Tillman Family of Susan J. Dorey

Peter Tillman was born in Prussia, in a place in what is modern Lithuania; or perhaps it was Siegen in Westfalen — there is contradictory evidence. He, his wife, and the first four of their children immigrated to America in 1824 where three more children were born. They lived in Bridgewater, Somerset County, New Jersey.

This was the only Tillman family in Somerset County, NJ for many years. By 1880 they had moved to Raritan. By 1900 they were back in Bridgewater where they remained through 1910. By 1920 they lived in Raritan.

My great grandmother, Katherine Amelia Tillman, married William Newman Gray in 1882. Katherine's father was a child of 3 when his family came to America.

NEWS. On 3-29-2013 I learned that the George W. Tillman I described as 1.6.1 was not a member of my Tillman family. The unknowing imposter married Eva and had two daughters and was buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Sonestown. I excised them from this document. The real George Washington Tillman had two sons and lived in Hackettstown, NJ.

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At A Glance

In the Beginning

1. Peter Tillman born 1790 Prussia, immigrated to America in 1826, died 1853 NJ. He is my great-great-great grandfather.
wife Maria Sophia Miller born 1790 Prussia, died 1873 New Jersey.

First Generation

1.1 Catherine Tillman (1814–1881) born Prussia, lived PA
husband Frederick Eberhard (1809–1893) born Württemberg, lived PA
1.2 John A. Tillman (1818–1870) born in Prussia, probably died in Bridgewater, NJ
wife Agnes S. Young (1823–1867) lived NJ and CT
1.3 Mary Christian Tillman (1821–1917) born Prussia, died NJ
husband John Frederick Freck or Frech (1813–1874) born Baden, lived NJ
1.4 Augustus Peter Tillman (1823–1896) born Hilderberg, died Raritan, NJ
wife Magdalene Amelia Hollander (1830–1916) born Heidelberg, lived NJ
1.5 Sophia Tillman born Europe or NJ abt. 1825
husband William Kritcher
1.6 Peter Tillman (1831–1900) born and lived NJ
wife Matilda Garrison (1837–1923) lived NJ
1.7 Albert Tillman (?–1850) born and died NJ, born likely between 1830 and 1835

Second Generation

1.2.1 Elizabeth S. Tillman (1845–1927) born CT, lived in NJ
1.2.2 Augustus Tillman (1846–1916) born CT, lived in NJ
1.2.3 John Vaetor Tillman (1849– ) born NJ
1.2.4 Annie Tillman ( – )
1.3.1 George Henry Freck (1848– ) born and lived in NJ
1.3.2 Theodore Winfield Freck (1851–1912) born and lived in NJ, died OH
1.3.3 John Frederick Freck (1854–1929) born and lived in NJ, died PA
1.3.4 Catherine Freck (1857– ) born and lived in NJ
1.4.1 Elizabeth Tillman (1852–1925) born and lived in NJ
1.4.2 Mary L. Tillman (1856–1917) born and lived in NJ
1.4.3 Edward S. Tillman (1858– ) born and lived NJ
1.4.4 Peter Tillman (1860–1926) born and lived NJ
1.4.5 Katherine Amelia Tillman (1863–1900) born and lived NJ; my great grandmother
1.4.6 John C. D. Tillman (1865–1937) born and lived NJ
1.6.1 George Washington Tillman (1855–1934) born NJ and lived PA
1.6.2 Mary Tillman (1857– ) born NJ
1.6.3 James Tillman (1859– ) born NJ
1.6.4 Emma Tillman (1859– ) born NJ
1.6.5 Ella M. Tillman (1870– ) born NJ

List of Family Members

There are over 50 people listed here, in order by ID.

1. Peter TILLMAN b. 2-25-1790 province of Tenes Krieseene, northern Prussia (modern Lithuania) (or Niederschulten, Prussia as "Johannes Peter Thielmann")
bap. 2-28-1790 Siegen, Westfalen, Prussia
m. 3-23-1818 Maria Sophia MILLER in Neunkirchen, Westfalen, Prussia
d. 5-8-1853 NJ
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Parents Adam Thielmann and Elisabeth Gertraude Schneider.
Peter was baptized as Johannes Peter Tillmann (or Thielmann) at Evangelisch (a church), Siegen, Westphalen, Prussia.
Immigrated to America in 1824 with wife Maria Sophia (34) and children: Catherine (11), Ernest (6, John), Christina (3, Mary Christian), Augustus (2). Arrived Port of New York 10-5-1824 from Bremen on ship Columbia bound for New Jersey. Other passengers were A. Camman (21), male of New York and Philip Schramsberg (58), mechanic, of (New) Jersey.
His surname was spelled "Tillmann" until after he arrived in America.
Peter was a mining engineer. He came to America at the request of August Camman to show him how to glaze the interior of pottery ware. He settled in Bridgewater, NJ where he worked for the Chimney Rock Copper Mine. Peter set up and operated the first copper smelting furnace in the US. Later the family moved to Baltimore, MD where Peter erected another copper smelting furnace.
Catherine Tillman, b. 1814
John A. Tillman, b. 1818
Mary Christian Tillman, b. 1821
Augustus Peter Tillman, b. 1823
Sophia Tillman, b. 1825
Peter Tillman, b. 1831
Albert Tillman, b. 1835
In 1830 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with 2 male children (John and Augustus), 3 females under 20 (Catherine, Mary, and Sophia), and wife. The family of John Miller also lived in Bridgewater in 1830.
In 1840 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with 2 males age 5–10 (Peter, Albert), 1 male age 15–20 (Augustus), 1 male age 20–25 (John), 1 female age 10–15 (Sophia), 1 female age 15–20 (Mary), and wife. Next door was the family of John N. Miller (7 in family); I suspect John was a brother of Maria Sophia (Miller) Tillman.
In 1850 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with wife and sons Augustus and Peter; he was "copper ruelter" [ruelting is related to smelting], sons were farmers. Lived very near son John TILLMAN. Lived next door to John and Elizabeth MILLER of Germany, 56 and 53 respectively; may be in-laws; John was a miner.
His death was recorded in the Church Register, First Reformed Church, Somerville, NJ.
I believe Tenes Krieseene was located near the Baltic Sea in modern Lithuania.

Copper mining in Bridgewater August F. Camman came to America in 1818 from Germany. He became interested in the mineral possibilities of the Watchung Mountains of northern New Jersey. The mountains comprise three long low ridges of volcanic origin. The First Mountain stretches from Somerville northeast to Passaic. In 1821 Camman purchased three tracts of land along First Mountain. In 1824 he erected a small smelter at Chimney Rock which he put in the charge of two expert smeltermen from Germany, one of whom was Peter Tillman. This operation was called the Chimney Rock Copper Mine and was located in Bridgewater Township. Camman erected a second smelter at the foot of the mountain below the main workings, which he called the Bridgewater Mine. The mines were not profitable and were closed by 1830.

