Dorey Family of Susan J. Dorey: Doreys in Jersey

My Doreys originated in Jersey, an island in the English Channel; the earliest known are from 1460. They moved to Arichat on Isle Madame in the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia, and from there to Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Massachusetts, Oregon, and California.


At A Glance

The first known Dorey was Matthieu DOREY born about 1690 in Jersey. He married Catherine RICHARDSON on 4-4-1717 in Trinity, Jersey and had two children born in Jersey:

Son Matthieu married Elizabeth Le SUEUR on 10-27-1742 in St. Peter, Jersey and had eight children born in St. Lawrence, Jersey:

Of these eight children, all I really know about is Philippe who had two wives, eight children, and immigrated to Nova Scotia (NS).

There is a family pedigree diagram of the earliest Doreys. It is composed of one page of boxes arranged in an upside-down tree structure. This file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format for which you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free from Adobe).

List of Family Members

The following table itemizes each of these people. Other web pages deal with the individual children of Philippe Dorey.

1 Matthieu DOREY b. abt. 1690 Jersey
m. 4-4-1717 Catherine RICHARDSON in Trinity, Jersey
Jean DOREY, b. 1717
Matthieu DOREY, b. 1718
1 -1 Catherine RICHARDSON b. Trinity, Jersey
bap. Trinity Parish Church, Jersey
m. 4-4-1717 Matthieu DOREY in Trinity, Jersey
1.1 Jean DOREY b. 1717
1.2 Matthieu DOREY b.
bap. 3-22-1718 Trinity, Jersey
m. 10-27-1742 Elizabeth Le SUEUR in St. Peter, Jersey (also 2-20-1742)
Elizabeth DOREY, b. 1744 St. Lawrence, Jersey
Ann DOREY, b. 1746
Francois DOREY, b. 1747 St. Lawrence, Jersey
Elizabeth DOREY, b. 1750 St. Lawrence, Jersey
Philippe DOREY, b. 1753 St. Lawrence, Jersey
Jean DOREY, b. 1755 St. Lawrence, Jersey
Charles DOREY, b. 1757 St. Lawrence, Jersey
Elizabeth DOREY, b. 1760 St. Lawrence, Jersey
1.2 -1 Elizabeth Le SUEUR b.
m. 10-27-1742 Matthieu DOREY in St. Peter, Jersey
1.2.1 Elizabeth DOREY b. 4-1-1744 St. Lawrence, Jersey
d. died young
1.2.2 Ann DOREY b. 1746
bap. 3-18-1746
1.2.3 Francois DOREY b. 11-29-1747 St. Lawrence, Jersey
1.2.4 Elizabeth DOREY b. 7-1-1750 St. Lawrence, Jersey
d. died young
1.2.5 Philippe DOREY b. 1753 St. Lawrence, Jersey
bap. 2-22-1753 St. Lawrence, Jersey
m1. 10-27-1798 Judith Le SCELLEUR in St. Lawrence, Jersey
m2. 12-17-1807 Elizabeth WILLIAMS in St. Mary, Jersey
d. 3-2-1847 Arichat, NS (age 75 per church records, may be a different Philip or, more likely, the age is wrong)
bur. St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS
Philip Cyrus DOREY, b. 1799
Jane DOREY, b. 1801
Nancy DOREY, b. ?
George DOREY, b. 1805
Elizabeth DOREY, b. 1807
George DOREY, b. 1810
Nancy DOREY, b. 1815 St. Lawrence, Jersey
Ann DOREY, b. 1816 Arichat, Nova Scotia
Caroline DOREY, b. 1819
There is in the Jersey Heritage Trust L/C/40 Janvrin Family Collection a letter in French from Philippe Dorey, Arichat, to Jean Jeanvrin [Janvrin], St Aubin. The letter talks about the transport of trees and potatoes by ship. Applied Seal 09-11-1825.
1.2.5 -1 Judith Le SCELLEUR b. 11-2-1777
m. 10-27-1798 Philippe DOREY in St. Lawrence, Jersey
d. 7-30-1807 St. Helier, Jersey (day after daughter Elizabeth was born)
Parents: Nicholas Le Scelleur (1751—1777) and Judith Le Lievre, m. 12-18-1776. Her surname was sometimes spelled Le Seelleur.
1.2.5 -2 Elizabeth WILLIAMS b. abt. 1794 Guernsey
m. 12-17-1807 Philippe DOREY in St. Mary, Jersey
d. West Arichat, NS age 70
bur. 5-28-1864 St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS
The 1788 census has no Williams in Jersey. Philip Cyrus DOREY bap. 9-29-1799 St. Lawrence, Jersey
m. 5-7-1829 Margaret LEET in Guysborough, NS
d. 12-6-1863 Arichat, NS
bur. St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS Jane DOREY b. 3-2-1801 St. Helier, Jersey
m1. 6-9-1823 Charles Frederick LATTEMORE in Guysborough, NS
m2. Donald MacPHERSON in Arichat, NS
d. 7-2-1872 Arichat or Cap la Ronde, NS
bur. St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS as Jane Doré Lattemore Nancy DOREY b. St. Helier, Jersey
d. 6-20-1808 George DOREY b. 9-25-1805 St. Helier, Jersey
d. 7-7-1808 Elizabeth DOREY bap. 7-29-1807 St. Helier, Jersey
m. 5-29-1831 John Thomas DIXON in Arichat, NS
d. 10-11-1870 Arichat, NS
bur. St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS George DOREY son of Elizabeth Williams
b. abt. 1810 Jersey
m1. 1-2-1838 Christian CAMERON in Arichat, NS
m2. 1-20-1842 Charlotte Bellefontaine PETITPAS in Arichat, NS
d. 12-1-1883 Isle Madame, NS
bur. St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS
May have been born at sea. Ann DOREY daughter of Elizabeth Williams
b. 3-1816 Arichat, NS
m1. 8-29-1832 John ROBIN in Arichat, NS
m2. 4-1-2840 James LeLACHEUR in Prince Edward Island
d. 5-3-1857 Guernsey Cove, PEI
bur. Anglican Church, Murray Harbor South, PEI Caroline DOREY daughter of Elizabeth Williams
bap. 9-29-1819 Christ Church, Guysborough, NS
d. 12-13-1829 Arichat, NS
bur. 12-13-1829 St. John's Anglican Church, Arichat, NS
1.2.6 Jean DOREY b. 4-27-1755 St. Lawrence, Jersey
1.2.7 Charles DOREY b. 12-11-1757 St. Lawrence, Jersey
1.2.8 Elizabeth DOREY b. 4-20-1760 St. Lawrence, Jersey
m. 10-11-1780 Raulin GAUDIN at St Saviour parish church, Jersey
Elizabeth Gaudin, b. abt. 1782
Raulin Gaudin Jr., b. abt. 1785
On 4-17-1786 Elizabeth and her husband were godparents at the baptism of Elizabeth Luce at the St. Lawrence Parish Church, Jersey.
The Jersey census of 1788 lists the following in Vingtaine de la Vallée, St. Lawrence: Raulin Gaudin 37, Elizth Dorey 27, Elizth Gaudin 6, Raulin Gaudin Junr. 1, Elizth Le Sueur 64 (likely Elizabeth Dorey's mother), Jean de la Haye 26, Elizth de la Haye 22.
In the same time and place were: Nicolas Dorey 56, Jeanne Le Veslet 58, Nicolas Dorey Junr. 20, Elizth Dorey 24. Might Nicolas be a child of Matthieu Dorey? And there also was Philippe Dorey 13.
1.2.8 -1 Raulin GAUDIN b. abt. 1751 St. Peter, Jersey
m. 10-11-1780 St Saviour parish church, Jersey
A Joseph Gaudin lived on Isle Madame, NS in 1768. He may or may not be related.

