The Magor Family and the Clirehugh Connection

The prominence of the Magor family in England is based in no little part on their ownership of Williamson Magor, since 1987 the largest privately held tea company in the world. That connection prompted me to look further than the marriage of Nancy Winterbottom, whose mother was a Clirehugh (and thus a cousin of mine), to Philip Magor.

While most of my genealogy research has focused on my ancestors and cousins, I have always looked for details on spouses. That information is hard to find, especially in the case of wives who were hard pressed to have a separate identity and when there is no family artifact to substantiate them.

In this case the spouse was a man, and one who proved relatively easy to research, at least at the superficial level reported here. These details were gleaned from public sources: the census, birth-marriage-death indexes, and the archives of The Times. I connected the dots with names, locations, dates, relationships, and events. All errors in conclusions are mine. I welcome corrections and clarifications!

2013: Since I began this work several family members have generously contributed corrections and new information.

My point of entry was Philip Magor, born 1882. This story begins with his grandfather Martin Magor (1810–1889). These people lived in England and India.

Additional documents:

List of Family Members

Martin MAGOR b. 6-27-1810 Truro, Cornwall
bap. 10-11-1810 Truro, Cornwall
m. 11-21-1839 Elizabeth Manuell BLAMEY in Gwennap, Cornwall
d. 2-27-1899 Truro, Cornwall
bur. Truro, Cornwall
Parents: Martin MAGOR (1777–1858) and Elizabeth (Betsy) BURRALL. They married 8-30-1804 Illogan, Cornwall.
Married Elizabeth Manuell BLAMEY. See later section for details on her family.
Elizabeth Blamey Magor (bap. 1-25-1841 Truro, Cornwall; d. 3Q 1912 Truro age 71 unmarried)
Martin Magor (b. abt. 1842 Kenwyn, Cornwall; d. 1927)
Richard Manuel Blamey Magor (b. 9-28-1843 Truro, Cornwall; d. 1933 Minehead, Somerset)
Louisa Blamey Magor (b. Kenwyn; bap. 6-11-1854 Truro, Cornwall; d. 1Q 1940 Truro age 85 unmarried)
Martin was a draper in 1841 living in Kenwyn, Truro on Frances Street with wife, daughter, and one servant.
By 1851 he had become an agent still living in Kenwyn, on Andrew Place with wife, 3 children, and one servant.
In 1861 he lived in Kenwyn on Andrew Place with wife, 4 children, and two servants.
In 1871 he lived in Kenwyn at 38 John Street with wife, two daughters (Elizabeth and Louisa), and 1 servant. Martin was a newspaper agent. Wife Elizabeth was blind.
In 1891 he lived in Kenwyn at 18 John Street with wife and two daughters. Wife Elizabeth was blind.

Martin Magor was a popular familiy name. There was at least one man of that name in the preceding four generations.
Richard Manuel Blamey MAGOR (1) b. 9-28-1843 Truro, Cornwall
m. 10-8-1868 Mary KING in Calcutta, India
d. 9-20-1933 Minehead, Somerset
bur. All Saints & Cemetery, Springfield, Essex
Parents: Martin Magor (1810–1889) and Elizabeth Manuell Blamey (1810–1895).

In 1861, while living with his parental family in Truro, he worked in some commercial capacity.
At age 22, about 1865, he went to India where he became an assistant manager with the Great Eastern Hotel in Calcutta.
In 1869 in Calcutta he founded Williamson Magor (WM) as a partnership with James Hay Williamson; WM was a tea business.
In Calcutta he married Mary KING on 10-8-1868 in the Cathedral in Calcutta. Mary was born in Calcutta 10-10-1845 and baptised 1-25-1846 at Cooly Bazar, the daughter of Jeremiah KING (1817–1896) and Hannah BROWN (1819–1895); she died in 1920. The King family is described separately.

The couple had three sons and seven daughters, all born in Calcutta except two.
1.1 Richard King Magor (b. abt. 1869 Calcutta),
1.2 Edith Louise Magor (b. abt. 1871 Calcutta),
1.3 Catherine Blamey Magor (b. abt. 1873 Calcutta, d. 4-23-1951 Northfield, Minehead),
1.4 Mary Isabel Magor (bap. 2-18-1874 Calcutta; d. 1923),
1.5 Gertrude Emmeline Magor (b. 5-1-1875 Calcutta),
1.6 Edward Manuel Magor (b. 10-29-1876 Calcutta, d. 1954),
1.7 Norah Magor (b. 12-5-1877 Putney, Surrey),
1.8 Clara Winifred Magor (bap. 6-11-1880 Calcutta, d. 12-15-1966 Winsford, Somerset),
1.9 Philip Magor (b. 12-2-1881 Calcutta, d. 1971),
1.10 Dorothy Grace Magor (b. 3Q 1883 Putney, Surrey).
It was their practice to divide their time between India and England.
In 1881 five children—the four daughters born by then and the second son—were in a boarding school in Plymouth St. Andrews, Devon.

In 1891 the census found the family at home in Redbourn, Hertfordshire living on High Street. Five children lived at home: Edith, Catherine, Clara, Philip, and Dorothy. Son Edward was in a boarding school.

On Nov. 10, 1896 daughter Edith married Francis Myles SANDYS-LUMSDAINE in Malabar Hill, Bombay. He was a Major, in the Highland Light Infantry. They had 5 children. The Cattley family, of whom Francis is a descendant, had connections to Cuckfield. A grandson of Edith and Francis, Patrick Gillem Sandys-Lumsdaine, was a director of various Williamson Magor companies. An N. G. Sandys-Lumsdaine is currently a CEO and/or director of several Williamson Magor tea companies.

In 1901 the census found the family in Ingatestone, Essex at Tylhus Manor on Hall Lane. Five daughters at home: Catherine, Mary, Gertrude, Norah, and Clara.
On 3-18-1901 daughter Norah married Cedric K. CARR at St. George's, Hanover Square. Cedric was the son of the late Mr. W. Carr of Trueloves, Ingatestone. Norah lived with her family at Tylhus, Ingatestone, Essex.