1. -1 Maria Sophia MILLER b. 12-6-1790 Neunkirchen, Prussia as Marie Sophie Mueller
m. 3-23-1818 Peter TILLMAN in Neunkirchen, Westfalen, Prussia
d. 2-12-1873
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Parents: Johann Peter Mueller and Anna Elisabeth Daub.
Her surname was spelled "Mueller" on son John's baptism record.
Appears by name in 1850 census.
I could not find her in the 1860 or 1870 census.
Her tombstone says she died on 2-12-1873 and was "Aged 82 years, 2 months and 6 days" at death, which gives the 1790 birth date.
1.1 Catherine TILLMAN b. abt. 1814 Prussia
m. 12-29-1831 Frederick EBERHARD in Somerset County, NJ
d. 8-7-1881
Eliza Eberhard, b. 1832, m. William Easterday
John H. Eberhard, b. 1835
Ferdinand Eberhard, b. 1837
William F. Eberhard, b. 1840
Augustus T. Eberhard, b. 1842
Levina Eberhard, b. 1845
Ellen C. Eberhard, b. 1845, m. Charles Snyder
Franklin Eberhard, b. 1848
Peter J. Eberhard, b. 1850
Jacob Eberhard, b. 1852
George Eberhard, b. 1855
In 1850 Catherine and Frederick Eberhard lived in Hanover, Lehigh County, PA. He age 43, born Germany. She age 36, born Germany. This couple had children born PA: Eliza 18, John H. 15, Ferdinand 12, William F. 10, Augustus I. 8, Levina 5, Franklin 2, Peter 2 months born Ireland.
In 1860 this family lived in Catasauqua, Lehigh County, PA. He was 50, born Wunderberg (Wurtenberg?), she 46 born Prussia. Children: Ferdinand 22, William 20, Augustus 18, Ellen 15, Franklin 13, Peter 10, Jacob 8, George 5. Surname Eberhard.
In 1870 this family was still living in Catasauqua, PA. He was 60, born Wurtenburg, she 57 born Prussia. Children: Franklin 22 watchmaker, Peter 20 railroad clerk, George 15, Frony (?) 14 grandchild born IL. Surname Eberhart.
In 1880 this family lived in Allentown, Lehigh County, PA on Second Street. He 70 born Wurtenberg, a blacksmith; she 66 born Prussia. Children: George 25 born PA, watchmaker. Surname Eberhard.
1.1 -1 Frederick EBERHARD b. 3-5-1809 Stuttgart, Württemberg
m. 12-29-1831 Catherine TILLMAN in Somerset County, NJ
d. 6-24-1893
Frederick learned copper smithing prior to immigrating to Philadelphia at age 21 in 1830. He was working in the copper mines of Flemington, NJ when he met Catherine.
In Catasauqua, PA he erected his home on the corner of Front and Mulberry Streets. In 1864 he retired and moved to Second and Turner Streets, Allentown. In 1880 he bought the Peter Miller farm of 76 acres in Whitehall Township and opened stone quarries.
He was an industrious businessman. He accumulated a great deal of property. He held stocks in the Lehigh Valley Rail Road, the Lehigh Coal Company, the Allentown National Bank, the Thomas Iron Company, the Wahnetah Silk Mill, and was a charter member of the Catasauqua Gas Company. He was a shrewd business man, a staunch Republican, and a firm confessor of his faith as set forth in the Augsburg Confession.
1.2 John A. TILLMAN b. 10-24-1818 village of Siegen, Westfalen, Prussia
bap. 11-1-1818 Evangelisch (the church), Siegen, Westfalen, Prussia as Johann Ernst Tillmann
m. 2-22-1844 Agnes S. YOUNG in Somerset County, NJ
d. 3-8-1870
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Elizabeth S. Tillman, b. 1845
Augustus Tillman, b. 1847
John Vaetor Tillman, b. 1849
male, b. 1851 Bridgewater, NJ
Annie Tillman—likely wife of John Vaetor
In 1850 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with wife and 3 children; miner.
In 1860 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with wife and 3 children; farmer.
On 11-6-1867 applied for passport to travel throughout Europe. Naturalized. 5' 10" tall, blue eyes, black and curly hair. Lived Somerset County, NJ.
1.2 -1 Agnes S. YOUNG b. 12-6-1823 NJ
m. 2-22-1844 John A. TILLMAN in Somerset County, NJ
d. 7-16-1867
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
1.2.1 Elizabeth S. TILLMAN b. 8-1847 (or 1845) CT
m. abt. 1882 Amada WOLFE
d. 1927
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Anna Beulah Wolfe, b. 1885
In 1850 and 1860 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with parental family.
In 1900 lived in Fanwood, NJ with husband Amada and child Anna B.; Amada was farmer.
I could not find this family in the 1910 census. . . .
In 1920 lived in Scotch Plains, NJ on Front Street with husband Amada; he was elevator operator in factory, age 70.
1.2.1 -1 Amada WOLFE
or Amadee Wolfe
b. 3-1849 NJ
m1. Catherine SOMERS
m2. abt. 1882 Elizabeth TILLMAN
d. 3-1-1926 Plainfield, NJ
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Parents born NJ: Jacob Tiger Wolfe (1821–1881) and Sarah Jennings Melick (1824–1900).
In 1860 lived in Clinton, NJ.
In 1870 lived in Clinton, NJ with wife Mary (23), children Alexander (2) and Emma (4/12), and William Albaugh (75) retired farmer; Amada was a day laborer. [Mary must be Catherine Somers' middle name. Certainly the children fit Amada's records.]
In 1880 lived in North Plainfield, NJ. Anna Beulah WOLFE b. 8-1885 Plainfield, NJ
In 1900 lived in Fanwood, NJ with parental family, age 14.
1.2.2 Augustus TILLMAN b. 3-1847 CT
m. 1876 Manhattan, likely to Elizabeth TILSON
d. 1916
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
In 1850 and 1860 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with parental family.
In 1870 lived in Warren, Somerset County, NJ, a painter living with unrelated people. He was age 27 and born NJ (census error) and an orphan.
In 1880 he lived in New York City, NY, age 33, with wife Lizzie (24), son William (3, b. NY) and daughter Augusta (1, b. May 1879).
In 1900 he lived in Bronx, NY at 135 Alexander Avenue, age 53 born March 1847 CT, with wife Lizzie (43, b. Jan 1857 NY to parents born Ireland) and 8 children (10 born): William G. (b. June 1876 NY), Gustave Jr (son, b. June 1879 NY), Maude (b. Feb 1884 NY), Howard (b. Apr 1886 NY), Charley (b. Oct. 1888 NY), Lester (b. Apr. 1891 NY), Lulu (b. Feb. 1894 NY), and Nelson (b. Oct. 1895 NY); railroad conductor.
In 1905 lived in Bronx, NY at 307 Alexander Avenue: cited in census as Agusta Tillman (59), Elizabeth Tillman (48), William G Tillman (27), Maud A Tillman (21), Howard V Tillman (19), Charles H Tillman (16), Lester A Tillman (14), Lulu E Tillman (11), Nelson R Tillman (9).
In 1910 he lived in Bronx, NY at 404 East 135th Street: as Gustave Tillman (63) with wife Lizzie (51, married 34 years with 7 children living) and children William G. (33, commercial painter), Howard B. (23, railroad flagman), Charles H. (21, gass fitter at gas co.), Loester A. (19, bookbinder), Nelson R. (13), and Lulu L. (15); flagman on railroad.
There are two illegible gravestones to the left of Augustus' and the lot is registered as holding Mary and Agnes Tillman, whom I do not know of. I originally wondered if they were his daughters or wife and daughter, but now (2012) knowing the names of his wife and children, I guess they belong to his brother John.
1.2.3 John Vaetor TILLMAN b. 10-7-1849 Bridgewater Township, Somerset Co., NJ
m. 5-3-1877 Annie OAKES at Manhattan, NY; Certificate Number: 2052
d. 5-1-1900 New York, NY; Certificate Number 1672
In 1850 and 1860 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with parental family.
I could not find him in the 1870 census.
Lived with wife Ann in 1880 in Manhattan, NY with two children: Lillie (2) and A. Florence (0); railroad conductor.
Lillie Tillman
Albert William Tillman, b. 8-11-1891 Manhattan, NY. In 1917 he lived in Galveston, TX, single, a watchman for the Galveston Bay railroads.
1.2.4 Annie OAKES b. abt. 1856 England
m. 5-3-1877 John Vaetor TILLMAN at Manhattan, NY
Parents William Oakes and Louisa Forsyth.
Living in 1928.
1.3 Mary Christian TILLMAN b. 1821 Prussia
m. 2-12-1842 John Frederick FRECK (or FRECH) in Somerset County, NJ
d. 1917
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Margaret Miller Freck, b. 1-2-1843
Peter T. Freck, b. 7-2-1844; d. 5-15-1850 Raritan, NJ
George Henry Freck, b. 6-28-1848 Raritan, NJ
Theodore Winfield Freck, b. 6-13-1851 NJ
John Frederick Freck, b. 4-4-1854 Raritan, NJ
Catherine Freck, b. 1857
In 1850 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with husband, 1 child, his parents, and another couple; he was teamster. Next door lived another Freck family, likely husband John's brother.
In 1860 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with husband and 4 children; he was farmer. Mary was born Prussia.
In 1870 lived on farm in Bridgewater, NJ with husband, 3 children, and John Tillman age 9. John Tillman was "domestic servant". Don't know who he was. Mary was born Baden; likely an error by the census taker.
In 1880 lived as widow in Elizabeth, NJ with son John and his wife Sarah, born NJ about 1856. John was railroad engineer, Mary ran boarding house. Among her lodgers were niece Anna Tillman, age 19, and grandniece Catherine Freck, age 1. I can't figure out who niece Anna Tillman was.
