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My Doreys originated on Jersey, a Channel Island; the earliest known are from 1690. Philip Cyrus Dorey, my great-great-grandfather, married Margaret Leet in 1829 in Guysborough, Nova Scotia. Margaret was a descendant of William Leete, who was a descendant of William the Lion, King of Scotland (1165–1214). This page holds my ancestors from Margaret Leet to William the Lion.

I have an Acrobat version of the book The Family of William Leete compiled by Edward L. Leete and published in 1884. The book has 183 pages and was digitized by Google. It is interesting, but contains errors.

Apparently Leete, through his mother, Anna Shute, was also descended from Charlemagne. The International Society of the Descendants of Charlemagne claim Leete is a "gateway ancestor." Charlemagne was Charles I "The Great" (747–814) King of France, 768–814.

This record is a compilation of "information" published by others. It is my intent to be accurate but, as I have few first-hand records, I am susceptible to the errors of others. I apologize for any errors you may discover; please let me know and I will gladly correct them.

On April 25, 2011 I revised my compilation of the ancestors of Margaret Leet with emphasis on the women whose surnames disappeared in history. I am grateful for the assistance of Viola M. (Fraser) James who started me on this epic and has guided my work with great attention to detail and verified facts. She has researched this family for over 20 years.

From William Leete to Margaret Leet

This is the familial relationship between William Leete and his great-great-great-grandaughter Margaret Leet, wife of Philip Cyrus Dorey.

1- William Leete (1613–1683) born Dodington, Huntingtonshire, England; died Hartford, CT.
After Anne Payne died, William remarried twice: Sarah Rutherford (1670) and Mary Street.
He was a founder of Guilford, CT in 1639 and a governor of the Colony of Connecticut 1676–1683.
s- Anne Payne (1621–1668) baptized 1621 Southhoe, England; married 1638; couple had nine children in all.
Daughter of Rev. John Payne of Southhoe.

2- Andrew Leete (1643–1702) born Guilford, CT; died Guilford, CT.
s- Elizabeth Jordan (1650–1704) married 1669 Guilford, CT; died Guilford, CT; couple had six children in all.
Parents: Thomas and Dorothy Jordan.

3- Samuel Leete (1677–1751) born Guilford, CT; died Guilford, CT.
s- Hannah Graves (1699–1770) born Guilford, CT; died Guilford, CT; married 1723 Guilford, CT; couple had six children in all.
Parents: Joseph and Margaret Graves.

4- Andrew Leete (1731–1808) born 11-6-1731 Guilford, CT; died Guysborough Intervale, NS where he was buried 5-28-1808.
Andrew had seven children in all, one (Jared) by his first wife and six by his second wife.
He immigrated to Guysborough Intervale, Nova Scotia in Summer 1786, as a Loyalist, where he continued as a farmer. All children but his eldest son immigrated with him and his wife Submit. He was granted some land by the province of Nova Scotia and bought other properties. At his death he divided 1178 acres in 8 parcels in Guysborough and Manchester among his descendants. By the end of his life Andrew spelled his surname without the final "e."
s- Esther Blatchley (1742– ) born and died in Guilford, CT; married Andrew Leete 5-12-1763 Guilford (first wife). Parents: Joseph Blatchley and Esther Collins. Divorced by husband for desertion on 5-14-1769; his divorce petition was dated 8-28-1769 in Guilford.
s- Submit Doud (1742–1804) born 11-8-1742 East Guilford, CT; died 10-4-1804 Guysborough Intervale, NS. Her parents were Janna Doud (1707–1792) and Desire Cornwell (1711– ).
Submit married twice. On 2-8-1764 she married Minard Cockard, of New York. They had one child: Cassandra Cockard. On 8-30-1773 she filed a petition in Guilford to divorce Minard after he left for Boston in April 1767 with no subsequent contact or support. Submit resumed her maiden name of Doud. (Divorce was unusual in those days, especially for women.)
On 10-7-1773 Submit married Andrew Leete.
NOTE: This family is mentioned on a number of websites, often with erroneous data. My information is based on photocopies of the original records.

