Dorey Family of Susan J. Dorey: Ann Dorey

My Doreys originated in Jersey, a Channel Island; the earliest known are from 1690. They moved to Arichat on Isle Madame in the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia in the early 1800s.

This page addresses the family of Ann Dorey, seventh child of Philippe Dorey who was born 1718 in Jersey. Ann was born in Nova Scotia where she married two men and had nine children. Her name in the French records was "Agnes", which is synonymous with Nancy and Anne. Until recently I called her "NancyAnn" but have switched to "Ann" which is the name on her tombstone.

On Prince Edward Island townships were called "Lots." Lot 64, where the LeLacheurs and Robins lived, included communities named Murray Harbor and Guernsey Cove, among others. According to a 1881 Prince Edward Island census, many LeLacheurs were Methodists. Some were Presbyterians. In 1861 1,399 people lived in Lot 64.

There are always mysteries in the lives of the people who lived a very long time ago. Two that intrigue me about this family are (1) what was the ancestry of Ann's first husband John Robin? and (2) how did she meet her second husband, James LeLacheur, who lived on Prince Edward Island? As of September 2010, after researching the Robin families of PEI, I believe John Robin had a family relationship with the Thomas Robin who witnessed Ann's marriage to James, and that it was that relationship that brought Ann to PEI in the first place.


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At A Glance

In the Beginning

5 Ann DOREY (1816–1857) was born in Aichat, Nova Scotia, died Prince Edward Island (PEI). Parents were Philippe Dorey and Elizabeth Williams.
first husband John ROBIN (1807–1837) married 1832 Arichat, NS
second husband James LeLACHEUR (1810–1868) married 1840 PEI; lived Lot 64, PEI

First Generation

5.1 John ROBIN (1833–1833)
5.2 John ROBIN (1834–1899) born NS, died NH
5.3 Daniel ROBIN (1837– ) born NS, died NH
5.4 Charles LeLACHEUR (1841–1902)
5.5 Elizabeth Ann LeLACHEUR (1843–1890)
5.6 Jane Amy LeLACHEUR (1846– )
5.7 Clarissa Jane LeLACHEUR (1849–1910)
5.8 James LeLACHEUR (1850–1874)
5.9 John David George LeLACHEUR (1853–1924)

List of Family Members

The following table itemizes these people and their descendants.

