Are we really free?

This is a question I think about these days. I've noticed that there are several kinds of freedom: economic, political, religious, social, familial. I keep wondering if the current situation was intended by our founding fathers and if it is a direct result of our Constitution. I doubt it. Clearly my high school civics class did not treat this subject with any honesty or depth.

My interest in what the Constitution really said and how it has been subverted in modern law grows. These links provide lots of information about this subject.

Heads up! Friends have cautioned me to keep a low profile about some of these ideas, fearing that the powers that be tolerate no threats. The part of me that does not automatically dismiss conspiracy theories takes heed. This site has an interesting collection of essays and links. I especially liked the essay "The Social Contract and Constitutional Republics".

Bouvier Law Dictionary, all online all the time, is an important reference. The law is precise and is grounded on definitions. You have to speak the lingo to get the best results.

Written: 1-6-2002. Revision: 1-14-2006.