In 1910 he moved to Northfield, Minehead, Somerset. Minehead is a town on the Bristol Channel. At Minehead he was the president of the West Somerset Polo Club and a town benefactor.
In 1911 he lived in an 18-room house at Northfield, Minehead, Sussex with wife, two daughters (Catherine and Dorothy), and 5 servants; he was a retired rubber merchant.
On 8-12-1920 Mary (King) Magor died at Northfield, Minehead, Somersetshire. Her probate 10-2-1920 "to the said Richard Blamey Magor esquire. Effects £177 19s 11d."
At his death he left an estate worth £207,390. Probate 12-1933 "to Catherine Blamey Magor spinster Edward Manuel Magor tea broker and William Henry Quarrell solicitor. Effects £207,390 18s. 6d."

Richard King MAGOR (1.1) b. 7-25-1869 Calcutta, India
m. 4-16-1904 Frances Edith BOYCOTT in Chelmsford, Essex
d. 9-6-1957 at his home near Chelmsford, Essex at age 88
bur. All Saints & Cemetery, Springfield, Essex
Parents: Richard Manuel Blamey Magor and Mary King.

Wife Frances Edith BOYCOTT was born abt. 1881 at Pietermaritzburg in the British Colony of Natal in southeastern Africa; she died 9-23-1953 age 72 at Ackland Home, Oxford; burial same as husband in Chelmsford, Essex.
Her father was William Boycott of the Worcestershire Regiment, 29th Foot; he was born 1840 Kidderminster, Worcestershire; on 12-18-1857 he was made Ensign, on 12-2-1859 became Lieutenant, on 12-2-1862 he was made a Captain, 10-31-1871 he was made a Major. The Regiment returned from Bengal in 1859 and embarked for Malta in 1865. In 1879 William Boycott served as Colonial Commander in District III during the Zulu War, southern Africa. Which explains what he was doing in Natal. William died 1884, was buried St Marks Anglican Church cemetery, Lions River district, Shafton, Karkloof, Natal.
Frances' mother was Mary Edith Way (1846–1927). Mary was born Isleworth, Middlesex. Her parents were Charles John Way (1796–1873), Vicar of Boreham, and Georgina Augusta Grover (1809–1902).

At the time of his marriage, Richard lived at the George Hotel, Chelmsford while Frances lived at Springfield Lodge, near Chelmsford, where she had lived with her widowed mother in 1901 (per census); her mother lived there in 1911.

Richard and Frances had three daughters and one son:
1.1.1 Nancy Edith Magor (b. 3-18-1905 Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex),
1.1.2 Lorna Frances Magor (b. 12-12-1907 Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex),
1.1.3 Joan Prudence Magor (b. 10-29-1911 Chelmsford, Essex),
1.1.4 Richard Boycott Magor (b. 2-11-1918 Chelmsford, Essex).

In 1881, age 11, he lived in Putney, England at Glenmore with his grandparents Jeremiah and Hannah King and sister Norah (3).
On 6-15-1903 he was appointed Sec. Lieutenant in the Imperial Yeomanry for Essex.
In October 1908 he and his wife were riding horses in Chelmsford when a motorcycle passed and startled the horses. Richard's horse slipped down and rolled over on its back, his wife's horse swerved and "brought her down." The cyclist said he did not slow up because the dust raised by a preceding car blocked his sight. He was fined.
In 1911 he lived with his wife, daughters Nancy and Lorna, and sister Gertrude in Chelmsford, Essex at Old Court, Springfield, a 15-room premises. Old Court was (and is) a cul-de-sac off Arbour Lane in Springfield, a suburb of Chelmsford. At that time it contained one U-shaped building with five conjoining residences. It may be that all his children were born in this residence. His occupation was East India merchant.
On 12-12-1923 he and his wife attended the annual ball of the East Essex Hunt Club in Chelmsford; they also attended in 1930 and 1932.
In 1926 he was the High Sheriff of Essex.
After 1927 he lived at Springfield Lyons, Chelmsford, Essex. This was a house located in the southeast of the Springfield suburb. This house was demolished between 1974 and 1987.
On 6-22-1927 his daughter Lorna was presented at Court.
On 6-22-1927 his wife attended the fourth Court of the season at Buckingham Palace. On 5-27-1930 his wife attended the third Court of the season at Buckingham Palace.
On 12-30-1953 The Times reported Frances Edith Magor died and left a will valued at £65,526.
Richard ran various subsidiaries of Williamson Magor: In 1908–1910 he was a director of George Williamson and Co. with headquarters at 138 Leadenhall Street, London. He was a director of various other companies at that address including the Karak Rubber Company and Sunnygama Company. In April 1920 he was elected as council member of the Rubber Growers Association.
He left an estate valued at £41,301.
Nancy Edith MAGOR (1.1.1) b. 3-18-1905 Chelmsford, Essex
m1. 8-11-1930 Ernest Charles ORMOND in Chelmsford (or 10-11-1930 All Saint's Church, Springfield, Essex, 1 mile east of Chelmsford)
m2. 2Q 1968 Col. John Pell ARCHER-SHEE, M.C. in Kensington, London
d. 2-26-1986 in Basingstoke, Hampshire age 80
named on tombstone of first husband in Wales
Parents: Richard King Magor and Frances Edith Boycott.

Married Ernest Charles ORMOND on 8-11-1930 in Chelmsford. Ernest was the son of Hon. Mr. Justice Ernest William ORMOND and Ellinor Evans (Pugh) ORMOND of North Wales, and was born 10-24-1896 in Calcutta, India. The bride had eight bridesmaids including her two sisters and cousin Shirley Magor. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. Edward Magor, Major and Mrs. Philip Magor, Miss. C. B. Magor, and Miss W. Magor. Mr. Justice Ormond was Judge of the Chief Court, Lower Burma.

They had one son and two daughters:
Roessa Ormond (b. 12-29-1932 Springfield)
Martin Ormond (b. 12-21-1930 Calcutta)
Charmian Ormond (b. 11-13-1942 Simta)

The Ormond family kept a house named Penmaendyfi in Gwynedd, Wales where their three children were raised.

