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Natural: Natural Skincare (July 23, 2009)

Natural skincare is skincare using cosmetic products formulated solely with natural substances known to be beneficial to the skin. Period.

You want more? Then let me point out the key phrases in the definition:

  • "formulated solely" means no exceptions
  • "natural substances" are explained at some length in the definition of natural
  • "known to be beneficial to the skin" means there is a documented history of use with beneficial results

Armed with this definition you will have little difficulty making your way through the shelves of cosmetic products in the various stores near you, from grocery to department stores. Don't be mislead by product names, flashy labels, or advertising. Read the labels! When you find one ingredient that fails this test, reject the product. Don't be dismayed if you find only one or two products that qualify. That is just an indication of how the word "natural" has been co-opted by corporate marketers.

Natural skincare does not need high-tech gadgets. Your hands and towels are enough.