5 Ann DOREY b. 3-1816 Arichat, NS
m1. 8-29-1832 John ROBIN at St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS
m2. 4-1-1840 James LeLACHEUR in PEI (or 4-23-1840)
d. 5-3-1857 Guernsey Cove, PEI
bur. Murray Harbor Anglican Church, Murray Harbor, PEI
Her name, as written in both English and French in the church records, has been transcribed as Nancy, Ann, Anne, and Agnes. I have decided to use the name on her tombstone: Ann.
Tombstone inscription: "Ann Dorey, dau. of Phillip Dorey & Elizabeth Williams, his wife, and wife of John Robbin. All of Arichat, Cape Breton. But lastly wife of James LeLacheur of Guernsey Cove, P.E.I., died May 3, 1857. Ae. 41 yrs., 2 mos." According to "Guernsey Cove: A Community of Homesteads" the gravestones of Ann and James "are the only ones which remain intact in the overgrown and neglected Anglican churchyard in Murray Harbour."
5 -1 John ROBIN b. abt. 1807
m. 8-29-1832 St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS
d. 1837 drowned, age 30 years
bur. 8-28-1837 St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS
Was a shoemaker in West Arichat (then called Little Arichat) when his children were born in 1834 and 1837. Lived in West Arichat at time of death.
5 -2 James LeLACHEUR b. 9-20-1810 Murray Harbor, PEI
m. 4-1-1840 PEI (or 4-23-1840)
d. 6-7-1868 Murray Harbor, PEI
bur. Murray Harbor Anglican Church, Murray Harbor, PEI
Father: Jean (John) LeLACHEUR b. 11-25-1771 St. Peter Port, Guernsey; d. 2-20-1860 Guernsey Cove, PEI; bur. Murray Harbour South Cemetery, Lot 64, PEI. His parents: Elizee LeLACHEUR (1742–1799) and Marthe VALLETT (1749–1800).
Mother: Elizabeth WINDSOR b. 2-14-1774 St. Peter Port, Guernsey; d. 1-7-1849 Lot 64, PEI; bur. Murray Harbour South Cemetery, Lot 64, PEI. Her father: David WINDSOR b. abt. 1748 Guernsey; her mother: Elizabeth RENOUF b. Guernsey.
James' parents had 11 children in all, the last 4 were born in Murray Harbor, PEI:
Jean (John) Windsor LeLacheur b. 1-26-1792 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Elizabeth LeLacheur b. 10-12-1796 St. Peter Port, Guernsey; d. 1-15-1800 Guernsey
Harriett Norcomb LeLacheur b. 6-23-1798 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Elizee (Elisha) LeLacheur b. 5-29-1800 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Batholomew LeLacheur b. 5-19-1802 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Elizabeth LeLacheur b. 5-1804 St. Peter Port, Guernsey
David Windsor LeLacheur b. 10-20-1806 Murray Harbour, PEI
Charles LeLacheur b. 9-20-1810 Murray Harbour, PEI (twin to James)
Ann LeLacheur b. 12-31-1812 Murray Harbour, PEI
Jane LeLacheur b. 2-20-1815 Murray Harbour, PEI
James' parental family was one of the first settlers of PEI. They arrived with seven other families from Guernsey in 1806 on their own vessel, Neptune. The ship arrived Charlottetown on May 15. They settled on Lot 64 at the invitation of its proprietor, John Cambridge. In 1832 Jean LeLacheur sold his farm in Murray Harbor South and bought one on 100 acres in Guernsey Cove, where he built a new house in which he lived until his death at age 92; in 1835 he added a 999-year lease on 50 additional acres.
James' marriage to Ann was witnessed by John LeLacheur, Thomas Robin, and Finley MacLean (according to Anna Lee Hogan). (Thomas Robin was an immigrant from Guernsey who had married Jane LeLacheur, James' sister, in 1836.)
James was a blacksmith and farmer.
5.1 John ROBIN b. 1833 Arichat, NS
bap. 9-12-1833 St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS
d. 9-1833 age 2 months
bur. 9-15-1833 St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS
5.2 John ROBIN b. 1834 Little Arichat, NS
bap. 10-19-1834 St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS
m. Chestina Ann WILSON in NH; Chestina was b. 8-1835 NH
d. 6-27-1899 Bartlett, NH
John went to PEI with his mother where he grew to adulthood. As a young man he moved to New Hampshire where he married and had two children:
John C. Robin born 8-1859 NH,
Chestina A. Robin born 10-1875 NH.
In 1860 John and Chestina lived in Bartlett, NH with son John age 1 month (census done 7-6-1860, so if census was correct, son John was born 6-1860); John was 26, born PEI, a tanner.
In 1870 John and Chestina lived in Bartlett, NH with son John (12); John was 36, born England, a tanner.
In 1880 John and Chestina lived in Bartlett, NH; according to the census, he was born England to parents born England, his occupation was carpenter.
5.3 Daniel ROBIN b. 1837 Little Arichat, NS
bap. 3-8-1837 St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS
m. 2-3-1859 Ruhamah CLEMENTS in PEI (I found a second date of 1-29-1859)
d. before 1900
Ruhamah CLEMENTS was b. 8-11-1839 Murray Harbour, daughter of William CLEMENTS and Mary Ann SENCABAUGH; her birth is recorded in the Methodist Register of Baptisms, Murray Harbour. William Clements (ca. 1814–1890) was born in Bristol, England and immigrated to PEI in his youth, and settled in Murray Harbor South. Mary Ann Sencabaugh (1813–1856) was the youngest daughter of William Sencabaugh, the Loyalist, and his wife Ruhamah Hughes. Mary Ann died shortly after the birth of their seventh child. William remarried Elizabeth Windsor Machon (1831–1912) and had four more children. William's will is published in the Island Register.
Daniel and Ruhamah had eleven children:
Chestina Ann Robin born 3-3-1859 PEI,
John Charles Robin born 1-6-1861 PEI,
Mary E. Robin born abt. 1863 PEI,
Margaret Robin born abt. 1866 PEI,
John P. Robin born abt. 1869 NH,
Susan H. Robin born abt. 1871 NH,
Anna B. Robin born abt. 1873 NH, (triplets?)
Hattie B. Robin born abt. 1873 NH,
Clara B. Robin born abt. 1873 NH,
Frank R. Robin born abt. 1875 NH,
William H. Robin born 12-12-1880 Conway, NH,
In 1870 Daniel and Ruhamah lived in Conway, NH with four children, all born NS [I believe the census is wrong about NS].
In 1880 Daniel and Ruhamah lived in Conway, NH with seven children (missing was Chestina, John, and Margaret), the oldest born in PEI, the others born NH.
It seems likely the first child was named after Daniel's sister-in-law.