Ernest Charles Ormond was the oldest of three boys. His siblings: Herbert Edward Ormond (1901–1943) and John Evelyn Ormond (1902–1991).
Ernest died 6-2-1962. His obituary said: "He was commissioned in the R.A. on leaving school and while serving in France was severely wounded. In 1920 he went up to Kings College, Cambridge, and in 1925 was called to the Bar by Gray's Inn. From 1925 until the Second World War, in which he rejoined his old regiment, he practiced in the High Court, Calcutta. He left the army in 1944 with the rank of lieutenant-colonel and that same year was appointed an acting Judge of the Calcutta High Court. He became an additional Judge and then Judge the following year. . . . Ormond was the author of The Law of Patents in India [1936] and The Rules of the Calcutta High Court." He was educated at Winchester. He was Judge of the High Court, Dakka, Pakistan from 1947 to 1950.
Ernest died at Holloway Sanitorium, Virginia Water, Surrey. He lived at The Manor Farm, East Hanney, Wantage, Oxfordshire. Effects £26,321.
Ernest has a tombstone in the St. Peter ad Vincula churchyard, Pennal, Gwynedd, West Wales.

Col. John Pell Archer-Shee, M.C. was born 11-3-1906 in London, son of Lt. Col. Sir Martin Archer-Shee, C.M.G., D.S.O. and Francis Pell; he died 5-18-1980 at Broome House, Selborn, Hampshire. His parents are buried in St Michael and All Angels Cemetery, Sunninghill, Berkshire. In 1942 he was awarded the Military Cross for service as a Captain in the 10 Royal Hussars, 3/5 Royal Tank Regiment in the Middle East (Egypt and Libya).
John had a previous marriage, to Mary Henrietta Stapleton-Bretherton (1906–1995) in 1940, that ended in divorce in 1953. Their daughter Mary Pauline Daphne Thérèse Archer-Shee was born in 1941. Mary Henrietta was a pilot in the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) from 12-1939 to 3-1941.
Burke's Peerage reports a second marriage for John, on 7-22-1953 to Diana Nancy Boyd-Rochfort.
In 1971 John was a Colonel living in Inadown House, Newton Valence, Alton, Hampshire.
His ancestry is detailed in a separate document.
Lorna Frances MAGOR (1.1.2) b. 12-12-1907 Chelmsford, Essex
m. 3Q 1937 Anthony John BARRON in Chelsmford, Essex
d. 1965
bur. All Saints & Cemetery, Springfield, Essex
Parents: Richard King Magor and Frances Edith Boycott.
Married Anthony John BARRON in 1937. He was the son of Lt. Col. C. A. BARRON of Swilland, Ispwich and Mrs. BARRON of Heywards Heath, Sussex. He died 1987.
She arrived 5-8-1936 in NYC from Southampton on ship Bremen, age 28, born Chelmsford, lived in Chelmsford, traveled with Mrs. Iren Bear.
John David Barron (b. 6-7-1938 at Marleybone, London)
Richard E. Barron (b. 11-22-1940 Exmoor, Somerset)
Catherine L. Barron (b. 2-1-1947 Cambridgeshire)
In 1962 they lived in Birchalls, Stansted, Essex.
Joan Prudence MAGOR (1.1.3) b. 10-29-1911 Chelmsford, Essex
m1. 1-24-1939 David John WALLACE
m2. 3-3-1948 Gerald Frederick Walter de WINTON
d. 12-11-2007
bur. 1-4-2008
Parents: Richard King Magor and Frances Edith Boycott.
In April 1933 she performed in a radio broadcast of Shakespeare's "Cariolanus" on the National station.
In 1934 and 1935 Miss Prudence Magor lived at 45 Daver CT Uppor Manor 8t S.W.3 , London, phone FLAXman 9328.
Married David John WALLACE on 1-24-1939. They honeymooned in Greece. He was the son of Captain David Euan WALLACE, who died 2-9-1941, and Lady Myra Idina Sackville (1893–1955), m. 1913, div. 1919. Idina's surname has also been reported as West and Sackville-West. She is especially interesting to me because she married and divorced five men before she died single at age 62. Also, she was related distantly to Alexa Vaughan-Lee who married the living Philip Magor. David Euan's father, John Wallace, lived in Scotland.
Major David Wallace was born 10-3-1914 and died 8-7-1944 in action in WW II.
Laura Jacqueline Wallace (born 5-23-1941 in Anglo-American Hospital, Cairo),
Cary Davina Wallace (born 6-21-1942).
After her husband's death, Joan married Gerald Frederick Walter de WINTON (1904–1991) on 3-3-1948. Gerald was the son of Walter de Winton (1868–1935) and Hylda Terese Jane Marshall. Prudence and Gerald honeymooned in Jamaica; on 3-19-1948 they arrived NYC on Pan American Airways on their way to the Casablanca Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
They had two children:
Walter de Winton (b. 2-14-1949 Kensington, London)
Emily Adelaide de Winton (b. 5-28-1951 Kensington, London)

In 1963 daughter Laura Wallace married (1) Dominic Paul MORLAND, son of Sir Oscar Charles Morland, G.B.E., K.C.M.G., of Pickering, Yorkshire and Alice Lindley. They had children: Sophy Arabella Morland born 1964, Daniel John Morland born 1967. This couple divorced, Laura remarried Keith Fitchett in 2003.
In 1967 daughter Cary Davina Wallace married David Arthur Russell HOWELL, Baron Howell of Guildford. (The Rt. Hon. Lord Howell of Guildford, David Arthur Russell Howell, was born January 18th 1936 in London, the son of Colonel Arthur Howard Eckford Howell and Beryl Stuart Bowater. He was elevated to the peerage as Baron Howell of Guildford in 1997.) They had children: Frances Victoria Howell born 2-18-1969, Kate Davina Howell born 10-6-1970, Toby David Howell born 1975.

Prudence's funeral photos are on Keith Fitchett's website.

