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These musings—blog entries—are for the year 2005. Other years can be accessed from the blog's home page, use the link in the upper right.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) in Maine Coon Cats
A five-page recap of HCM in the Maine Coon cat and its issues for breeders. (12-2-2005)
Western medicine
I have to rant about a MD who failed me while tooting his own horn. (12-2-2005)
Water quality
Water quality notes. These notes are taken from the book Water and Salt, The Essence of Life by Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira. Mature water is a liquid crystal and, as such, carries energetic information. . . . (9-19-2005)
Hormone Replacement Therapy—think twice
If you have ever considered taking estrogen replacement "therapy" (or HRT), you owe it to yourself to read this abstract by the JAMA, "Risks and Benefits of Estrogen Plus Progestin in Healthy Postmenopausal Women: Principal Results From the Women's Health Initiative Randomized Controlled Trial." The full article published in 2002 is available from JAMA for a fee. (5-15-2005)
A poem about the Colorado River
A poem about the Colorado River near Moab, Utah. (5-13-2005)
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