NOTE: There is some confusion as to which Daniel Robin married Ruhamah Clements. A Daniel L. Robin was born 9-6-1838 in Guernsey Cove, PEI, the second of seven children to Jane LeLacheur (sister to James and born PEI) and Thomas Robin (born about 1807 in Guernsey). Jane and Thomas were married 2-2-1836 in PEI. This couple had seven children, the last three in Wisconsin beginning about 1847. Jane and Thomas Robin were living in WI in 1850 with their seven children. Their son Daniel lived in Elk, Iowa in 1860 and married Jane Alexander on 9-12-1870 in La Crosse, WI. Contrary to several other genealogists, I believe he was NOT the husband of Ruhamah Clements.
5.4 Charles LeLACHEUR b. 9-2-1841 Guernsey Cove, PEI
d. 7-3-1902 Guernsey Cove, PEI
5.4 -1 Charlotte Jane SENCABAUGH b. 3-29-1837 White Sands, PEI
m. 1-28-1863
d. 5-18-1877
5.4 -2 Maria MacLEOD b. 1849
m. 2-6-1878
d. 8-9-1893
5.4 -3 Ellen McLURE b. 9-19-1844
m. 10-30-1894
d. 4-19-1918
A widow when she married Charles. Her maiden name is unknown.
5.4.1 Maria Ann LeLACHEUR b. 11-9-1863
d. 1953
5.4.1 -1 William KEEPING b. 10-17-1855
m. 1885; 7 children
d. 1938
5.4.2 Embert Windsor LeLACHEUR b. 7-5-1866 Murray Harbor, PEI
d. 1921
5.4.2 -1 Euphemia Jean BEATON b. 5-20-1865
m. ; 5 children
d. 9-26-1935
5.4.3 Margaret Jane LeLACHEUR b. 10-7-1869
d. 1916
5.4.3 -1 Elisha Thomas BECK b. 10-13-1869
m. ; 4 children
d. 5-10-1944 drowned
5.4.4 Clara Elizabeth LeLACHEUR b. 8-29-1871
5.4.5 Charles Wesley LeLACHEUR b. 12-5-1873
d. before 1881
5.4.6 Frederick Charles LeLACHEUR b. 12-13-1875 Murray Harbor, PEI
d. 4-9-1926
bur. Murray Harbor, PEI
5.4.6 -1 Etta Blanche HOWE b. 1881 Murray Harbor, PEI
m. 5-9-1903 Murray Harbor, PEI; 4 children
d. 1974
5.4.7 Bessie Serena LeLACHEUR b. 12-11-1878
d. 11-22-1947
5.4.7 -1 Lorin BREHAUT b. 12-15-1886
d. 1936
5.4.8 Percy MacLeod LeLACHEUR b. 1-19-1880
d. 1934
5.4.8 -1 Minnie Elsie BELL b. 7-24-1881
m. 9-26-1909; 6 children
d. 12-15-1933
5.4.9 Charlotte Jane LeLACHEUR b. 9-2-1881
d. 1958
5.4.9 -1 Thomas W. HODGSON b.
m. 6-1917; 1 child
5.4.10 Herman LeLACHEUR b. 7-5-1883
d. 1-1938
5.4.10 -1 Louise ? b.
m. ; 1 child
5.4.11 Garnet LeLACHEUR b. 12-17-1884
d. 2-21-1940
5.4.11 -1 Margaret White MacFARLAND b. 5-12-1893
m. 11-22-1919; 3 children
d. 4-28-1969
5.4.12 Florence LeLACHEUR b. 4-21-1886
d. 6-1895
5.4.13 Ella LeLACHEUR b. 2-1-1888
5.4.13 -1 James BOONE b.
5.4.14 Silas James LeLACHEUR b. 10-1-1889
5.4.14 -1 Mildred LATIMER b.
m. ; 1 child
5.4.15 Harry LeLACHEUR b. 9-9-1891
5.5 Elizabeth Ann LeLACHEUR b. 1843 Guernsey Cove, PEI
d. 1890
5.5 -1 James W. BELL b. 10-8-1842
m. 4-3-1867
d. 1908
5.5.1 Margaret A. BELL b. 1-10-1868
d. 1944
5.5.1 -1 David GLOVER b. 4-5-1857
m. 10-6-1887; 7 children
d. 1944
5.5.2 John BELL b. abt. 1870
5.5.3 William H. BELL b. 1873
d. 1875
5.5.4 Ernest George BELL b. 1-27-1876
d. 4-12-1961
5.5.4 -1 Margaret Ella HILL b. 9-9-1882