Richard Boycott MAGOR (1.1.4) b. 2-11-1918 Chelmsford, Essex
m1. 8-2-1945 Janetta Alba PAYNTER in Westminster, London
div1. 1948
m2. 3-8-1952 Julia Margaret Tooth ASTON in Nairobi
d. 10-2003 Cuckfield, Sussex age 85
Parents: Richard King Magor and Frances Edith Boycott.
Was a Captain in the Royal Artillery.
Married Janetta Alba PAYNTER on 8-2-1945 at St. Mark's, North Audley Street. Her parents were Brigadier-General George Camborne Beauclerk PAYNTER and his wife, the former Alberta Diana Hunloke, of Eaton Grange, Grantham. The ancestry of this couple is on the William the Conqueror Database. Mr. Paynter died August 1950, Alberta died 2-10-1972. This couple had three children: Janetta (b. 1-26-1922 at 3 Clarendon Place, Hyde Park, London), Yvery (b. 1924), and George (b. 1933).
Richard and Janetta had one child:
Carolyn Alba Magor (b. 7-16-1947 Calcutta).
Richard and Janetta divorced in 1948.
Richard married Julia Margaret ASTON in 3-8-1952 in Nairobi. Her parents were Mr. C. P. T. Aston of Mbabane, Swaziland and Mrs. E. V. T. Aston of Nairobi, Kenya. Julia was born 1928.
Richard and Julia had children:
Jennifer Jane Magor (b. 1-20-1954 Nairobi, Kenya)
Philip Magor (b. October 1956 Nairobi, Kenya)
Susan Gillian Thomasin Magor (b. 11-11-1962 Nairobi, Kenya)

In May 1954 Mrs. Janetta Magor married Major John Antony WARRE in London.
On 12-18-1952 Mr. Hamish Edward Lachlan WALLACE married Miss Yvery Silvia Paynter, sister to Janetta Alba. Attending was Carolyn Magor, niece of the bride. [I have not found any relationship between this Hamish Wallace and the David Wallace who married Prudence Magor, but the possibility is enticing.] Hamish was born 9-19-1924, the son of Harold Frank Wallace of Pelsall, Staffordshire.
On 1-6-1977 daughter Carolyn Magor married Broderick Giles Edward MUNRO-WILSON. They had two children: Charlotte Alba Louise Munro-Wilson (b. 11-26-1977 at Westminster Hospital); Emma Munro-Wilson (b. 6-18-1979). They later divorced. On 7-12-1996 she married Michael PEACOCK at Stamford, Lincolnshire.
(Broderick Munro-Wilson is described as an "eccentric merchant banker" and "a childhood chum of Camilla Parker Bowles.") Charlotte Munro-Wilson married Ross L. HENDERSON on 10-6-2005; he is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Henderson of Lytchett Matravers, Dorset. I found these pictures of Charlotte and Emma.

With his father Richard ran various subsidiaries of Williamson Magor: In 1957 he was the chairman of the Tanganyika Tea Growers Association. He was there in 1960. In June 1969 he was appointed to the board of Wharf Holdings. At the end of 1972 he succeeded O. J. Roy as the chairman of Williamson Tea Holdings. In 1964 and through 1984 (at least) he was the chairman of George Williamson and of Williamson Tea.
At his death he left an estate valued at £4,590,932.

Daughter Thomasin Magor is a photographer, she published the book African Warriors in 1994.

Edward Manuel MAGOR (1.6) b. 10-29-1876 Calcutta, India
bap. 12-20-1876 Fort William, Calcutta, India
m. 7-14-1908 Olive Shirley YERBURGH in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire
d. 6-13-1954 Lydcroft, Poughill, Bude, Cornwall
Parents: Richard Manuel Blamey Magor and Mary King.
Married Olive Shirley YERBURGH on 7-14-1908 in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire. She was born 10-29-1884 in Twickenham, Surrey to John Eardley YERBURGH (1850–1924) and Annie ROYDEN (1858–1917) of Wavendon Londge, Buckinghamshire; she had three sisters:
Sister Dorothy Gertrude Yerburgh married Robert Daniel Thwaites Yerburgh, 1st Baron of Alvingham in 1911.
Sister Annie Royden Yerburgh married Granville Bevan in 1905.
Sister Ethel Mary Yerburgh married Major Alexander John Lainson in 1907.
Olive died 1Q 1982 New Forest, Hampshire.
Edward and Olive had two daughters:
Elizabeth Mary Magor (b. 1906 Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire; d. 1967 Limerick),
Heather Shirley Magor (b. 1909 Billericay, Essex; d. 2005).
[The dates are a bit odd, being married two years after the first child was born. Perhaps I have the wrong birth record.]
In 1891 attended a boarding school in Uppingham, Rutland.
In 1901 was a patient of a hospital in St. Marleybone, London; occupation tea brokers assistant.
In 1911 he lived in Brentwood with wife and no children. Daughter Heather was with her maternal grandparents in Wavendon Lodge, Wavendon, Burckinghamshire.
In 1920 Edward was invested as a Member, Order of the British Empire (M.B.E.). Also in 1920 Edward was Superintendent, Brentwood Division, Essex Special Constabulary.
He was a member of The Essex Club. He attended the Essex Union Hunt ball at Chelmsford in January 1928 and thereafter.
In 1932 he was chief of the Essex Special Police.
In 1934 he was in the Brevet Ranks of the Freemason Grand Lodge of England.
In his will he left £61,643.
Elizabeth Mary MAGOR (1.6.1)
b. 4Q 1906 Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire
m. 1938 Kilner Rupert BRAZIER-CREAGH
d. 3-28-1967 Croom, Limerick
Parents: Edward Manuel Magor and Olive Shirley Yerburgh.

In July 1938 attended the marriage of Suzanne Phyllis Rolt and Peter Douglas Ord Vaux. Also attending were Mr. R. B. Creigh, Mrs. Winterbottom, and Miss Winterbottom. I suspect the first was her husband-to-be, the second was the widow of William Rodney Winterbottom, and the third WR's daughter [16-year-old Jill Aline Constance Winterbottom].

In 1938 married Kilner Rupert BRAZIER-CREAGH, Royal Artillery, of Stock Lodge, Ingastone, Essex. Rupert was born 12-12-1909 in Shifnal, Shropshire; died 4-4-2002 in Naples, Florida.
Rupert held several honors: Knight of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (K.B.E.), Companion of the Most Honorable Order of Bath (C.B.), Companion of the Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.), Officer of the United States of America Legion of Merit. Rupert graduated from the Royal Military Academy, class of 1929, first in his class. He was commissioned by King George V as an officer in the Royal Artillery. At the age of 36, Rupert became the youngest 2 Star General in the British Army. He served as Chief of Staff of the Eastern Command, Director of Staff Duties at the War Office, and aide to General Montgomery. Queen Elizabeth knighted Rupert in February of 1962 after his retirement from the Army.
Prior to coming to the United States, Sir Rupert owned Tarbrook Stud Farm in Croom County, Limerick, Ireland, breeding championship thoroughbreds.
At her death Elizabeth was a "well known bloodstock owner and breeder, the wife of Major General Sir Rupert Brazier-Creagh K.B.E, C.B., D.S.O, formerly Director of Staff Duties, War Office."
In 1939 the couple lived at 30 St. Johns Ct. Lewisham Road, London.
In 1958 the couple lived at Little Heath Landing, Fairmile Ave., Kent.
In 1965 they lived at 13 St. Loo mans, London SW3.