5- Andrew Leet (1776–1865) born Guilford, CT; died 1-16-1865 Guysborough Intervale, NS age 89.
s- Mary MacPherson (1782–1873) born New York; married 12-7-1800 Guysborough, NS; bur. 5-29-1873 Guysborough Intervale, NS; couple had 12 children in all. Her parents were James and Mary MacPherson.

6- Margaret Leet (1809– ) born Guysborough Intervale, NS.
s- Philip Cyrus Dorey (1799–1863) born St. Lawrence, Jersey; died Arichat, NS; married 1829 Guysborough, NS.

From William I the Lion, King of Scotland to William Leete

This is the familial relationship between William I and William Leete. William I was also an ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II of England and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Mr. Leete died in Hartford, CT on April 16, 1683 while the Governor of Connecticut Colony.

1- William I the Lion, King of Scotland (1143–1214), son of Henry, Earl of Huntingdon and Northumbria/Northumberland (1114–1178), and Adelaide de Warenne (Warren). Huntington was the son of Maude, the grand niece of William the Conqueror, and through his father a descendant of Scottish kings (David I, Malcolm III, and Duncan I); he was related to Macbeth. William was born in Huntington, England. He was crowned on 24 December 1165; he was of the House of Dunkeld. He had 5 legitimate children and 5 illegitimate children. He died 12-4-1214 in Stirling, Scotland.
s- Ermengarde de Beaumont (born about 1170, died 1233) Married 1186 at Woodstock Palace; daughter of Richard, Viscount of Belloment and Constance or Maud FitzRoy, illegitimate daughter of King Henry I of England. Edinburgh Castle was her dowry.
Note: At least one source claims the mother of William's daughter Isabel was Isabel Avenal (born 1138–1152, died about 1234), daughter of Richard Avenal and Sybil de Vasognes (or Valognes); she was born in Edinburgh and died in Stirling Castle, England.

2- Isabel of Scotland (born about 1150 or 1170 or 1165); her mother may have been Isabel Avenal (there are accounts both ways); the difficulty is that William apparently had two daughters named Isabel. Also known as Isabel of Dunkeld.
s- Robert III de Bruss (died about 1191); married 1183. Robert was the oldest son of Robert de Brus, 2nd Lord of Annandale. He predeceased his father. His great-great-great-nephew was his famous historical namesake, King Robert I of Scotland, known as Robert the Bruce.
s- Robert de Ros, Magna Carta Surety, Knight Templar (1177–1226; born in Helmsley (aka Hamlake), Yorkshire, England; married 1191 Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland. Parents: Everard de Ros (born about 1204) and Roese Trussebut (Rose Trusbut). Robert and Isabel had two children: William de Ros and Robert de Ros (born about 1202).

3- Sir William de Ros (1193–1264) Born Helmsley, Yorkshire, England; I have found several birth dates for William.
s- Lucy Fitz Piers (died 1266) Daughter of Piers Fitz Herbert and Alice Fitz Robert de Warkworth. Married about 1226. Had three children: Sir Robert de Ros, Sir William de Ros, and Piers Ros.

4- Sir Robert de Ros (1235–1285) 1st Lord Ros of Helmsley.
s- Isabel d'Aubigny (1235–1301) daughter of William, Lord of Belvoir and Isabel. Had 5 children: William, Robert, Isabel, Joan, and Mary.

5- William de Ros, 1st Baron of Helmsley (1255–1316) A metal fragment of a shield decoration with his heraldic arms was found at what is believed to be the 1298 camp of Edward I of England, aka Longshanks. Edward fought the Battle of Falkirk on July 22, 1298 against William Wallace, aka Braveheart, in a major engagement in the First War of Scottish Independence. William de Ros was with Edward and fought at the Battle of Falkirk. "He was continually employed in the Scotch Wars, till his death. In 1291 he was, for a short time, among the candidates for the throne of Scotland, by virtue of his descent from William the Lion, King of Scotland."
s- Maud Vaux (or Matilda de Vaux) (born about 1261) Married in 1287. Maud was the daughter of John de Vaux and Sibyl de Longchamps. The de Vaux family was descended from Robert de Vaux who came over from Normandy with William I of England. Had children: William, John, Thomas, George (probably), Agnes, Alice, and Margaret (possibly).