Family was all dead by 1928.
1.3 -1 John Frederick FRECK (or FRECH) b. abt. 1813 Baden
m. 2-12-1842 Mary Christian TILLMAN in Somerset County, NJ
d. 5-2-1874 Raritan, NJ
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Father: Theobold FRECK. Mother: Margaret FRECK. Both born about 1783 Germany.
Farmer. The 1860 census has his birth place as Bavaria, Germany [although the handwriting is uncertain]. The 1870 census has his birth place as Baden; it also has wife Mary with the same birth place [an error].
1.3.1 George Henry FRECK b. abt. 1849 NJ
m. 11-27-1872 Martha Lavenia BROKAW at Somerset Co., NJ
d. 1911
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
In 1850 lived on farm in Bridgewater, NJ with parental family.
In 1860 lived on farm in Bridgewater, NJ with parental family.
In 1870 lived on farm in Bridgewater, NJ with parental family; railroad clerk.
In 1880 lived in Elizabeth, NJ with wife and 2 sons; occupation train master.
In 1900 lived in Shrewsbury Township, Red Bank, NJ. with wife and 2 children (Gilbert and George).
In 1910 lived in Red Bank, NJ.
George Henry Frech Jr. b. 3-7-878 at Elizabeth, NJ.
1.3.2 Theordore Winfield FRECK b. 6-13-1851 NJ
d. 12-29-1912 Cleveland, OH
bur. 12-31-1912 Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, OH.
In 1860 lived on farm in Bridgewater, NJ with parental family.
In 1870 lived on farm in Bridgewater, NJ with parental family; bank clerk.
Died a widower.
1.3.3 John Frederick FRECK b. 4-4-1854 Raritan, NJ
m. Sarah E. (1856–1929)
d. 7-9-1927 Marietta, Lancaster Co., PA
bur. 7-12-1927 Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
In 1860 lived on farm in Bridgewater, NJ with parental family.
In 1870 lived on farm in Bridgewater, NJ with parental family; machinist.
In 1880 lived in Elizabeth, NJ with wife Sarah, born NJ about 1856, and widowed mother; railroad engineer.
Died of chronic valvular heart disease,
Wife Sarah is also buried in Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ.
1.3.4 Catherine FRECK b. abt. 1857 NJ
In 1860 lived on farm in Bridgewater, NJ with parental family.
Was not living with parental family in 1870 in Bridgewater, NJ.
1.4 Augustus Peter TILLMAN b. 1823 Hilderburg, Bavaria?
m. 9-10-1851 Magdalene HOLLANDER in Raritan, NJ
d. 6-8-1896 Raritan, NJ
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Edward S. Tillman (1.4.3) said in a letter dated 11-26-1928 to his niece Eva Brook Tillman "Your grandfather [Augustus Peter Tillman] was about 2 years and 6 months old when they landed in this country."
Elizabeth Tillman, b. 1852
Mary Louisa Tillman, b. 1855
Edward S. Tillman, b. 1858
Peter Tillman, b. 1860
Katherine Amelia Tillman, b. 1863
John C. D. Tillman, b. 1865
In August 1850 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with parents and brother Peter; farmer. Lived very near brother John TILLMAN. Augustus born Germany.
Lived in Raritan at time of his marriage.
In 1860 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with wife and 4 children; laborer. Augustus born Germany.
In 1870 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with wife and 6 children; machinist. Augustus born Germany.
In 1880 lived at 67 First Avenue, Raritan, NJ with wife and 5 children; engineer. Augustus born Prussia.
1.4 -1 Magdalene Amelia HOLLANDER
(also written as Magdalene Hollander DISBROW)
b. 1-11-1830 Heidelberg, Baden
m. 9-10-1851 Augustus Peter TILLMAN in Raritan, NJ
d. 6-5-1916 Raritan, NJ (per M. Olmsted)
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Ancestors where French Huguenots. Her grandfather was a religious minister, as were his seven sons. During the persecution they all were captured and disappeared. The family emigrated from France to Germany.
Her parents were born in Baden (now modern Germany).
Magdalene is said to have been born in Baden "where the Neckar River flows into the Rhine". Technically the city of Mannheim is located at the confluence of the two rivers; Heidelberg is 20 km upstream from Mannheim.
There is a mystery in Magdalene's Disbrow name. It was written in my old family records and in those of another descendant. For awhile I wondered if it wasn't the surname of a previous husband, but her age makes this unlikely. Recent information suggests that Disbrow was the surname of Magdalene's stepfather and that he lived near Readington, NJ or White House, NJ (these two communities are adjacent in Hunterdon County).
Magdalene immigrated to America in 1849; Martha Olmsted has a trunk labeled "MH 1849". I found a "Matalena Hollander" age 20 from Germany on the manifest of the ship Hendrik Hudson which arrived in New York on 10-4-1850 from London. Matalena travelled with 21-year old Christina Hollander.
Lived in Milltown at time of her marriage. Her name was given as Lany Holanda. Her parents were not named in the marriage record.
In 1860 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with husband and 4 children.
In 1870 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with husband and 6 children.
In 1880 lived at 67 First Avenue, Raritan, NJ with husband and 5 children.
In 6-11-1900 lived in Bridgewater, NJ at 324 First Avenue, as widow with daughter Mary. Had 7 children, 6 living. Daughter Katherine died 7-18-1900 so I may be missing a child.
I could not find her in the 1910 census.
I have a photo of Marion Hawkins Gray (my grandmother) wearing a black lace dress and fan that originally belonged to Magdalene.
Was a naturalized citizen by 1900.
1.4.1 Elizabeth TILLMAN b. 3-30-1852 Bridgewater, NJ
m. abt. 1885 Andrew Nelson DUNSTER
d. 1925
bur. 1925 Evergreen Cemetery, Basking Ridge, NJ
In 1860, 1870, and 1880 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with parental family.
In 1900 lived on Maple Street, Bridgewater, NJ with husband Andrew and his sons; sons were traveling salesmen. Elizabeth's birth date is 3-1851, age 48.
In 1920 lived in Raritan, NJ as widow with brother Edward.
She was buried with her husband in the Dunster plot.
1.4.1 -1 Andrew Nelson DUNSTER b. 12-20-1841 NJ
m1. Susan G. STEVENS
m2. abt. 1885 Elizabeth TILLMAN
d. 1908
bur. 1908 Evergreen Cemetery, Basking Ridge, NJ
Father: Oliver DUNSTER, born about 1812 NJ, farmer.
Mother: Abigail DUNSTER, born about 1816 NJ.
Siblings: Nancy, John, Jefferson, Mary Ann, Charles, Oliver C. (Curtis?), Maryan, Frank. Lived in Bernards, NJ.
First marriage: Susan G. Stevens, born abt. 1842 NJ; buried Dunster plot, Evergreen Cemetery, Basking Ridge, NJ; children: George J. (born 3-1867 NJ) and Charles H. (born 1-1869 NJ).
In 1870 lived in Bernards (Basking Ridge), NJ with wife Susan and two children; farmer.
In 1880 lived in Richmond (Staten Island), NY; Andrew kept a livery stable.
1.4.2 Mary Louisa TILLMAN b. 6-22-1855 Raritan, NJ
bap. 5-31-1856
d. 6-22-1917 (also written as 1937)
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
In 1880 lived in Raritan, NJ; dressmaker.
In 1900 lived on First Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ with mother; dressmaker.
IN 1910 lived on First Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ as single boarder; dressmaker.
A caption on the back of a photograph names her as Mary Tillman Gray. I wonder if the last name isn't because she is buried in or near the Gray family lot, and the undertaker may have been her brother-in-law William Newman Gray.
Gravestone reads 1855–1917.
1.4.3 Edward S. TILLMAN b. 2-1858 NJ
m1. abt. 1880 Sarah F. LOMERSON
m2. by 1910 Meta H. HENDERSON
d. 1929
bur. New Somerville Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Lucy (or Louise E.) Tillman, b. 1884
In 1880 lived on Somerset Street, Raritan, NJ with wife Sarah, wife's parents, and wife's grandfather; Edward worked in woolen mill, Cornelius and John were farmers.
In 1900 lived on Somerset Street, Bridgewater, NJ with wife Sarah, daughter Lucy, and mother-in-law Catherine Lomerson; Edward was machinist.
In 1910 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with wife Meta; foreman in woolen mill.
In 1920 lived on Somerset Street, Raritan, NJ as widower with widowed sister Elizabeth T. Dunster; overseer of wool mill.
In 11-1928 wrote history of Peter Tillman's family in a letter.
I could not find him in the 1930 census.
According to descendant M. Olmsted, he worked in the Milton Wool Mill in Rahway, NJ.
Find A Grave Memorial# 102143886.
1.4.3 -1 Sarah F. LOMERSON b. 11-1859 NJ
m. abt. 1880 Edward S. TILLMAN
d. 8-1905
bur. New Somerville Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Father: Cornelius T. LOMERSON (1831–1891), born NJ; farmer.
Mother: Catherine Stryker LOMERSON (1839–1926), born NJ.
