman during or shortly after childbirth or abortion; it is usually attributed to unsanitary conditions).

1.2.4 -2 Margaret Bernardina Octavia FREY b. 6-11-1848 Charleston, SC
m. 3-4-1875 John Cumming CLIREHUGH at Elizabeth, NJ
d. 7-17-1927 Hightstown, NJ
bur. 7-19-1927 Brooklyn, NY

Father: Joseph J. B. FREY, born about 1810 in Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg. Made telegraphic equipment and held at least one patent.
Mother: Margaret Anne BONHEUR, born 1811 in Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg. See Frey family records for details, links at top. Her mother's name was cited in Margaret's Declaration for Widow's Pension. The Clirehugh family bible said she was the "only daughter of Joseph and Margaret (Ann) Stein." Stein was Margaret Anne's first husband.
She was married at 522 Walnut Street, her husband's residence, by James Stoddard, Rector of Grace Church, "according to the rites of the Protestant Episcopal Church." Brother Albert H. Frey was a witness.
MBOF lived with son John Alexander and his wife after her husband's death in 1912.
In 1920 MBOF lived in Hillside, NJ at 135 Conant Street with son John and his family.
When grandson John was 8, MBOF brought him toys from her shopping trips.
Died of heart attack one month after the family moved to a farm in Hightstown, NJ; granddaughter Marion saw her pitch forward off a chair at the top of the stairs. Vair CLIREHUGH b. abt. 12-19-1873 Brooklyn, NY
d. 5-27-1874 Brooklyn, NY age 5 months 8 days
bur. 5-28-1874 Brooklyn, NY

He died of debility. His mother Rebecca died ten days after his birth.
At his death he lived at 158 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY. Buried in Green-Wood Cemetery. Vair Joseph CLIREHUGH b. 10-20-1876 Elizabeth, NJ
m. 6-4-1901 Agnes Emilie LaVELLE in Manhattan, NY
d. 3-8-1927 NYC, NY
bur. 3-11-1927 Brooklyn, NY

Lived in Brooklyn after marriage.
Architect. Built a house for his mother on Conant Street in Hillside, NJ.
In 1900 lived in Elizabeth, NJ with parental family.
In 1905 he was a "special agent" of the US branch of the Frankfort Marine Accident and Plate Glass Insurance Company.
In 1910 lived in Manhattan, NY at 126 West 104 Street with wife Agnes.
In 1914 designed a 2-storey brick store and dwelling for Brickners Auto Supply Co., Inc at 5021 Broadway, Manhattan. The building was in the Dyckman Section, interesting because a Clirehugh cousin married a Dyckman daughter. This is cited at Office for Metropolitan History.
9-12-1918 signed World War I draft card; lived at 126 West 104 Street, NYC; worked as engineer for Westinghouse.
In 1920 lived in Manhattan, NY at 9 116 Street with wife Agnes.
Nicknamed Uncle Bon (or Bun, his mother called him her Sweetie Bun).
At his death lived at 72-80 Barrow Street, NY. Died of pneumonia.
Buried in Clirehugh family lot in Green-Wood Cemetery. -1 Agnes Emilie LaVELLE b. abt. 1878 Eatontown, NJ
m1. 6-4-1901 Vair Joseph CLIREHUGH in Manhattan, NY
m2. Mr. FORMAN
d. 1935
bur. 2-2-1935 Brooklyn, NY