Elizabeth S. Brazier-Creagh born 8-29-1940 at St. Asaph, North Wales. Elizabeth married Michael WHITE
Gillian Mary Brazier-Creagh born 3-26-1943 at No. 5 Bunglow, Staff College, Camberley. She first married Dominic Charles Christopher THOMPSON. On 12-5-1986 Gillian married J. E. Keith RAY (b. 6-29-1940 Sunninghill, Berkshire).
Christopher Anthony Brazier-Creagh (b. 1946 Windsor, Berkshire). In 1Q 1991 he married Victoria J. MATHESON in Northampton. After marrying, Victoria owned an antiques shop. Thirteen years later, she moved to New York and ran Asprey’s antique department. She returned to Guernsey in 1993 as manager of Jewellers & Silversmiths. In 2003 Victoria and Chris opened a fine jewellery shop and boutique shop in St. Peter Port, Guernsey; she has 30 years’ experience, having trained in Chester with Boodle & Dunthorne. In 2004 Victoria advocated recycling to St. Peter Port, Guernsey. The couple has two daughters.

On 6-23-1933 Rupert arrived in NYC on the ship Bremen, age 23, with George Edward Brazier-Creagh, 25, a stockbroker living in London; Rupert lived in Meehut, India.
After Elizabeth's death, in 1958 Sir Rupert married Marie Helen NELSON (1922–2004) and lived with her in Naples, Florida.

Rupert's Brazier-Creagh ancestors lived in Creagh Castle, Doneraile, County Cork, Ireland. His parents were Kilner Charles Brazier-Creagh (1869–1956) and Agnes Denny. His grandparents were George Washington Brazier-Creagh (1832–1900) and Averina Sherlock. His great-grandparents were George Washington Brazier-Creagh (1797–1876) and Anne Catherine Pack (d. 1866).

Heather Shirley MAGOR (1.6.2) b. 8-12-1909 Billericay (Brentwood), Essex
m. 4-5-1934 Charles Edward GODBY at Shenfield (Brentwood), Essex
d. 5-2005 Chiltern, Buckinghamshire
Parents: Edward Manuel Magor and Olive Shirley Yerburgh.
Married Charles Edward GODBY, Royal Artillery, on 4-5-1934 at Shenfield. Charles was the only son of Brigadier-General GODBY, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O. of Farhnam, Surrey. Shirley's family lived in Hutton, Essex. Charles was born 5-13-1909 in Kent. He died 4-19-1971 in Lymington, Hants and was buried 4-24-1971 in St. John the Baptist Churchyard, Boldre, Hampshire. (D.S.O. is the Distinguished Service Order, awarded for meritorious or distinguished service by officers of the armed forces during wartime.)
David Edward Godby (b. 12-4-1936 at Pembury Road, Westcliff, Essex; d. 10-15-1976).
Susan S. Godby (b. 1942 at Exmoor, Devon).
Felicity Patricia Godby (b. 3-17-1949 at Penwethers, Bude, Cornwall).
Dorothy Grace MAGOR (1.10) b. 6-24-1883 Putney, Surrey
m. 4-19-1911 Cecil Maxwell LEATHAM in Williton, Somerset
d. 4-12-1960 Alton, Hampshire
Parents: Richard Manuel Blamey Magor and Mary King.
Married 4-19-1911 Cecil Maxwell LEATHAM in Williton, Somerset. Cecil was born 9-6-1875 Wakefield, Yorkshire, third child of Samuel Gurney Leatham (b. 1840) and Annie Gertrude Bateman of Helmsworth Hall who married 2-28-1867; Samuel Gurney's father William Henry Leatham acquired Helmsworth Hall in 1887. Cecil died 9-11-1941 at Kettlewell Hill Nursing Home.
Patrick Magor Leatham (b. 4Q 1914 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire; d. 1951)
Honor Catherine Leatham (b. 4-15-1912 Oldham, Manchester; d. 2000)
On 6-10-1930 she presented her daughter Honor in the General Circle at the Court of the King and Queen.
On 1-6-1933 she attended the Beaufort Hunt Ball.
On 5-17-1933 she presented Miss Molly Moore in the General Circle at the Court of the King and Queen.
Cecil had a military career. In 1896 he enlisted in the Wiltshire Regiment, in 1900 was gazetted to the East Yorkshire Regiment, 1900–1902 served in the South African War as Railway Staff Officer, 1904 joined N. Nigeria Regiment, 1909 became Captain in Norfolk Regiment.
At the time of his daughter's marriage, Cecil was a Captain.
Dorothy's estate was £37,621 which she left to her married daughter Honor Catherine Seymour.
Patrick Magor LEATHAM (1.10.1) b. 4Q 1914 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
m. 4-6-1940 Hon. Cecily Evelyne BERRY
d. 8-7-1951 Radcliff Infirmary, Oxford of a polo accident
Parents Dorothy Grace Magor and Cecil Maxwell Leatham.

Married Hon. Cecily Evelyne BERRY 4-6-1940 at St. Marks. Patrick was the only son of Captain and Mrs. Cecil Leatham of Redbourne House, Wentworth. Cecily was the younger daughter of Lord Buckland. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Edward Magor, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Magor. [Note my original spelling of Cecily's surname was Barry, which I got from a Times article. I corrected it on 7-29-2008.]
According to her wedding announcement, Cecily's father was the Welsh industrialist Henry Seymour Berry, 1st Baron Buckland (1877-1928); the title was created for him and dissolved at his death. His two brothers were also created peers. He married Gwladys Mary Sandbrook and had five daughters including Cecily E. Berry born 4Q 1921 in Merthyr Tydfil. His family is documented on the Peerage.
Patrick gained the rank of Major in the service of the 10th Royal Hussars.
Attendees at Patrick's memorial service included his widow Hon. Mrs. Patrick Leatham, Major and Mrs. Christopher Seymour (brother-in-law and sister), Miss C. W. Magor (aunt), and Mr. Justice and Mrs. Ormond (cousin).