Grandfather: John H. LOMERSON (1804–1885), born NJ; farmer.
In 1910 Catherine Lomerson lived on Eastern Avenue in Bridgewater, NJ as grandmother-in-law with Herbert L. Davis, 26. and his wife Louise E. Davis, 26; Herbert and Louise had been married 7 years. I think Louise is Lucy Tillman, #
Find A Grave Memorial# 102143872.
1.4.3 -2 Meta (Hunt) HENDERSON b. 1855 NJ
m1. abt. 1874 William J. HENDERSON
m2. by 1910 Edward S. TILLMAN
d. 1917
bur. Fountain Grove Cemetery, Glen Gardner, NJ
Father: Thomas Edgar HUNT, M.D. born 11-1-1826 NJ, died 4-29-1900, buried Fountain Grove Cemetery, Glen Gardner, NJ. His father: W. A. A. HUNT, M.D. born 6-6-1796, died. 9-9-1878, buried Fountain Grove Cemetery, Glen Gardner, NJ. His mother: Eliza A. HUNT, born 12-30-1801, died 11-23-1873, buried Fountain Grove Cemetery, Glen Gardner,NJ.
Mother: Cynthia MARTIN born 1-11-1833 NY, died 1-19-1912, buried Fountain Grove Cemetery, Glen Gardner, NJ.
In 1870 Meta HUNT lived with parental family in Bethlehem, NJ. Father was T. Edgar HUNT (43, born NJ). Mother was Cynthia (37, born NY). There were 6 children including Meta and brothers Edgar and Charles. Father was a physician. I believe this is Meta H. Henderson.
Her father Dr. T. Edgar Hunt was named in the Hunterdon Gazette for 1851, 1858, 1859, 1860, 1861, and 1866.
In 1880 Meta lived in Lebanon, NJ with husband William J. HENDERSON (35, born PA of parents born PA) and son Edgar C. (5, born PA); husband was clergyman.
In the cemetery in site D12 is Edgar C. Henderson (1875–1924), her son. In site D14 is Rev. William J. Henderson b. 10-14-1844, d. 5-22-1899, her first husband. Lucy E. TILLMAN
(or Louise E.)
b. 1-21-1884 Bridgewater, NJ
m. abt. 1903 Herbert L. DAVIS in NJ
d. abt. 1930
Daughter of Sarah Lomerson.
Appears in 1910 census as Louise E. Davis living on Eastern Avenue in Bridgewater, NJ with husband Herbert L. Davis and grandmother Catherine Lomerson; Louise was a teacher's helper in public school, Herbert was a house painter.
Appears in 1920 census as Lucy Davis, 35, married, living with mother Catherine Lomerson, 88, widow, in Glen Gardner, NJ; Lucy was a public school teacher. Glen Gardner was the home of the New Jersey Sanatorium for Tuberculosis.
Appears in 1930 census as Lucy T. Davis, 46, divorced, living alone in Somerville, NJ; grammar school teacher. -1 Herbert L. DAVIS b. 9-1882 NJ
m. abt 1903 Lucy TILLMAN in NJ
Per 1910 census Herbert, age 26, was born IL, parents born NJ. But I cannot find him born in IL with parental family.
The 1900 census has a Davis family living in Bridgewater, NJ: head Leonard, 43, born 9-1856; wife Anna L., 43, born 4-1857; son Leonard, 19, born 10-1880; son Herbert L., 17, born 9-1882; daughter Gertrude, 16, born 1-1884; daughter Mary T., 15, 4-1885. Parents married 20 years with 4 children, all living. All born NJ. It seems likely that this Herbert was the husband of Lucy Tillman because of his age and residence (Lucy lived in Bridgewater with husband in 1910).
The 1910 census has a Davis family living in Bridgewater, NJ: head Leonard, 53; wife Anna Theresa L., 53; daughter Gertrude, 26; son Robert M., 9. They are listed on the same census page as Herbert L. and Louise E. Davis and Catherine Lomerson. Son Leonard lived with wife Mary in same town.
1.4.4 Peter TILLMAN b. 4-28-1860 Raritan, NJ
m. 10-18-1882 Emma Elizabeth BARBER at her parental home, Port Elgin, NY
d. 11-12-1926 Rahway, NJ
bur. New Somerville Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
In 1870 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with parental family.
In 1880 lived in Raritan, NJ; worked in woolen mill.
In 1900 lived in Rahway, NJ with wife Emma and 3 children (Eva, Sarah, and Peter); superintendent of cement works.
In 1910 lived on Milton Avenue in Rahway, NJ with wife Emma B. and children Eva B. (19), Dorothy (16), and P. Kenneth (14); 4 children born, 3 living; manager of woolen mill.
Peter lived in Jersey City at the start of his marriage. In 1898 he moved to Rahway. Was a stockholder of Portland Cement Co. in Perth Amboy and a VP and Director of Citizen's Bank. He was prominent in the city and county.
Was an organizer of the Milton Mills in Rawhay, NJ; the wool mill dated from 1794. Was a Mason and member of the Elks Lodge. He was a postmaster in Rahway.
In 1920 he lived in Rahway at 79 West Hazelwood; Peter was an assessor.
He lived at 144 Bryant Street and was Postmaster at time of death. Died of heart problems.
Find A Grave Memorial# 141994763.
1.4.4 -1 Emma Elizabeth BARBER b. 4-1858 NY
m. 10-18-1882 Peter TILLMAN at Port Elgin, NY
d. 1943 NJ
bur. New Somerville Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Father: Amos BARBER born 8-31-1857, Mottville, NY.
Mother: Elizabeth BARBER born England. Her maiden name may have been Larribee (see daughter Sarah)
Lived in Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada just before death. She died in a nursing home in NJ, perhaps of cancer, age 87.
FindAGrave Memorial #141994762. Magdalena TILLMAN b. 3-31-1884 Raritan or Bridgewater Township, NJ
d. 12-29-1887 Jersey City, NJ
bur. 12-30-1887 New Somerville Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Died in infancy of typhus.
Find A Grave Memorial# 142565413. Eva Brook TILLMAN b. 5-24-1889 Jersey City, NJ
m. 12-14-1910 Monroe LANDON in Rahway, NJ
d. 11-28-1984 Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
Named after Eva Brook Donnelly, a relative.
In 1900 lived in Rahway, NJ with parental family.
In 1910 lived in Rahway, NJ with parental family.
Eva went to Ontario to visit cousin Eva Brook Donnelly, met husband-to-be there.
Robert Monroe Landon, b. 4-14-1913
Thomas Zebulon Landon, b. 3-27-1915 twin
James Peter Landon, b. 3-27-1915 twin
Alex Tillman Landon, b. 2-21-1927
Eva Monroe Landon, b. 5-20-1928
Mary Lucinda Landon, b. 3-20-1932 -1 Monroe LANDON b.
m. 12-14-1910 Eva Brook TILLMAN in Rahway, NJ
d. 1-14-1980 Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
Grandfather: Zebulon Landon.
In 1794, at age 17, he moved from Hackettstown, NJ to Norfolk Co., Ontario with his 19-year old sister Amy.
Lived in Simcoe, Ontario at time of marriage. Dairy farmer.
Six children: Robert, Mary, Eva, Alex, James, and Thomas. The last two were twins. Sarah Dorothy TILLMAN
or Sarah Dorothea
b. 5-27-1893 Jersey City, NJ
m. 10-20-1915 Ethan Edward LAUER in Rahway, NJ
d. 10-18-1986
Named for Aunt Sarah Larribee. Nicknamed Dot.
In 1900 lived in Rahway, NJ with parental family.
In 1910 lived in Rahway, NJ with parental family.
Had two children:
Elizabeth Tillman Lauer who married Joseph Jackson and had three children
Peter Tillman Lauer who married Barbara Ann Wolfe and had two children and six grandchildren -1 Ethan Edward LAUER b. 10-3-1892 Rochester, NY
m. 10-20-1915 Sarah Dorothy TILLMAN in Rahway, NJ
d. 11-24-1957
Died of pneumonia.
In 1917 (per draft card) lived at 179 Milton Ave, Rahway, NJ. Chemist, manufacturer of medicines for Merck & Co. on Scott Avenue, Rahway. Married. Tall, medium build, blue eyes, light hair. Peter Kenneth TILLMAN b. 7-5-1895 Jersey City, NJ
d. 8-22-1940 Rahway, NJ
bur. New Somerville Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
In 1900 lived in Rahway, NJ with parental family.
In 1910 lived in Rahway, NJ with parental family
In World War I he was a Private in Company D, 107th Infantry. Received citation for bravery for going to the aid of several wounded comrades on 9-29-1918 near Bony, France. He was badly mustard gassed at a later engagement from which he still suffered greated at the time an article about him appeared in the 5-25-1920 The Rahway Record. He never fully recovered from the gassing, never married, and committed suicide.
Clirehugh archives have a photo of Peter as a young child.
Find A Grave Memorial# 142565431.
1.4.5 Katherine Amelia TILLMAN b. 2-23-1863 Raritan, NJ
m. 10-5-1882 William Newman GRAY in Raritan, NJ
d. 7-18-1900 Elizabeth, NJ
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Katherine is my great-grandmother. Her children are itemized in the Gray family document.
1.4.5 -1 William Newman GRAY b. 7-17-1858 NYC, NY
m1. 10-5-1882 Katherine Amelia TILLMAN in Raritan, NJ
d. 7-29-1932 NYC, NY
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
See Gray family document for family details.
1.4.6 John C. D. TILLMAN b. 2-25-1865 NJ
m. abt. 1890 Minerva
d. 1937
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
In 1880 lived in Raritan, NJ with parental family; worked in woolen mill.
In 1900 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with wife Minerva.
In 1910 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with wife Minnie and nephew Walter. B. Jenkins (age 15, born PA, parents born PA); foreman woolen mill.