Father: James A. LaVELLE, born about 1836 NY, minister.
Mother: Ida Emilie BUNCE, born about 1848 NY.
Siblings: Ida Blanche LaVELLE, born about 1867 WI; never married. Edith LaVELLE, born about 12-1869 NY.
In 1860 father James lived in Menasha, WI in a boarding house; Methodist clergyman.
In 1870 parental family lived in Huntington, NY with one servant.
I could not find Agnes' parental family in any census after 1870.
In 1879 father James was appointed to the St. John's Church in Keyport, NJ. In that same year the LaVelle family—J.A. (pastor), Ida (teacher), Blanche, and Agnes—were cited in the Oceanic Conference of the New Jersey Methodist Episcopal Church.
In 1898 Agnes, her sister Ida Blanche and mother Ida, were cited as members of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of New York, in particular of the Marble Collegiate Church.
In 1900 Blanche and her mother were active with the Marble Collegiate Church. In 1906 Blanche was still active.
Her marriage notice in the NY Times: "At Marble Collegiate Church, Fifth Avenue and Twenty-ninth Street, at 4 o clock yesterday afternoon took place the wedding of Miss Agnes La Velle, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. James La Velle of One Hundred and Fourth Street and Central Park West, and Vair J. Clirehugh of Elizabeth, N. J., and this city. Miss Blanche La Velle, sister of the bride, was maid of honor, and William A. Holcomb of Trenton acted as best man. The Rev. David Burreil officiated, assisted by Dr. La Velle. The ushers were Charles Ford, John A. Clirehugh. Kendrick R. Wilson. Jr. and Marlee TB. Pew."
In 1908 she was cited in American Art Annual, Volume 6 by American Federation of Arts as an artist at 126 W. 104th St., New York City, pupil of National Academy of Design, and teacher.
In 1909 Agnes won Honorable Mention in the etching class of the National Academy of Design.
I have six hand-painted china dessert plates; they are signed "A. E. LVelle June 1900".
Agnes is cited by "Who Was Who in American Art" of 1985 as an American artist active from 1898 to 1947.
Agnes is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery, lot 34091 section 5, as Agnes LaVelle Forman. There are no other Formans in that lot. However her father was buried there 5-30-1914.

I include information about Blanche LaVelle here because she played an important role in the family archives.
In 1898 Blanche was cited as superintendant of the Junior Society of Christian Endeavor of the Marble Collegiate Church.
In 1901 Blanche was cited in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Almanac as a member of the New York Kindergarten Association, No. 6 McAlpine at 63 2nd Street, as assistant principal.
In 1920 Blanche lived in New London, CT as a boarder; private teacher.
In 1930 Blanche lived at the American Women's Association Club Hotel in Manhattan, NY; teacher in private school.
My uncle John Clirehugh visited Blanche in NYC the day he joined the Navy in 1939. Blanche got the Clirehugh family archives when Agnes died. She gave them to my grandmother, Marion Hawkins (Gray) Clirehugh, who gave them to John in 1952 before he drove her to Pasadena, CA.
Blanche died 11-2-1944, lived at 50 Hinckley Place, Manhattan, and was buried 11-6-1944 in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, lot 37621. Her death notice said she was the "sister of the late Agnes Clirehugh Forman." John Alexander CLIREHUGH b. 5-4-1884 Elizabeth, NJ
m. 8-18-1917 Marion Hawkins GRAY at Cranford, NJ
d. 12-6-1936 Hightstown, NJ
bur. 12-9-1936 Brooklyn, NY

John Cummings Clirehugh, b. 4-13-1919 Hillside, NJ
Marion Gray Clirehugh, b. 2-1-1921 Elizabeth, NJ

In 1900 lived in Elizabeth, NJ with parental family.
In 1910 lived in Union, NJ with parents; cement worker, mason. Augustus Gray, Marion Gray's brother, lived down the street.
Lived in Elizabeth at time of marriage.
A 1917 there was an ad in the NY Times for an "attractive seven room cottage on Lake George," a summer rental, by Clirehugh of Conant Street, Elisabeth, NJ.
9-12-1918 (per draft registration card) lived at 135 Conant St., Hillside, NJ. Occupation melter, US Assay Office. Tall, medium build, blue eyes, brown hair. The house was built in 1912.
For eight years after their marriage, John and wife Marion lived with his mother in the Conant Street house in Hillside. My sister recalls that John built that house for his mother.
In 1920 lived in Hillside, NJ at 135 Conant Street with wife, son John, and mother; melting and refining in assay office.
In 1927 they sold her house and used the money to buy a 60-acre farm two miles outside of Hightstown where they all lived. The farm was wooded with fields, seven dairy cows, hay, corn, chickens, vegies, and a hired hand. John bought the farm shortly after Gus (Marion Gray's brother Augustus Tillman Gray) bought one.
Worked in the Treasury Department Assay Office in NYC as a gold refiner. He quit the Assay Office at the urging of Augustus Tillman Gray. He opened a gas station-restaurant next to where Vair (Bon) Clirehugh was building some houses. After buying the farm, he worked there full-time.
In 1930 lived in East Windsor, NJ with wife and children; farmer. East Windsor is apparently adjacent to Hightstown.
Around 1936, at their request, he returned to work at the Assay Office. But he shortly caught pneumonia because the office was so cold. He was taken home and died.
Son John has a photo of his father driving a horse-drawn buggy. Son John remembers selling vegetables at week-end farmers markets. -1 Marion Hawkins GRAY b. 9-30-1894 Redbank, NJ
m1. 8-18-1917 John Alexander CLIREHUGH at Cranford, NJ
m2. 9-24-1952 Guy G. HALLOWELL at Pasadena, CA
d. 9-6-1984 Huntington Beach, CA
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ

Father: William Newman GRAY. Undertaker. Irish descent, possibly Scotch Irish.
Mother: Katherine Amelia TILLMAN. Prussian descent.
Lived with brother Fred Gray for 11 years after husband John died.
Marion was named after her aunt's husband, Royal Hawkins.
In 1944, when her son was awarded the Bronze Star, she lived in Hightstown at 12 Springfield Avenue.
About 1952 Marion moved to Pasadena, CA to be housekeeper for Guy HALLOWELL (1877–1968). Guy was the widower of Louise Victoria TUNIS, the sister of Marion's father's second wife. They married later in 1952. Guy was a jeweler and had an office in his home on Oswego Street in Pasadena. After his death, Marion moved to Huntington Beach, CA near her daughter.
She is buried with her parental family. John Cummings CLIREHUGH b. 4-13-1919 Hillside, NJ
m1. 4-8-1944 Grace LIEBERMAN
div1. 1948
m2. 5-29-1955 Doris ROESENER at Cranford, NJ
d. 3-12-2010 Susquehanna, PA
bur. 5-20-2010 Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

I suspect his middle name was really "Cumming" without the final "S" as it was written that way in the family bible and that was the spelling of his grandfather's name.
John was nicknamed Jack, probably to differentiate him from his father. However, his father in his letters to his wife, signed himself "Jack", so it was apparently a family nickname.
John was born at home on a Sunday. His birth was recorded a few days later and with a different birth date, which caused problems ever since.

Kenneth Clirehugh, b. 11-15-1956 Paris, France

John went to primary school (grades 1-3), grammar school (grades 4-8), and high school (grades 9-12) in Hightstown. In the beginning transportation was via a two-horse-drawn short trolley. When he was in upper grade school, the horses were replaced by a gas-powered bus.
He attended Hightstown High School 1933–1937.
John was interested in electronics from childhood when his dad built a crystal radio with batteries made of lye and aluminum plates. After high school he attended a diesel engine school.
John joined the Navy in 1939, in response to an elistment poster saying "we need diesel men," and served on three submarines including the USS Tautog. He was rated between Seaman and Warrant Electrician. He was in Pearl Harbor on 12-7-1941 and is a Pearl Harbor Survivor. In 1944, a Chief Electrician's Mate, he was awarded the Bronze Star "for heroism in action against the Japanese in Pacific waters." The award was made at New London, CT; at the time he was living in Norwich, CT with his wife. During World War II he served mostly in the Pacific Ocean between Honolulu and western Australia.
He resigned from the Navy in 1948 and went to Philadelphia where he attended the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1954. While working for Temple University in Philadelphia, PA John built electronic equipment in his UP room.
In 1953 he authored, along with GC Ring, MJ Oppenheimer, and AJ Lee, a report "Automatic Calibration of Electrokymograph Cardiac Densograms" which was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology and is currently available on the National Library of Medicine's website PubMed. All authors worked for the Temple University Medical Center in Philadelphia: Ring was in the Dept. of Physiology, Oppenheimer was an MD and Professor of Physiology, and Lee was in Dept. of Experimental Neurology. Arnold St. Jacques Lee (1921–2000) had helped John get the job at Temple after he left the Navy.
Between 1955 and 1959 he installed microwave communications in France for four years, working for Philco. Returning to the US, he decided he wanted to live on a farm. He drove to California to visit his mother and sister, who convinced him to wait out the winter in California. He returned east in April 1960. Eventually he bought a 250 acre farm in New Milford, PA and shortly thereafter a second farm near Susquehanna, PA. He worked as an engineer for Link Aviation and General Electric in Binghamton, NY.
John owned the family lot in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. He had an extensive collection of Clirehugh family memorabilia, from which some of this document was gleaned.
John died of diabetic ketoacidosis in the Susquehanna county hospital, he was one month shy of his 91st birthday. -1 Grace LIEBERMAN b. 3-22-1923
m1. 4-8-1944 John Cummings CLIREHUGH
div. 1948
d. 2004