6- Agnes de Ros (1287–1328)
s- Pain de Tibetot, 1st Baron of Tibetot (also spelled Tybetot) (1279–1314) He was the son of Sir Robert de Tibetot Knight and Eva de Chaworth. Married Agnes 1298. He died in 1314 at the Battle of Bannockburn, Scotland, at age 34 years; he fell in battle. This couple has one child: John.

7- John de Tibetot, 2nd Baron of Tibetot (1313–1367)
s- Elizabeth Aspall (born about 1318) Daughter of Sir Robert Aspall. One child: Pain.

8- Sir Pain de Tibetot (born about 1348) Younger son of his father's second wife, was knighted about 1386. Died soon after March 21, 1412/1413.
s- Agnes Wrothe (born about 1358) Daughter of John Wrothe and Nether Wallop Buckland. Died before 1413. Children: John and Elizabeth.

9- Elizabeth de Tibetot
s- Sir John Daneys (born 1375) Children: Robert, Jane, and Elizabeth.

10- Elizabeth Daneys (born about 1415)
s- William Haselden (also spelled Hasilden) (1411–1480) Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire. Son and heir of Thomas Hasilden and his wife Elizabeth Colville. Children: John, George, and Richard.

11- John Heselden (born about 1448) Died before 1505.
s- Elizabeth Cheney (born about 1446) Daughter of John Cheney, Knight of Fen Ditton, Cambridgeshire, and Elizabeth Rempston. Children: Francis, Anthony, Katherine, and Grace.

12- Anthony Haselden
s- Jane Marshall

13- Beatrice Haselden
s- Robert Freville (died 1521; apparently there is some doubt of Robert's wife, may not be Beatrice)

14- Thomasine Freville (Ann Thomasine Margaret Freville) (1474–1562) Born in Shelford, Nottinghamshire and died in Cambridgeshire.
s- Christopher Burgoyne (1474–1562) Son of Thomas Burgoyne and Elizabeth Stafferton. Inherited Colvilles manor in Long Stanton, Cambridgeshire, and also acquired a manor in Oakington. A lawyer of an Oakington family. Two children: Thomasine and Christopher.

15- Thomasine Burgoyne (1537–1577) Born Midlow Grange, Huntingdon.
s- Robert Shute (1528–1590) Son of Christopher Shute of Oakington. Said to have been born in Gargrave, Yorkshire, and to have been educated at Christ's College, Cambridge. Began legal career in 1552, where he acquired a considerable reputation. Seven children: Francis, Robert, Jane, John, Thomas, Christopher, and Anne.

16- Anne Shute (1580–1650) Died in Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire aged 73.
s- John Leete (1575–1648) born Dodington, England; father Thomas Leete (1569–1616) born Oakington; mother Maria Slade born Rushton, married 1568, died 1610. John and Anne had 3 children: William, John, and Ann.

17- William Leete (1613–1683) born Dodington, England; died Hartford, CT


William Leete is claimed as a descendant of Charlemagne through his ancestor William the Lion of Scotland.

The man known as Charlemagne, meaning Charles the Great, was born about 742 and died 814. He was King of the Franks from 768 and Emperor of the Romans from 800 to his death in 814. He expanded the Frankish kingdom into an empire that incorporated much of Western and Central Europe and helped define both Western Europe and the Middle Ages. Today he is regarded not only as the founding father of both French and German monarchies, but also as the father of Europe: his empire united most of Western Europe for the first time since the Romans.

Charlemagne was the son of King Pepin the Short and Bertrada of Laon. He had ten wives or concubines and twenty children. Only four grandsons were legitimate.

Ada de Warenne, William the Lion's mother, was descended from Henry I of France (1008–1060). Henry was a descendant of Robert I of France (866–923). Robert was a descendant of Charlemagne. This is outlined in an ascendancy of Samuel Peyton Cason, Jr. born 1917 in Norfolk, VA:
Robert's wife Beatrix de Vermandois was the daughter of Herbert I de Vermandois (850–902).
Herbert I de Vermandois was the son of Pepin, Count of Senlis (817–after 850).
Pepin, Count of Senlis was the son of Bernard, King of Italy (797–818).
Bernard, King of Italy was the son of Pepin, King of Italy (773–810).
Pepin, King of Italy was the son of Charlemagne and Hildegarde of Swabia, his second wife.


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