In 1920 lived on Somerset Street, Raritan, NJ with wife Minnie; foreman woolen mill.
In 1930 lived in owned home on Reimer Street, Bridgewater, NJ with wife Minnie.
1.4.6 -1 Minnie B. ?
or Minerva
b. 8-1869 PA
m. abt. 1890 John C. D. TILLMAN
d. 1951
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
Parents born PA.
May have been born Minerva BOWER to parents George and Amelia D. Bower of Catasauqua, PA; father was a butcher. In 1900 parents lived with grandson Walter B. Jenkins.
I could not find her in the 1870 and 1880 census.
1.5 Sophia TILLMAN b. abt. 1825
m. William KRITCHER
I have, so far, no clear record of where she was born. Her family immigrated to America in October 1824. If she was born after that date, it was likely in America and New Jersey at that.
Married William KRITCHER and had 7 children, 5 alive in 1928.
In 1840 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with parents and five siblings.
Looking for her in the census has proved unrewarding. I found a record in the 1850 census of a Sophia and Paul Kritzer living in Carroltown, PA. She 36 born Germany, he 41 born Germany. No children. I found a record in the 1870 census of a Sophia and Parson Kritzer living in Cleveland, OH. She 57 born Prussia, he 59 born Prussia. Next door lived Wm. Kritzer 32 born Prussia, Lena (?) 27 born Prussia, Momone (?) 1 born OH.
New information: the death of William Kritler (born about 1862 in NJ) in Montgomery Co., PA on 2-18-1908 named his father as George W. Kritler born Germany and mother as Sophia Tillman born NJ.
1.6 Peter TILLMAN b. 12-14-1831 Somerville, NJ
m. 1-13-1855 Matilda GARRISON in PA
d. 3-1-1900 Dover, NJ
bur. 3-5-1900 Locust Hill Cemetery, Dover, NJ
George Washington Tillman, b. 1855 NJ
Mary E. Tillman, b. 1857
James Tillman, b. 1859
Emma Tillman, b. abt. 1859
Ella M. Tillman, b. 1870
In 1840 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with parents and five siblings.
In 1850 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with parents and brother Augustus; farmer.
In 1860 lived in Milford Village, Hunterdon County, NJ with wife Matilda and 3 children; journeyman carpenter. The children were: George (4), Mary (2), and James (9/12).
In 1870 lived in Phillipsburg, NJ with wife Matilda (33) and children George W. (19), Mary E. (12), and Ella (1/12). Peter was 38, a carpenter.
In 1880 lived in Newark, NJ with wife Matilda (43) and daughter Ella (10); carpenter.
In 1895 lived in Randolph Township, Morris Co., NJ with Matilda and Ella.
In 1896 lived in Dover, NJ on East Blackwell Street. Was named in an issue of the local newspaper "The Iron Era."
Peter was described as "a pioneer contractor" of Phillipsburg and later Dover, NJ in a history of his grandson William Gilbert Tillman.
Died in sleep of paralysis after experiencing pain in left side and breast. Was prominent member and trustee of the First M. E. Church of Dover; was a leader of the Sunday morning class. Obituary appeared in the 3-2-1900 "The Iron Era" newspaper.
1.6 -1 Matilda GARRISON b. 3-1837 NJ
m. 1-13-1855 Peter TILLMAN in PA
d. 10-14-1923 Kilbuck Township, Allegheny County, PA age 86
bur. 10-18-1923 Locust Hill Cemetery, Dover, NJ
Her parental family is detailed in the Family of Matilda Garrison.
In 1850 lived in Alexandria Township, Hunterdon Co., NJ age 14, with Forman family.
She lived in Bloomsbury, Hunterdon County, NJ at time of marriage.
In 1900 lived as widow in Town of Dover, Morris County, NJ with daughter Ella; had 6 children, 3 living.
In 1910 lived as widow in Milford Village, Holland Township, Hunterdon County, NJ, age 67. Next door lived Robert K. Smith (34) and his mother Delilah Smith (72), a widow with 7 children, 2 living. Delilah was Matilda's sister.
In 1920 lived as a widow in Rochester, PA at 174 Monroe Street with daughter Ella Myers (49), her husband Walter Myers (58), and his widowed mother Elizabeth Myers (91). Matilda was 82 and a widow.
She died in a Pittsburgh, PA hospital at age 86 "of the infirmities incident to old age" (per her obituary in The Reading Eagle). Her body was taken to Dover, NJ for burial. She left two children, Ella and George. Her death certificate states she died of septicemia from an acute abcess on her neck, cause unknown. No family member signed the certificate; the only family named on it are her parents.
She died in a hospital; she had lived at her unnamed residence for the past year and 9 months. Why wasn't her grandson, the doctor, taking care of her?
1.6.1 George Washington TILLMAN b. 10-1855 NJ
m. abt. 1876 Mahala HARRISON
d. 11-1934
bur. Easton Heights Cemetery, Easton, PA
Parents: Peter Tillman and Matilda Garrison.
Harry P. Tillman, b. 1877 NJ
William Gilbert Tillman, b. 1880 NJ
In 1860 lived in Milford, NJ with parents and siblings.
IN 1870 lived in Phillipsburg, NJ with parents and siblings.
In 1880, age 23, lived in Bloomsbury, Hunterdon Co., NJ with wife Mahala (23) and son Harry (3); George was carpenter. Their neighbors were Abbie (61) and son Lemuel Harrison (31), Mahala's mother and brother.
In 1900, age 44, lived in Hackettstown, NJ with wife Elizabeth (43) and sons Harry P. (23) and William G. (19); George was a locomotive engineer.
In 1910, age 54, lived in Palmer, Northampton Co., PA with wife May (51) and son W. Gilbert (29). George was a locomotive engineer, Gilbert was a physician in general practice. This was George's first marriage, he was married 35 years, had 2 children, 1 living.
In 1920, age 64, lived in Wilson, Northampton Co., PA with wife Mahala M. (62) and son William G. (39). George was a railroad engineer. William was widowed, a physician.
In 1930, age 74, lived in Wilson, Northampton Co., PA with wife May (72). He was age 21 at his first marriage, she 19.
An account of his son William stated George was a contractor and builder in Phillipsburg, and later a locomotive engineer for the Lehigh Valley railroad.
I admit to confusion about the census record of his wife. In 1880 it was Mahala, in 1900 it was Elizabeth, in 1910 it was May, etc. I can only hope that Mahala was also known as Elizabeth.
1.6.1 - 2 Mahala HARRISON b. 4-1857 NJ
m. abt. 1876 George Washington TILLMAN
d. 1939
bur. Easton Heights Cemetery, Easton, PA
Father: George HARRISON. Mother: Abbie SWARTZ. Both parents were born NJ and lived in Milford, NJ.
The census presents a mystery. George's wife was named Mahala in 1880, obviously the mother of Harry. In 1900 it was Elizabeth. By 1910 it was Mahala/May again. I can only hope that Mahala was also known as Elizabeth. Harry P. TILLMAN b. 1-7-1877 NJ
d. 2-21-1908 PA
bur. Easton Heights Cemetery, Easton, PA
Parents: George Washington Tillman and Mahala Harrison.
In 1900, age 23, lived in Hackettstown, NJ with parents and brother William G. (19); Harry was machinist. William Gilbert TILLMAN b. 12-20-1880 Phillipsburg, NJ
m1. Olive
m2. 4-7-1917 Sadie Elizabeth HILLYER (b. 3-22-1887, d. 10-7-1918 of Spanish influenza)
m3. Margery COE (1883–1935)
d. 9-1953
Parents: George Washington Tillman and Mahala Harrison.
Willim had no children that I know of.
William, who was sometimes referred to as W. Gilbert Tillman, was educated in Hackettstown, NJ public schools, graduating from high school with the class of 1897. He then attended the Hackettstown Centenary Collegiate Institute, and graduated class of 1900. He then entered Lafayette College as class of 1904, but in his sophomore year withdrew to enter Medico-Chirurgical Medical College of Philadelphia, PA where he graduated M.D. class of 1906. He spent a year as intern at Elizabeth General Hospital, Elizabeth, NJ.
11-17-1899 The Iron Era reported the visit of William Tillman of Hacketsttown to his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tillman.
In 1907 he moved to Easton, PA and began private practice. He was a member of the Northamptom Medical Society (was its secretary for 5 years), the Physicians Protective Association (was its secretary since organization), the Pennsylvania Medical Society, and the American Medical Association.
While in college he was active in athletics, particularly baseball. He was a member of the Wilson Township Board of Health for a number of years, and for two years served on the Wilson School Board. He was a Republican and affiliated with the Second Street Methodist Church of Easton. He was a member of the Phi Zeta fraternity; Easton Lodge, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks; Dallas Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons; Rajah Temple (Reading), Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine; and in the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Bloomsburg Consistory, attained the 32nd degree.