Graduated from Temple University Hospital School of Nursing, Philadelphia, PA with a BS degree. Earned BSNE and MS degrees from University of California.
In 1954 she was appointed instructor in nursing at the School of Nursing of the University of California Medical Center, Los Angeles. She had previously worked as a private duty and general duty nurse, as dietician at Key West Municipal and at Samuel Merritt Hospital in Oakland, CA, as assistant instructor, instructor, and educational director.
In 12-1955 a review by Grace L. Clirehugh of A Textbook of Pharmacology and Therapeutics was published in "The American Journal of Nursing." This review is available on JSTOR.
Remarried and had children. -2 Doris ROESENER b. 5-22-1917 Fort Wayne, IN
m. 5-29-1955 John Cummings CLIREHUGH at Cranford, NJ
d. 2-8-2000 New Milford, PA
bur. Christ Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Kulpsville, PA

Parents: Harry William and Clara Roesener. Harry was born 5-15-1892 in Fort Wayne, Indiana to parents born Germany. Clara was born 8-29-1890 in Indiana to parents born IN.
Siblings: Virginia (born abt. 1914) and Wilbur E. (Doris' twin).
In 1920 Doris lived in Fort Wayne, IN with her parental family. There were a number of Roeseners in Indiana at that time.
I could not find this family in the 1930 census.
Her father established the Meadow Hosiery Co. in Kulpsville, PA by 1942. At that time he lived in Philadelphia, PA.
Brother Wilbur E. Roesener married Naomi Cassel (born PA), they had eight children including: Dottie, Harry, Bill, Paul, Tom, James Philip (born 1-13-1950), and Linda.
Doris met John at a USO dance while he was in the Navy, according to one of her nephews. If that is so, she knew him before he enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania and at least eight years before they married. In 1993 Wilbur lived in Lansdale, PA. He died 7-31-1996 in Hatfield, PA.
Her mother Clara lived with Doris and John in New Milford until her death in May 1977.
Died of heart attack at home. Kenneth CLIREHUGH b. 11-15-1956 Paris, France
d. 11-15-1956 Paris, France
bur. 12-13-1956 Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY Marion Gray CLIREHUGH b. 2-1-1921 Elizabeth, NJ
m. 5-19-1942 Leander Elmore DOREY at San Diego, CA
d. 4-10-2004 Costa Mesa, CA
bur. 8-20-2004 Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Wellfleet, MA

She graduated from Hightstown High School.
On 5-6-1942 she graduated from Muhlenburg Hospital School of Nursing in Plainfield, NJ. Became a Registered Nurse.
Marion and Leander (Lee) corresponded while she was in nursing training. Marion's mother had been writing to a man in New Hampshire who had a daughter who was writing to a Marine. The daughter had a boy friend and passed the Marine, Lee, on to Marion as a correspondent. They wrote back and forth about six months before they met. On leave, Lee borrowed a car to drive from the base at Quantico, VA to the woman in New Hampshire. She didn't like him, asked her father if Marion could continue to write. At a later date (January 1940), Lee drove to Plainfield to meet Marion. "Miss Gray I presume?" "No, Miss Clirehugh." They visited for a few hours, then Lee returned to base. (In a 1986 letter to a cousin, Lee says he met Marion in 1939 while she was a nursing student.) They continued to correspond weekly for 4-5 months. He returned to Plainfield, where they decided she would say "yes" if he asked her to marry. On 9-13-1941 Lee was in New Bern, NC and Marion was a nursing student. She visited him in NC that summer. When World War II started, he was transferred to San Diego. Marion took the train there and married him.