Simon Patrick Leatham (b. 1945 Marleybone, London)
William Philip Leatham (b. 1946)
Jonathan G. Leatham (b. 1948)

On 8-27-1952 Patrick's widow Cecily married Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Ian Griffith TAYLOR D.S.O., M.C. of Chipchase Castle, Wark, Northumberland. Richard was the son of Lt. Col. Thomas George Taylor (1885– ). (A number of websites have photos of the castle, including this one. The castle has been in the Taylor family since 1862.) At the time of this marriage Cecily lived at Shipton Cottage, Tetbury, Gloucestershire as the Hon. Mrs. Leatham.

Cecily and Richard Taylor had two children:
Penelope Taylor (b. 1953 Northumberland South)
Charlotte Sybil Taylor (b. 1956 Northumberland South)

Son Philip Leatham married Hon. Rowena Margaret HAWKE in 1971 and had three children before divorcing.
Penelope Taylor married Paul TORDAY in 1991.
Charlotte Sybil Taylor married Hon. Charles Richard BEAUMONT in 1979. They have three children.

Simon Patrick LEATHAM ( b. 1945
bap. 1-20-1945 at the Royal Chapel, Windsor Great Park
m. 4-25-1967 Lady Victoria CECIL in Westminster
Parents: Patrick Magor Leatham and Cecily Evelyne Berry.
Simon married Lady Victoria CECIL, daughter of the Marquess and Marchioness of Exeter, of Burghley House, Lincolnshire at St. Margaret's, Westminster on 4-25-1967. The Bishop of London officiated. Prince Georg and Princess Anne of Denmark attended. The reception was held at Grosvener House. They honeymooned abroad.
Lady Victoria Diana Cecil was born 6-28-1947. She is the daughter of David George Brownlow Cecil, 6th Marquess of Exeter and Diana Mary Henderson. She held the rank of Honorary Colonel in the service of the 158 (Royal Anglican) Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps from 1996 until 2003. She held the office of Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.) of Cambridgeshire in 1993.
Lady Victoria Leatham was the Director of the Burghley Family Trust, set up by her father to maintain Burghley House, near Stamford in Lincolnshire. Burghley House is England’s largest and grandest house of the first Elizabethan age and has "starred" as the location of several movies. She was described as the "chatelaine" of Burghley House from 1982.
In 1992 she published "Life At Burghley, Restoring One of England's Great Houses." She was also a director of Sotheby's auction house specializing in oriental ceramics.

Miranda Rosemary Leatham (b. 1969)
Richard David Leatham (b. 4-5-1971)

Son Richard married Georgina Susan MOUNSEY, daughter of Simon Mounsey (of Barnes House, Piltdown, Sussex) on 10-4-1996. He has a child: Ludovic Simon Leatham b. 4-26-1999.
Daughter Miranda married Orlando William Adam ROCK (engaged 11-22-1996, married June 1997 Stamford) and had three children: Matilda Cecily Rock (b. 3-11-2000), Cosmo Stanley Rock (b. 11-19-2001), and Jemima Victoria Rock (b. 3-27-2004). Miranda became Director of Burghley House after her mother retired (Spring 2007); her family now lives in the house. There is a photo of her and her family on the Burghley House website.

Honor Catherine LEATHAM (1.10.2) b. 4-15-1912 Oldham, Manchester
m. 5-6-1940 Christopher George SEYMOUR in London
d. 10-2000 Basingstoke, Hampshire
Parents Dorothy Grace Magor and Cecil Maxwell Leatham.
On 6-10-1930 she was presented by her mother in the General Circle at the Court of the King and Queen.
Married Christopher George SEYMOUR, Major in the 10th Royal Hussars, at Chelsea Old Church on 5-6-1940. Christopher was the younger son of the late Brigadier-General Archibald George Seymour and Mrs. Seymour (Ellen Mary Bucknall) of 23, Warwick Square, SW1 (London). Christopher was born 8-14-1913, died 1983, and was descended from the Marquesses of Hertford (and dukes of Somerset). His family is described in two places: The William the Conqueror Database and Marquesses of Hertford.

Christopher Mark Seymour (b. 9-10-1942)
Penelope Jane Seymour (b. 4-17-1944)

Son Christopher, who goes by his middle name, married Carol Daphne PITMAN, daughter of Peter Pitman, on 4-16-1968. This couple has three children: Katherine Louise Seymour (b. 6-21-1970), Thomas Mark Middleton Seymour (b. 5-19-1972), and Peter Christopher James Seymour (b. 1-2-1977).
Daughter Penelope married Robert Alexander Neon REYNOLDS, son of F. Neon Reynolds, on 9-28-1966. They had one child: Alexander Seymour Reynolds (b. 1969). They divorced in 1974. She then married Neil James KENNEDY in 1979. They have two children: Patrick Kennedy (b. 1978) and Lisa Kennedy (b. 1979).

Philip MAGOR (1.9) b. 12-2-1881 Calcutta, India
bap. 3-3-1882 Calcutta, India
m. 9-24-1928 Nancy Eva Aline (WINTERBOTTOM) RUTHERFORD in Paris
d. 1Q 1971 Lewes, Sussex
Parents: Richard Manuel Blamey Magor and Mary King.
Married Nancy Eva Aline (WINTERBOTTOM) RUTHERFORD 9‑24-1928 in Paris at the English Church, Rue Roquépine. He was 47, she 28. Nancy's mother was Laura Constance (CLIREHUGH) WINTERBOTTOM. Details about Nancy are located on the Winterbottom Family document. Details about Laura Clirehugh are located on the Clirehugh page.

Philip was educated at Rugby School in Warwickshire. He entered January 1896, age 14; boarded at Whitelaw House. Left 1899. The school register stated he was living in the Argentine Republic in 1904.

He was involved with horses all his life. He is believed to have gone to Argentina to acquire horses for the British Army fighting the second Boer War (1899–1902).
He is cited in the 1913 English Directory for Argentina as owning Estancia La Estrella in the town of Venado Tuerto and Estancia Las Tejas in the village of Maggiolo, both in the province of Santa Fe. He also owned a livestock ranch in the Entre Rios province of Argentina—more likley this was named Magor's. The oldest Argentine polo club was the Venado Tuerto Athletic and Polo Club founded in 1888. A history of the Monte Molina Ranch in the Córdoba province of Argentina by Juan Delius states that in 1905 Philip was a neighbor of the Acequión y Mulitas campo, this may have been part of an estancia called "La Javiera."