In 1900, age 19, he lived in Hackettstown, NJ with parents and brother.
In 1910, age 29, he lived in Palmer, Northampton Co., PA with parents. He was a physician in private practice.
In 1917 (per draft record), he lived in Easton, PA with Olive M. Tillman. He was 5' 5" tall, 140 pounds, light complexion, grey eyes, black hair.
In 1920, age 39, he lived in Wilson, Northampton Co., PA with parents. He was widowed and physician.
In 1930, age 49, he lived in Wilson, Northampton Co., PA with wife Margery (47 b. PA to parents born NJ and PA); he was doctor. At time of first marriage, he was age 37, Margery was 24.
I did not find him in the 1940 census.

His first wife, Olive, was named in his 1917 draft record.
His second wife, Sadie, barely survived the first year of marriage. It must have been a shock for such a well-regarded doctor to lose his new wife to illness. Sadie, the daughter of E. Chancey Hillyer, is buried with William in Easton Heights Cemetery, Easton, PA.
He survived his third wife, Margery, by 18 years.
Margery Coe was the daughter of Viola Kirkpatrick and George R. Coe. Viola died 7-5-1924. Margery died 10-25-1935 and was buried in the Easton Heights Cemetery.

1.6.2 Mary E. TILLMAN b. abt. 1857 NJ
d. by 3-1900
In 1860 lived in Milford, NJ with parents and siblings.
In 1870 lived in Phillipsburg, NJ with parents and siblings.
1.6.3 James TILLMAN b. 10-1859 NJ
d. by 3-1900
In 1860 lived in Milford, NJ with parents and siblings.
Not in 1870 census.
1.6.4 Emma TILLMAN b. abt. 1859
She is named in her father's obituary as Mrs. Emma Levers of Elizabeth, NJ. I never found her with the Tillman family in the census. Nor could I find Mr. Levers.
I think she was the "Emma Garrison" who was cited in the 1860 census living with Isaac and Eliza Garrison in Frenchtown, Alexandria Township, Hunterdon County, NJ. These would have been her grandparents.
Emma was dead by the time her mother died in 1923.
1.6.5 Ella M. TILLMAN b. 5-1870 NJ
m1. 8-20-1900 Anton O. SCHIOTH in Bridgeport, CT
m2. Walter H. MYERS (married between 1910 and 1920)
In 1880 lived in Newark, NJ with parents.
She was named in her father's March 1900 obituary.
In June 1900 lived in Dover, NJ with mother Matilda, a widow.
Her marriage to Anton was reported in the 1-4-1901 The Iron Era newspaper of Dover, NJ.
In 1910, age 39, lived in Coraopolis, PA at 1301 State Avenue with husband Anton O. Schioth (58, born Norway, immigrated 1871, naturalized, car painter). They were married 10 years, no children.
In 1920 lived in Rochester, PA with husband Walter Myers (58, born NY), his mother Elizabeth Myers (91), and Ellas's mother Matilda Tillman (82).
In 1930 lived in Bridgewater, PA at 317 Mulberry Street with husband Walter Myers. At first marriage she was 30, he 18. Walter was chief clerk in a railroad shop.
In 1940 lived in Bridgewater, PA at 112 Bridge Street by herself, age 69, a widow; she had a 7th grade education.
1.6.5 -1 Anton O. SCHIOTH b. 10-1853 Norway
m. 8-20-1900 Ella M. TILLMAN in Bridgeport, CT
An Anton Olaf Schioth was naturalized 10-18-1880 in New York City. He lived at 404 E. 23rd Street, NYC. He was a laborer, his birth date was not given, his "former nationality" was "Swede."
In June 1900 Antone Schioth lived in Bridgeport, CT at 706 Maple Street as a border with the family of Albert Hockisson. Antone was 46, widowed, born 10-1853 in Norway, immigrated in 1872, was naturalized, worked as a car painter.
In 1910 he lived in Coraopolis, PA with Ella, married 10 years, no childen.
1.6.5 -2 Walter H. MYERS b. 12-1837 Brooklyn, NY
m3. Ella M. TILLMAN
All I know of this man is from the census records.
In 1870, age 8, he lived in Brooklyn, NY with father Charles K. Myers (45), mother Elizabeth W. Myers (41), and brother Charles K. Myers (21).
In 1880, age 18, he lived in Brooklyn, NY with widowed mother Elizabeth W. Myers (51), brother Charles K. Myers (31), and sister Grace D. Myers (6).
In 1900, age 37 born Dec. 1837, lived in Brooklyn, NY with wife Etta B. Myers (34, born May 1866 Canada to parents born Scotland and Canada, immigrated 1886), and sons Charles H. (15, b. NY), Walter G. (14, b. NY), and James G. (1, b. NY). They were married 10 years.
In 1910, age 48, lived in Beaver, PA on Branch Bank Street with wife Ella V. (40, born Canada, naturalized 1890). He was an agent for a tea company. Married 18 years, 1 child.
In 1920, age 58, lived in Rochester, PA on Monroe Street with wife Ella (49, born NJ), mother Elizabeth (91, widowed, born NY), and mother-in-law Matilda Tillman (82, widowed). He was a chief clerk for a steam railroad.
In 1930, age 68, lived in Bridgewater, PA at 317 Mulberry Street with wife Ella M. Myers (59). At first marriage she was 30, he 18. Walter was chief clerk in a railroad shop.
There are discrepancies about the length of the marriage and the number of children. From these shapshots I have several theories: (1) Walter was born Dec. 1837 in Brooklyn, NY to Charles K. and Elizabeth W. Myers. (2) Walter first married at age 18 in 1880. He had two children of this marriage: Charles and Walter. (3) Walter's second marriage was to the Canadian Ella V./Etta B. and had one child, James. (4) Ella Tillman was Walter's third wife. (5) Walter died between 1930 and 1940.
1.7 Albert TILLMAN b. 1835 Bridgewater, NJ
d. 3-10-1850 age 15
bur. Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ
In 1840 lived in Bridgewater, NJ with parents and five siblings. He died of "bil. fever." This is likely biliary fever, a fever of the bile, bile ducts, or gallbladder.