Susan Jane Dorey, b. 12-18-1944 San Diego, CA
Martha Louise Dorey, b. 8-12-1947 Cherry Point, NC

Marion was the Assistant Superintendent of Nursing at Hoag Memorial Hospital, Newport Beach, CA while I was in high school.
Loved to travel on cruise ships.
Died of heart failure. Cremated. -1 Leander Elmore DOREY b. 9-16-1908 Natick, MA
m. 5-19-1942 Marion Gray CLIREHUGH at San Diego, CA
d. 7-7-1999 Huntington Beach, CA
bur. 1999 Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Wellfleet, MA

Lee was raised in Wellfleet, Cape Cod, MA. He attended Thompson's Farm and Trade School on Thompson Island in Boston Harbor. The school for orphaned boys was built on the island in 1833. It featured a farm, a wood shop and a print shop. It was the first vocational school in America, and also had the first school band.
He joined the Marine Corps at age 17. Fought in World War II and Korean War. Radio officer. Played the tuba in the Marine Band. He retired after 30 years as Captain. Died of heart failure and Alzheimer's. Susan Jane DOREY b. 12-18-1944 San Diego, CA

BA in Mathematics from California State University at Long Beach. MBA from Pepperdine University, CA. Worked in software development from 1973. Lives in Sonoma, CA, previously in San Rafael. Martha Louise DOREY b. 8-12-1947 Cherry Point, NC

Graduated from Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing. Registered Nurse. Lives in Fountain Valley, CA.


Clirehughs Buried in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

The cemetery is located at 5th Avenue and 25 Street. There is a website about the gravestone inscriptions. There are four lots that hold Clirehughs and their in-laws:

In lot 7859:

Charles Alexander Clirehugh 3-22-1854 1.2.2b
Nelly Clirehugh 11-24-1859
Vair Clirehugh 5-31-1860 1.2
Vair W. Clirehugh 3-26-1865
Vair Clirehugh, Jr. 6-18-1866 1.2.2
Rebecca C. Clirehugh 12-31-1873 1.2.4 -1 (misspelled Clivehugh on cemetery website)
Vair Clirehugh 5-28-1874 (son of Rebecca)
Charles W. Clirehugh 8-14-1875
Nellie Asche Clirehugh 1-18-1878
Margaret (McAlpin) Clirehugh 7-24-1885 1.2.1 -1
Mrs. Elizabeth Clirehugh 3-13-1897 -1 (died 2-4-1896, originally buried 2-5-1896 Woodlawn Cemetery, reburied 3-13-1897 in Clirehugh lot)
William Scott Clirehugh 7-18-1897 1.2.1
Vair Clirehugh 7-9-1902
Robert Alexander Clirehugh 8-16-1904
Catherine (Hutchison) (Clirehugh) Gahan 9-27-1909 1.2.2 -1
John Cumming Clirehugh 5-24-1912 1.2.4
May Wemyss (Clirehugh) Petty 12-22-1914
Sidney Augustus Petty 3-23-1920 -1
Vair Joseph Clirehugh 3-11-1927
Margaret B. O. (Frey) Clirehugh 7-19-1927 1.2.4 -2
John Alexander Clirehugh 12-9-1936
Kenneth Clirehugh 12-13-1956
John Cummings Clirehugh 5-20-2010
Helen Laing 9-24-1881 servant of Vair (since 1824) and his son William

In Lot 22930:

Alanson See 6-13-1891 father of Lizzie See who married William Clirehugh Duncan
Mary A. See 3-15-1917 mother of Lizzie See who married William Clirehugh Duncan

In Lot 22931: (all of these people except the last one were originally buried elsewhere, see Duncan family page for details)