m. ; 1 child
d. 5-26-1963
5.5.5 Robert Charters BELL b. 11-16-1878
5.5.6 Annie Marie BELL b. 12-22-1880
5.6 Jane Amy (Jemima Anne) LeLACHEUR b. 2-6-1846 Guernsey Cove, PEI
5.6 -1 James HAYTER b. 5-27-1842
m. 12-23-1863
5.7 Clara (Clarissa) Jane LeLACHEUR b. 1849 PEI
d. 1-19-1910 White Sands, PEI
bur. Murray Harbour Cemetery, PEI
She was mentioned in the 1864 will of Ann Dorey's mother Elizabeth (Williams) Dorey.
5.7 -1 John Thomas JOHNSTON b. 1844
m. 12-21-1870 White Sands, PEI
d. 12-27-1908 White Sands, PEI
Parents: David JOHNSTON and Henrietta DICKSON. Farmer-fisherman.
5.7.1 William Howard JOHNSTON b. 5-23-1875 White Sands, PEI
d. 6-8-1974 Prividence, RI
5.7.1 -1 Sarah Emma BRYDEN b. 9-2-1874
m. ; 2 children
d. 1-11-1972 Providence, RI
5.7.2 Arthur Osburne JOHNSTON b. 8-20-1877 White Sands, PEI
bap. 12-9-1877 Murray Harbour, PEI by A. E. LePage
d. 2-28-1902
5.7.3 James David JOHNSTON b. 10-28-1879 White Sands, PEI
d. 1-14-1949 Seekonk, MA
bur. 1949 Rehoboth, MA
Auto mechanic.
5.7.3 -1 Sarah Jane MacDONALD b. 11-18-1880 Hopewell Hill, NB
m. 11-18-1907 Providence, RI; 4 children
d. 8-25-1958 Seekonk, MA
bur. 1958 Rehoboth, MA
Mother: Sarah MacDONALDwas living in Hopewell Hill at the time of the 1881 census with Murdock Smith. He was 20 years her senior and it seems was the father of the 5 children she had at that time. In the next census there was no record of them in N.B. so a researcher presumes they had moved to Truro.
5.7.4 Minnie J. JOHNSTON b. 2-18-1881 White Sands, PEI
d. 12-12-1893 White Sands, PEI
5.7.5 George Rudolph JOHNSTON b. 4-19-1885 White Sands, PEI
d. 1984
5.7.5 -1 Delphina E. DOTT b. 12-31-1884
m. 9-1-1905; 2 children
5.7.6 Albert Victor JOHNSTON b. 9-21-1887 White Sands, PEI
d. 10-4-1954 Charlottetown, PEI
bur. 1954 Charlottetown, PEI
5.7.6 -1 Sarah (Sadie) MacPHERSON b. 8-17-1892 High Bank, PEI
m. 7-14-1912 High Bank, PEI; 3 children
d. 1-8-1982 Charlottetown, PEI
5.8 James LeLACHEUR b. 4-25-1850 Guernsey Cove, PEI
d. 1-31-1874 of TB
5.9 John David George LeLACHEUR b. 8-26-1853 Murray Harbor, PEI
d. 6-29-1924
5.9 -1 Mary NICHOLSON b. 1861 Kilmuir, PEI
m. 3-29-1879
d. 1-30-1895
Her parents were born on Isle of Skye, Scotland and died in Valleyfield, PEI
5.9 -2 Sarah McAULAY b. 5-18-1871
m. 8-9-1900
d. 6-17-1903
5.9.1 Lorne Wesley LeLACHEUR b. 1880
d. 1944
5.9.1 -1 Flora NICHOLSON b.
m. 2-14-1900
5.9.1 -2 Annie KURALOWICH b.
m. 1908
5.9.2 Windsor LeLACHEUR b. 1883
d. 1906
Lived in Saskatchewan.
5.9.3 Daniel C. N. LeLACHEUR b. 5-27-1889
d. 10-2-1889
5.9.4 Emerson Dunbar LeLACHEUR b. 10-29-1890
5.9.4 -1 M. McINTOSH b.
m. ; 3 children
5.9.5 Roland LeLACHEUR b. 12-25-1901
d. 7-12-1958
bur. Murray Harbor South, PEI
5.9.5 -1 Mildred Anne WHITE b. 7-23-1907 Abney, PEI
m. 1-1-1929; 2 children
d. 5-29-1991 Murray Harbor South, PEI

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