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These musings—blog entries—are for the year 2002. Other years can be accessed from the blog's home page, use the link in the upper right.

The 2000–2001 energy crisis in California
The energy crisis in California. I watched this from inside the main utility company of northern California. I eventually came to see the value of regulated utilites, and gave up my interest in the Libertarian party. (1-2-2002)
Consitutional republic and law in the USA
Are we really free? This is a question I think about these days. I've noticed that there are several kinds of freedom: economic, political, religious, social, familial. I keep wondering if the current situation was intended by our founding fathers and if it is a direct result of our Constitution. I doubt it. Clearly my high school civics class did not treat this subject with any honesty or depth. . . . (1-6-2002)
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