William Cockburn 1-21-1853 25 2458 died 1-19-1853 of phthysis, age 25yr 11mo 16da (implying a birthdate of 2-5-1827), born Scotland, lived at 118 Varick. I think William was a child of Elizabeth (Clirehugh) Cockburn.
Helen A. Duncan 2-27-1854   2458 likely the daughter of Helen (Cockburn) Duncan who was born 1849.
John H. Duncan 7-29-1854   2458 ? (not a child of Helen and George Duncan, who had a son named John born 1851 and still living in 1860).
Helen Duncan 5-26-1858   7859 daughter of Elizabeth (Clirehugh) Cockburn, and wife of George Duncan.
George Duncan 6-11-1864   7859 husband of Helen, daughter of Elizabeth (Clirehugh) Cockburn.
John Cockburn 7-11-1872 41 7859 ID 1.4.1, son of Elizabeth (Clirehugh) Cockburn. Died 7-9-1872, unmarried, last residence was 75 Varick Street, New York.
Elizabeth Cockburn 10-24-1884 81 N/A ID 1.4, Elizabeth Clirehugh. Born Scotland, died 10-21-1884, last residence was 243 West 11th Street, New York.

In lot 12793:

Janet Cockburn 4-1-1861 unknown, but the surname is provocative

In lot 17263: A number of Asche family members are buried here. Anna Clirehugh is cited on her brother's tombstone, a photo of which is on Find A Grave.

Anna M. (Asche) Clirehugh 6-26-1866 -1

Clirehughs Buried in Ballston Spa Village Cemetery, Ballston Spa, NY

The Village of Ballston Spa is in Saratoga County, NY. Some burials are recorded at Saratoga GenWeb. There is an entry in Find A Grave for this family with photos.

William Arthur Clirehugh
Lillian (Sutfin) Clirehugh

Clirehughs Buried in Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary Cemetery, Southampton, NY

The cemetery is located 1t 231 County Road 39 in Southampton, NY.

Robert Charles Clirehugh
Katherine Alice (Nason) Clirehugh
Elinor M. Clirehugh

Clirehughs Buried in San Francisco National Cemetery, San Francisco, CA

The cemetery is located at 1 Lincoln Blvd., San Francisco, CA, within the Presidio. It has a website. Photos of these people are now on Find A Grave.

Robert William Clirehugh — in section OSA 0, 1, PL62
Virginia Joan (Meyer) Clirehugh — in section OSA 0, 1, PL62
Robert William Clirehugh, Jr. — in section OSA row 2 site 1

Clirehughs Buried in Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park, Clearwater, FL

The cemetery and funeral home is located at 2853 Sunset Point Road, Clearwater, FL and has its own website. Photos of these people are now on Find A Grave.

Geraldine Josephine (Clirehugh) Stevens (1921–2008)
Richard Stevens (1919–1992)

Cedar Hill Cemetery, Montrose, NY

This cemetery is located at 2124 Albany Post Rd. in Montrose, Westchester County, NY on a gentle hillside overlooking Route 9, just north of the FDR Veterans Hospital. It is on the grounds of the Dutch Reformed Church and is one of the oldest cemeteries in Westchester County. Many of the headstones are severely eroded and missing. Revolutionary War and Civil War graves may be found here. There is a nice account on the Find A Grave website.

Clirehughs buried here: Catherine (Dyckman) (Losee) Clirehugh.

Unknown Clirehughs

Because the surname is so limited, I am keeping track of people with it whom I do not know.

Annie CLIREHUGH. Born abt. 1855. Cited in 1880 US census as age 25 and widowed, living in Brooklyn at 300 Union Street as a boarder with Charles H. Bass as head-of-household, with no occupation. Born in NY, both parents born in NY.
May have married Henry Clirehugh. Because I have found no other record of her, I suspect she remarried before 1900.

On 11-4-1839 several Clirehughs arrived in NYC on the ship Ontario from England, apparently a family. John may be 1.3b, the son of William Clirehugh, born July 1801 in Edinburgh. Because there is no other record of this family, I suspect they returned to England.

Joseph CLIREHUGH, machinist, was cited in the 1857 Commercial Advertiser Directory for City of Buffalo, New York.

Clirehughs in the New York Times

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When there is no ID, the relationship of the person to others is unknown; they may not be a relative.

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