Philip served with the Remount Department in France during WW I; Remount was an Army Department whose job it was to supply horses. There is an article "Britain's Military Use of Horses 1914–1918" that explains the remount effort. On 11-2-1914 he was appointed temporary Captain in the Remount Depots. He was a Major beginning in 1919 and held that title afterwards. Awarded campaign medals: Victory Medal, British War Medal, 1915 Star Medal.

Philip was a polo player. I found 537 newspaper articles of his polo playing beginning in 1908 (in Ranelagh, Minehead) and continuing to 1939. There was a gap from July 1914 to May 1919, presumably for WW I. He played in England, France, and America.
On 1-26-1920 Philip arrived in NYC on the ship Mauretania from Southampton; he traveled alone, single, a farmer, age 38 years 1 month (the basis for determining his birth date). He lived in Ricester, England. His destination was Del Monte, California, which was a Lodge in Monterey with a polo field. At the end of the season, on April 11, he attended a dinner hosted by Samuel F. B. Morse in Pebble Beach; Mrs. Wallis Spencer also attended, she had come north from Coronado, San Diego where her husband was stationed, to practice polo. There is a legend that Mrs. Wallis Spencer (later Mrs. Simpson) met the Prince of Wales in Coronado in that same month.
In 1920 and 1922, according to the phone books, he lived in Bicester.
He won the Ranelagh Trophy, the oldest polo trophy in the United Kingdom, at the Roehampton Polo Club twice: (1) in 1921 as a member of the Eastcote team and (2) in 1934 as a member of the Panthers team.
In April 1922 he was the best man to Charles Webb at his marriage to Iris Deuchar. He was referred to as "the well-known polo player." Attendees included Mrs. Guy Winterbottom; Guy was a son of William Dickson Winterbottom and his first wife, and thus the half-brother of Nancy E. A. (Winterbottom) Rutherford who married Philip Magor six years later.
On 7-15-1924 Philip and Edward, Prince of Wales, played on the same team at Hurlingham.
On 7-6-1928 his horses won a First in the Novice Polo Pony class and a Second in the Heavyweight Polo Pony class at the Country Polo Pony show in Ranelagh.
In September 1928 Philip married Nancy Winterbottom.
An October 1928 article in The Times reported "Major and Mrs. Philip Magor have arrived at Newnton Priory, Tetbury, which they have taken for the hunting season."
On November 1929 it reported "Major and Mrs. Philip Magor have left for Egypt and will not return to England until April."
By 1933 he was importing polo ponies from Argentina to the Roehampton Polo Club.
In August 1934 The Times article on the London polo season said "Major P. Magor, who has been playing polo probably longer than he cares to think about but who seems to get younger every year, had a great season with his Panthers team." And went on to itemize his victories.
After polo he got into horse racing.
On 12-25-1934 Philip arrived in NYC on the ship Aquitania from Southampton; he traveled alone, lived at Cuckfield Park. His wife's name was listed on the manifest but crossed out.
On 11-27-1935 he and Nancy arrived in NYC on the ship Aquitania. They lived in London, traveled for pleasure, his occupation was "none."

The phone book for 1932 cites him as living in Newnton priory, Gloucester. In 1938 he lived in Eastleigh, Somerset; his parents had lived nearby. In 1939 he lived in Cuckfield Park, Sussex. The phone books for 1950–1971 cite him as living in Clevedown ho, Brighton rd in Brighton.
On 6-2-1971 The Times reported he left an estate worth £431,741; a racehorse owner, he lived at Lewes.

He has his own entry in Wikipedia! It cites me!

Philip MAGOR ( b. 10-1956 Nairobi, Kenya
m. 3Q 1984 Alexa Catherine VAUGHAN-LEE in Yeovil, Somerset
Parents: Richard Boycott Magor and Julia Margaret Aston.
This man is the head of Williamson Magor. His great grandfather (Richard Manuel Blamey Magor) founded the company in 1869.
The couple has several children:
Edward Charles Magor born 4-26-1985
Lara Julia Rose Magor born 6-17-1987
Antonia Grace Magor born 8-1-1990

Alexa Catherine Vaughan-Lee was born 2-14-1959 in London. Her parents were Charles Guy Vaughan-Lee (1913–1984) and Barbara Cecily Bateman (1919–1997); they married 2-4-1949 and divorced in 1969. Her father Charles was the son of Sir Charles Lionel Vaughan-Lee (1867–1928) and Rose Cecilia Llewellyn (1874–1956); they married 7-4-1895. Sir Charles was the son of Captain Vaughan Hanning Vaughan-Lee of Dillington Park (1836–1882) and Clara Elizabeth Moore; they married 8-7-1861. Captain Vaughan-Lee was the first with his surname: his father was John Lee Lee (1802–1874), his mother was Jessie Edwards-Vaughan ( –1836), he took the surname of Vaughan-Lee in 1874.

Son Edward attended Eton. In 2010 Philip and son Ed played with the Panthers polo team in the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup. Ed played in 2005 and later.
In 1992 the family company paid £2.5 million for the 1000 acre Hungerford estate in Berkshire.


In 1987 Williamson Magor became the largest private tea producer in the world. The company is now headed by Philip Magor, a fourth generation descendant of Richard Manuel Blamey Magor. The WM company has websites: and

An overview of the Assam tea industry in which Williamson Magor began provides a context for their achievements.


In the 1850s, British tea planters discovered the game polo in Manipur on the Burmese border with India, as it was played by the locals. In 1859 they formed the Cachar Club, the first polo club in the world, at Silchar, Assam. Other clubs followed, including the Jorhat Gymkhana Club and, in 1862, the Calcutta Polo Club. Polo spread rapidly after a British Army officer stationed in India saw a match early in 1866 and immediately formed a team from among his fellow officers. The first game was played in England in 1870. By 1875 English matches at Richmond Park and Hurlingham attracted more than 10,000 spectators. Polo was introduced to America in 1876; the first club, Meadowbrook Polo Club on Long Island, was formally incorporated in 1881.

Odds and Ends

The Cattley family, of whom Francis Myles Sandys-Lumsdaine (who married Edith Louise Magor, daughter of RMB) is a descendant, had connections to Cuckfield, where Laura Constance (Clirehugh) Winterbottom, mother of Nancy (Winterbottom) Magor, lived in the 1930s.

