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The Book: Introduction (February 19, 2008)

Skin and Hair Care au Naturel is a book that I wrote during my efforts to resolve the acne I had been plagued by since age 16. (I did resolve the acne!) The book contains information gleaned from years of research, much of it BG (before Google). It is organized to be an efficient reference. It is unique in many respects: the breadth of the subject matter, the level of detail, and the helpful directions for both the beginner and the experienced.

This book will, eventually, be re-titled as Modern Natural Skincare.

I practice natural skincare every day. As I get new understandings and learn about new natural substances, I add that information to the book. It is up-to-date.

The book is available on this site as a series of Acrobat PDF files, one per chapter. They are listed below. You can open each chapter to read and print it.

I keep this book in a 3-ring binder, which makes it easy to turn the pages while minimzing damage to the paper. I keep the binder on a bookshelf where I can refer to it easily whenever I have a question.

This book is for sale. If you find it helpful, please pay for it: Send me a check for $15 payable to Susan J. Dorey. Please contact me for a mailing address.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction. Revised February 19, 2008

Why Use Natural Cosmetics?
Just What is Natural?
Authentic, Pure, and Fresh
Drugs and Cosmetics
Making Lemonade

Chapter 2: The Physiology of Skin and Hair. Revised February 19, 2008

-- Skin Structure
-- Skin Ailments
-- Skin Classifications
-- Skin's Absorption of Nutrients
-- Aging
-- Fingernails
-- Hair Structure
-- Hair Color
-- Dandruff
-- Growth Cycle
-- Damage
Skin, Sunlight, and Vitamin D
-- Producing Vitamin D Naturally
-- Ozone and Sunlight
-- Role of Essential Fatty Acids

Chapter 3: Natural Programs of Skin and Hair Care. Revised February 19, 2008

Skin Care Program
-- Cleansing Treatments
-- Nourishing Treatments
Customizing a Skin Care Program
Hair Care Program
-- Cleansing Treatments
-- Nourishing Treatments
-- Special Treatments
Acne Care
Dermatitis Care
Eczema Care
Responding to Major Skin Problems

Chapter 4: Natural Ingredients. Revised February 19, 2008

Active and Inert Ingredients
Properties and Effects Related to Skin and Hair Care
Vegetable Oils
-- Fatty Acids
-- Fatty Acid Profiles of Vegetable Oils
-- Quality Issues
-- Fatty Acid Properties
-- List of Vegetable Oils
-- Herbal Extracts
-- List of Herbs
-- Skin Care Properties of Herbs
-- Hair Care Properties of Herbs
Essential Oils
-- Quality
-- Application
-- List of Essential Oils
-- Skin Care Properties of Essential Oils
-- Hair Care Properties of Essential Oils
Floral Waters
-- List of Floral Waters
Amino Acids and Proteins
Cosmetic Clays
-- Clay Minerals
-- Cosmetic Uses
-- Lye
-- History of Soap
-- Saponification and Types of Soaps
-- Using Soap
-- Non Soaps
Other Ingredients

Chapter 5: Natural Cosmetics. Revised February 19, 2008

Individual Prescription
-- Combining Ingredients
-- pH
-- Cosmetic Preservation
-- How to Tell When An Ingredient is Over-the-Hill
-- Essential Oils and Dermatitis
Skin Care Cosmetics
-- Cleansers
-- Masks
-- Toners
-- Nourishers
-- Sun Protection
-- Other
Hair Care Cosmetics
-- Shampoo
-- Rinse
-- Conditioner
-- Special Treatments
-- Styling Potions

Chapter 6: Diet. Revised February 19, 2008

Chapter 7: Common Synthetic Ingredients. Revised February 19, 2008

Chapter 8: Sources and Costs. Revised February 19, 2008

Sources of Natural Ingredients
Costs of Essential Oils
Equivalent Units of Measure
Purity of Essential Oils
Estimated Costs of Homemade Cosmetics

Chapter 9: Getting Started. Revised February 19, 2008

Basic List of Ingredients
For More Information

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