Water Quality Notes

These notes are taken from the book Water and Salt, The Essence of Life by Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira.

  1. Mature water is a liquid crystal and, as such, carries energetic information.
  2. Water can transfer frequency patterns/wavelengths (the energetic information) when it is consumed.
  3. "(F)iltering, distillation or reverse osmosis technologies can clear the water of most toxins, etc.; however they fail to remove the pollutants' destructive energetic vibrations!"
  4. "When water journeys through Earth it absorbs all the electromagnetic vibrations that are present in our planet.... Water connects us to the Earth's frequency."
  5. When we are ill, water can replenish what our bodies are missing and "balance the energy deficit that causes the illness."
  6. Healing properties are only found in water that has surfaced on its own—without any drilling or man-made pressure: water from an artesian spring. Water only surfaces, by overcoming gravity, when it is sufficiently mature.
  7. The best drinking water is artesian spring water that is free of harmful impurities and is low in minerals.
  8. Water loses its crystalline structure after passing through only 263 feet of pipe. The structure of the water collapses under the pressure in the pipe. When it loses its geometrical form, water also loses its information and living energy. Thus tap water is dead water.
  9. Artificially carbonated water is dead because the carbonation destroys the water's frequency pattern and as a result the water loses much of its information content.
  10. Mineral water is undesirable: the minerals are too coarse to be metabolized by human bodies. Furthermore, they can be damaging by reducing the cleansing power of water and by being deposited in places like arteries.
  11. "Distilled water is pure. However, it is also extremely aggressive and has no structure. Therefore, it is not recommended for drinking."
  12. Dead water can be revitalized, effectively and inexpensively, with quartz crystals. Make one day's water at a time. Place a handful of quartz crystals in a glass jar, fill with dead water, let it sit for at least 8 hours. The quartz crystals rebuild the water's structure nearly to its original form. But it will never become a genuine living water like artesian spring water.
  13. FIJI Natural Artesian Water is a special, living water whose electromagnetic frequencies provide provable health benefits.
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Written: 9-19-2005. Revision: 1-14-2006.