The ancestry of Janetta Alba Paynter, who married Richard Boycott Magor, is detailed in The William the Conqueror Database.

Notes for the Reader

Key dates are specified in MM-DD-CCYY format.

Date abbreviations: abt.: about b.: born bap.: baptized m.: married div.: divorced sep.: separated d.: died bur.: buried

Ancestry of Elizabeth Manuell Blamey

This is the ancestry of Elizabeth Manuell Blamey, mother of Richard Manuel Blamey Magor who founded Williamson Magor. My thanks to Online Parish Clerks for Gwennap in Cornwall,, the Online Parish Clerks for Cornwall,, and to Sarah Batchelor, a Magor descendant.

This family lived in Cornwall, a county in the southwestern corner of England. They lived in several places including Gwennap, Truro, and Kenwyn. Gwennap is a village and civil parish in Cornwall. In the 18th and early 19th centuries Gwennap parish was the richest copper mining district in Cornwall, and was called the "richest square mile in the Old World." Truro is a city—the only city— and a civil parish, located in the center of western Cornwall and northeast of Gwennap. Kenwyn is a settlement and a civil parish, currently a suburb of Truro and located on its western side.

Gwennap was originally bounded by: on the north by St Agnes & detached part of Kenwyn and Kea, on the east by Perranarworthal, on the south by Stithians, on the west by Wendron & Redruth.

Unloess noted otherwise, baptism and burials were done at the local Anglican parish church.

Philip Blamey was likely the child baptized 3-10-1776 in Gwennap, son of James and Martha Blamey; d. 1847 age 72 in Cusgarne; bur. 9-16-1847 Gwennap. Was a woolstapler at the time of his marriage.

m. 11-13-1799 Elizabeth Manuell at Kenwyn, Cornwall, witnessed by Philip Manuell and James Hicks; groom lived in Gwennap, bride lived in Kenwyn. Born 1776; bap. 6-18-1776 Gwennap; d. 1840 of "bursting of an imposthume" (abcess) at Cusgarne, age 64; bur. 1-3-1840 in Gwennap, age 64. Daughter of Richard Manuell and Elizabeth Hambley who married 2-10-1766 at Gwennap and had five children between 1770 and 1784.
11 children
i. Elizabeth Martha Blamey, bap. 4-27-1800 Perranarworthal; bur. 1-3-1802 Gwennap.
ii. Elizabeth Martha Blamey, bap. 5-14-1802 Perranarworthal (mother named Betsy); bur. 7-19-1803 Gwennap.
iii. Elizabeth Martha Blamey, bap. 5-2-1805 Gwennap; a Martha Blamey was bur. 7-17-1805 Gwennap.
iv. James Blamey, bap. 5-25-1806 Gwennap; a James Blamey was bur. 7-12-1812 Gwennap.
v. Sophia Blamey, bap. 7-24-1808 Gwennap.
vi. Elizabeth Manuell Blamey, b. 1810 Gwennap; bap. 10-28-1810 Gwennap. Lived Cusgarne, Gwennap. Wife of Martin Magor.
vii. Rosina Blamey, bap. 9-20-1812 Gwennap.
viii. Jane Blamey, bap. 9-11-1814 in Gwennap (father a butcher, living in Cusgarne).
ix. Philip Blamey, bap. 8-13-1815 in Gwennap (father a miner, living in Cusgarne).
x. Richard Manuell Blamey, bap. 7-19-1818 Gwennap (father a butcher, living in Cusgarne); bur. 5-15-1855 age 38 in Gwennap.
xi. Catherine Blamey, bap. 10-1-1821 Gwennap (father a butcher, living in Cusgarne).

Martin Magor was bap. 3-25-1777 Kenwyn; died 6-20-1858 age 81. He was a yeoman of Kea (1804) and a draper. His parents were Martin Magor (1745–1823) and Thomasin (1735–1818) who lived in Kenwyn, Cornwall.

m. 8-30-1804 Elizabeth (Betsy) Burrall at Illogan. Bettsey Burrall was baptized 6-11-1785 at Illogan. Her parents were William and Elizabeth Burrall. She died before 1841.
6 children
i. John Trezidden Magor, b. 2-28-1806; bap. 5-28-1806 St. Mary, Truro; d. 3-1842.
ii. Martin Magor, b. 6-27-1810; bap. 10-11-1810 St. Mary, Truro; d. 2-27-1899 Truro age 88.
m. 11-21-1839 Elizabeth Manuell Blamey of Cusgarne, Gwennap, witnessed by Louisa Blamey and Elizabeth Burrall Magor (I believe she was Martin Magor's mother). Born 1810 Gwennap; bap. 10-28-1810 Gwennap; d. 1Q 1895 Truro age 85. Parents Philip Blamey and Elizabeth Manuell.
4 children
i. Elizabeth Blamey Magor, b. 9-30-1840 Kenwyn; bap. 1-25-1841 Wesleyan-Methodist Church, Truro; d. 3Q 1912 Truro age 71 unmarried.
ii. Martin Magor, b. abt. 1840 Kenwyn; d. 1927. In 1861 was apprentice druggist. Married Louisa.
iii. Richard Manuel Blamey Magor, b. 9-28-1843 Truro; bap. 6-21-1844 St Clements St Chapel (Bible Christian), Truro. Founded Williamson Magor.
iv. Louisa Blamey Magor, b. Kenwyn; bap. 6-11-1854 Bible Christian Chapel, Truro; d. 1Q 1940 Truro age 85 unmarried.
iii. Elizabeth Burrall Magor, bap. 3-6-1813 St. Mary, Truro. She was living with her father in 1841 and 1851.
iv. William Magor, bap. 9-14-1815; bur. 5-14-1816 St. Mary, Truro.
v. Thomasin Magor, b. 7-3-1817 Truro; bap. 7-25-1817 St. Mary, Truro.
vi. Grace Magor, b. 5-19-1819; bap. 6-18-1819 St. Mary, Truro.

Note that the surname Manuell was earlier spelled with 2 Ls and later with 1 L. I have been unable to determine if the difference originated with the family or the transcriber. Richard Manuel Blamey Magor's name has been spelled both ways; his birth record has two Ls, his subsequent appearance in the historical record has been primarily with one L, I have spelled the older names here with 2 Ls.


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