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A Word About European Place Names

The place names I report here are from family archives.

Prussia is an area in Central Europe bordered on the north by the Baltic Sea. As a place and political unit "Prussia" was several different entities that changed over time. The original Prussians were a tribe of Balts; this map of the Baltic tribes in 1200 CE shows their relative location. In 1226 Prussia was invaded by the Teutonic Knights intent on Christianizing the Old Prussians, who were gradually Germanized over the following centuries. When the Teutonic Knights took control of Pomerelia (the area on the western bank of the lower Vistula) in 1309, the name Prussia gradually was extended over it as well. The Duchy of Prussia and the Margraviate of Brandenburg (ruled by the Hohenzollern Dynasty) joined forces in 1701 to form the Kingdom of Prussia. In 1806, when the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved, the name Kingdom of Prussia was extended over all Hohenzollern territories, eventually extending west to Belgium and the Netherlands and south to Hungary. After the Napoleonic Wars (1806–1815) Prussia became the dominant power in greater Germany; its capital was Berlin. Prussia was dissolved as a state by the Nazis in 1935 and by the Allies in 1947. At the end of WW II West Prussia and East Prussia were divided by Poland and the Soviet Union; much of the old east Prussia now lies in modern Poland, Lithuania, and inbetween them the Königsberg, now Kaliningrad, exclave of Russia; the modern state surrounding Berlin (itself a city-state) is called Brandenburg. The original Prussian place names have been replaced by Polish, Lithuanian, and Russian ones—thereby challenging the 21st century researcher. The Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS) has an 1882 map of the area with the original place names. There is a tortuous history of Prussia that helps me understand why the Tillmans would have left.

The US Census began recording birth place in 1850. The use of "Prussia" over "Germany" changed over time: In 1850 only 17 people were born in "Prussia" while over 574,000 people were born in "Germany." In 1860 more than 37,000 people were born in "Prussia" while over 464,000 were born in "Germany." In 1870 more than 619,000 people were born in Prussia and only 24,000 in Germany.

Baden is a state in the southwest of Germany. It came into existence in the 12th century as the Margraviate of Baden and subsequently split into different lines, which were unified in 1771. It became the much-enlarged Grand Duchy of Baden, a sovereign country, through the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1803–1806. Since 1952 it has been a part of the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

The number of people born in Baden as reported in the US Census: 1,600 in 1850; 102,000 in 1860; 162,000 in 1870; 129,000 in 1880.

Hilderburg may be a different spelling of Heidelberg, a city in the state of Baden (then) and Baden-Württemberg (now). There is also a Heidelberg in the state of Brandenburg, northwest of Berlin. There is a third Heidelberg in the state of Saxony near the Czech border. I'm inclined to guess that the first one was the home of my ancestor.

Wurtemberg, more correctly spelled Württemberg, is a region in sourthwestern Germany. The earliest known inhabitants were Celts. The first known Count ruled from 1241 to 1265. It was a Duchy from 1495 to 1805; the first Duke was Eberhard I (1445–1496). It was a Kingdom after 1806, a Republic in 1916, and in 1952 merged with Baden to become the state of Baden-Württemberg. Its traditional capital was Stuttgart.

Kreise are administrative districts in Germany and the old Prussia; they are analagous to counties and are intermediate between state and local or municipal districts. The concept of Kreis was different in pre-1806 Prussia and referred to the districts of the noble families ("Die Adeligen Kreise") as well as the Immediatstädte and royal Domainen-Aemter.

Westfalen is the German spelling of what is, in English, known as Westphalia. It is a region in northwestern Germany. The region is almost identical with the Province of Westphalia which was a part of the Kingdom of Prussia from 1815 to 1918.

Siegen is a city in the south of Westphalia. The city's history was shaped by mining, beginning in the late Iron Age. Mining was once the main source of wealth; today much of its industry is based on metalworking. A town had been erected by 1224. It eventually came under the control of the Duchy of Nassau. In 1815 it came under the control of the Kingdom of Prussia.

During World War II, the Nazis looted museums and private collections, then hid the plundered art and cultural artifacts in locations scattered across Germany and Austria. Looted art was discovered in thousands of locations from castles, monasteries, military bunkers, and assorted buildings, but some of the largest repositories were inside mines. The Siegen copper mine contained a large cache of art and artifacts, notably the relics of Charlemagne from Aachen Cathedral, as well as paintings, sculpture, manuscripts, and other objects from Western German museums; this is described on a Smithsonian web page.