According to Latimer family legend, Jane Dorey's grandfather, who would have been Matthieu Dorey #1.2, lost his first two wives to childbirth. One wonders at the truth.

Judith Le Scelleur's Ancestors

There are many members of the Le Scelleur family in Jersey. Reposey was the original name and Le Scelleur came about because Johan Reposey's son Johan and grandfather of Johan was an official who put the seal on documents and was always referred to as Le Scelleur (The Sealer). Therefore some papers give the name as "Reposey dit Le Scelleur" meaning "Reposey called the Sealer."

Le Scelleurs moved to Canada as did many other Jersey folk. Marion Turk names some living in Newfoundland, Gaspe (Quebec), Ontario, and provinces west. Variations of the name found in Canada are Le Seeleur, Le Seelleur, and Le Selleur.

Marion Turk, in The Quiet Adventurers in Canada, named Philippe Dorey's wife as "La Salir" and many people have copied this spelling. I believe that "La Salir" is a phonetic representation of "Le Scelleur."

1- Jehan Le REPOSEY living in 1463
s- ?
2- Johan Le SCELLEUR
s- ?
3- Dents Le SCELLEUR
s- ?
4- Johan Le SCELLEUR alias LE REPOSSEY living in 1537, died before 1588
s- Felice SOULLAS, died before 1588; daughter of Guilleaume SOULLAS

This couple had three children including Collas Le Selleur (also known as Collas Le Repose dit Le Scelleur) who was living in 1588, died about 1617, married Margueritte Nicolle (who died Jan. 1606) and had many descendants.

5- Johan Le SCELLEUR living 1588, died about 1635
s- ASPLET ( –Sept. 1603)
6- Jean Le SCELLEUR ( –Aug. 1611)
s- Jeanne De Le HAYE, married Nov. 15, 1609
7- Jean Le SCELLEUR (July 1610–Apr. 15, 1695)
s- Ann MACHON ( –Dec. 20, 1683)
8- Nicholas Le SCELLEUR (Feb. 2, 1639– )
s- Marie FLUET married Dec. 8, 1669
9- James Le SCELLEUR (Oct. 19, 1684– )
s- Margaret LAFFOLLET, married Feb. 28, 1702
10- George Le SCELLEUR (Dec. 17, 1703– )
s- Marie BERTRAM, married May 1, 1728
11- Nicolas Le SCELLEUR (Oct. 27, 1751–1777)
s- Judith Le LIEVRE, married Dec. 18, 1776
12- Judith Le SCELLEUR (Nov. 2, 1777–Jul. 30, 1807)
s- Philippe DOREY (Feb. 22, 1753–1847) married Oct. 27, 1798

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