Niederschelten is also spelled Niederschelden. This is a community within District VI in the south of of Siegen.

Neunkirchen is a locality in the city of Siegen. Before 1969 it was an independent municipality. Neunkirchen has been shaped by the great influence of various Free-Church-Evangelical (freikirchlich-evangelisch) religious communities. The Evangelische Kirche von Westfalen (The Evangelical Church of Westphalia) is a United Protestant church body in Westfalen with a branch in Siegen.

The Family of Matilda Garrison

Matilda Garrison married Peter Tillman (1.6). She was the daughter of Isaac and Eliza Garrison of Alexandria Township, Hunterdon County, NJ.

There were a number of Garrison families in Hunterdon County, NJ at that time. They were all descended from the immigrant Gerrit Jansen van Oldenburg who ended up in Utrecht, NY. He arrived in the 1600s.

Matilda's parents married 4-9-1835 in the First Presbyterian Church, Easton, Northampton County, PA. Her father was Isaac Garrison. He was born 10-1-1795 and died 4-22-1888. Her mother was Eliza Mettler, born 11-3-1808 and died 5-29-1876. Both parents are buried in the Bloomsbury Methodist Churchyard, Bloomsbury, Hunterdon County, NJ.

Isaac's first marriage was to Elizabeth Stonebaugh, on 11-21-1814, she died by 1835. His marriage to Eliza Mettler was his second.

Eliza Mettler's parents are unknown. It seems likely they lived in Easton, where she was married and, in 1811, a Benjamin Mettler, along with 42 others, founded the church in which Eliza was married. Another clue is that Naomi Garrison lived in Easton with Elias Mettler in 1850, a year in which five of Naomi's seven siblings were "farmed out" to live with other families.

Matilda siblings:
Naomi Garrison; b. abt. 1826; d. 1900
Delilah Garrison, b. abt. 1832; m. 1861 William Smith
William Garrison, b. abt. 1831
Dianne/Deanna Garrison, b. abt. 1835; m. Henry Baker; d. 1910
John Garrison, b. abt. 1837; d. 1864
Isabella Garrison, b. abt. 1839; m. Constantine Kiefer
Elizabeth Mary Garrison, b. abt. 1841

According to an affadavit of Isaac's in 1883, Naomi Garrison was the daughter of Eliza Mettler but not Isaac Garrison, and was born before Eliza married Isaac. That document gave the ages of his children in 1864. It also referred to a fire that caused his family to scatter. The birth of the other two children before the 1835 marriage is still unexplained.

The best account of this family was written by Perry Streeter and is on the web at Rootsweb.

Matilda has drawn the attention of the researchers of John Johnson, aka Liver-Eating Johnson, the real-life character on which the 1972 film "Jeremiah Johnson" starring Robert Redford was based. Because (1) Johnson's 1864 enlistment record in the Colorado Cavalry stated he was born in Hunterdon County, NJ in 1831 and (2) his admission papers to the Old Soldiers' Home in Santa Monica, CA named his sister Mrs. M. Tillman of Dover, NJ, he is believed by some researchers to be a brother of the Matilda Garrison who married Peter Tillman.

These clues led researchers to Matilda. That relationship remains unproven. I am in their debt for uncovering details about Peter Tillman's wife.


Tillmans Buried in Old Cemetery, Somerville, NJ

The Old Cemetery is located across South Bridge Street from the New Cemetery at the intersection with 5th Street. Sometimes referred to as the "Old Raritan Cemetery," its earliest burials date to just after the Revolutionary War. The "Old Cemetery" was founded about 1813, but its small size meant that it quickly filled. Cemetery listings from The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey are published at distantcousin.com/cemetery/nj/somerset/RaritanCem/.

Name Death ID Lot Gravestone Inscription
Albert Tillman 3-10-1850 1.7 289  
Maria Sophia Miller Tillman 2-12-18xx 1.0 -1 290  
Peter Tillman 5-9-1853 1.0 291  
Agnes S. Young Tillman 7-16-1867 1.2 -1 944 The day of breaking let me go
Dear companion / fare thee well
We have spent a / night in waking
In this wilderness / below
John A. Tillman 3-8-1870 1.2 945 I know in whom I have believe
Augustus Peter Tillman 6-8-1896 1.4 937  
Katherine Amelia Tillman Gray 7-18-1900 1.4.5 912 [see Gray page]
Magdalene Hollander Tillman 6-5-1916 1.4. -1 938  
Augustus Tillman 1916 1.2.2 942  
Mary L. Tillman 6-22-1917 1.4.2 939  
Amada Wolfe 1926 1.2.1 -1 943  
Elizabeth S. Tillman Wolfe 1927 1.2.1 943  
John C. D. Tillman 1937 1.4.6 940  
Minnie B. Tillman 1951 1.4.6 -1 940  
Agnes Tillman ? ? 941 illegible
Mary Tillman ? ? 941 illegible

New Cemetery, Somerville, NJ

This cemetery is located at 192 South Bridge Street, Somerville, NJ. The New Cemetery of Somerville was begun in 1867 through the cooperative efforts of the existing six local churches because Somerville had outgrown the space available in the old Raritan Cemetery across the road. It has a website.

Evergreen Cemetery, Basking Ridge, NJ

Basking Ridge is an unincorporated area located within Bernards Township in Somerset County. The cemetery is located on Washington Avenue and West Oak Street. Phone: 732-539-1672.

Elizabeth Tillman and her husband Andrew Dunster, Jr. are buried in this cemetery.

Fountain Grove Cemetery, Glen Gardner, NJ

Located in Hunterdon County on the right side of Route 31, going from Hampton to Glen Gardner, up a hill behind the Hot Rod Hot Dog Stand. A historical sign at the front entrance states "Fountain Grove Cemetery organized in 1864 by two leading families of Glen Gardner — the Gardners & the Hunts. Land donated by Dr. A. A. Hunt." The cemetery listings were recorded by Brian Gardner for his Eagle Scout Project and are published at www.bowlbyfamily.org/cemetery/fountaingrove.htm/

Meta Henderson Tillman is buried here with a number of Hunts and Hendersons, including her parents, siblings, first husband, and son.

Name Death Lot
Meta Hunt Henderson Tillman 1917 D13
Rev. William J. Henderson May 22, 1899 D14
Edgar C. Henderson 1924 D12
T. Edgar Hunt April 29, 1900 D7
Cynthia M. Hunt January 19, 1912 D7
W. A. A. Hunt, M.D. September 9, 1878 G11-A
Eliza S. Hunt November 23, 1873 G11-B

Locust Hill Cemetery, Dover, NJ

The cemetery is located at 168 North Sussex Street, Dover, Morris County. Peter and Matilda (Garrison) Tillman are buried here.

Easton Heights Cemetery, Easton, PA

The cemetery is old and historic. It is located at 410 North 10 Street, Easton, Northampton County, PA. There is a web page with transcriptions at USGenWeb Archives. My thanks for the transcriptions! Buried here are:

TILLMAN (MONUMENT) FRONT: GEORGE W. TILLMAN 1855-1934 MAY TILLMAN 1857-1939 HARRY P. TILLMAN JAN 5, 1877-FEB 21, 1908 W. GILBERT TILLMAN M.D. 1880-1953 TILLMAN SIDE: MARGERY C. TILLMAN 1882-1935 SADIE E. TILLMAN MAR 22, 1887-OCT 7, 1918 TOMBSTONE: 7 present/head/tilted/discolored stained/6square above/1 monument/describe carving "T" NOTE: 6 footstones "GILBERT" "HARRY" "FATHER" (tilted) "MOTHER" "MARGERY" "SADIE"


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