Duncan Family of Susan J. Dorey

The genealogist's pleasures are the small clues which lead to new discoveries. In this case a marriage announcement prompted research into a family unknown to me. That it succeeded so well is due to new information gotten simultaneously from a cemetery. Delightful concordance!

I found a relationship between Helen Clirehugh Duncan, married in 1928, and Elizabeth (Clirehugh) Cockburn, buried in Green-Wood Cemetery in 1884.

Elizabeth Clirehugh was born in Scotland in 1803. She was a sister to Vair Clirehugh, my great-great-grandfather. Family stories have her living in New York City near Vair's family, but that was all I knew until May 15, 2008. I discovered she had at least two children, Helen and John. Helen married, had children, and has living descendants.

Here is the Duncan family descended from a Clirehugh. The family of Elizabeth Clirehugh is detailed separately.

Born 1822 Scotland.
Immigrated to NY.
Died 6-1864.
Buried 6-11-1864 Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.
Married Helen COCKBURN 5-18-1846 in NYC. Her parents were John COCKBURN and Elizabeth CLIREHUGH, both born Scotland. She died at age 31 on 5-24-1858.
Children all born NY:
George Duncan Jr. born 1847.
Helen E. Duncan born 1849.
John Duncan born 1851.
William Clirehugh Duncan born 7-1855.
In 1850 lived in Canandaigua, NY with wife Helen and children George (3) and Helen E. (1); merchant. Also in the household were William See (21, clerk) and Ann Cosgrove (22, servant). William See was likely a cousin of Alanson See whose daughter Mary later married William Clirehugh Duncan.
In 1860 lived in NYC, NY with children George Jr. (13), John (9), and William (5), and no wife; clerk.
William Clirehugh DUNCAN
Parents: George Duncan and Helen Cockburn.
Born 7-1855 NY.
Died 6-21-1917 NYC.
Married Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) SEE on 9-13-1876 Manhattan (Certificate Number 5517). Lizzie was born 6-6-1858 NYC; she may have died 12-1935. Her parents were Alanson SEE (born 3-6-1812 Thornwood, NY, died 6-1891 Tarrytown, NY) and Mary Ann HALL (born 7-1822 NY, died 1917 NY).
Had 6 children born in NY:
Marion S. Duncan born 10-26-1877 NYC.
William Alanson Duncan born 7-15-1879 NYC.
Helen (Nellie) Jessie Duncan born April 1882.
George Arthur Duncan born 6-24-1884.
Lizzie A. (Adele?) Duncan born August 1890.
James D. Duncan born May 1894.
Was President of the Greenwich Bank of New York and director since 1-6-1902.
Daughter Marion was unmarried in 1928.
Daughter Helen married Robert Percival WARD on 12-22-1909 in NYC.
Daughter Adele married Samuel Anderson McKEOWN on 2-6-1917 in NYC.
Son George married Madeline about 1908, lived in San Francisco in 1910.
Son James passed the bar exam in 6-1917.
In 1870 lived in NYC with grandmother Elizabeth Cockburn.
In 1880 lived in NYC at 241 West 11th Street with wife, children, and wife's parents.
In 1900 lived in Manhattan with wife, 6 children, and mother-in-law.
In 1910 lived in Manhattan at 101 West 85th Street with wife, 3 children, and mother-in-law.
In 1920 Lizzie lived in Manhattan at 601 West 110th Street with daughter Marion, son James, and daughter Jessie Ward (widow).
I could not find Lizzie in the 1930 census.
William Alanson DUNCAN
Parents: William Clirehugh Duncan and Lizzie See.
Born 7-15-1879 NYC.
Died 2-1969 NYC.
Married Grace McWILLIAM in 1904. She was born 3-29-1885 NYC, the daughter of John McWILLIAM (born 5-1862 NY) and Mary W. McWILLIAM (born 1863 NY, died before 1900). Grace died 7-1972 NYC.
In 1918 was Vice President of Farmers Loan & Trust Co., a predecessor of Citibank.
Had 5 children born in NY:
John V. Duncan born 11-5-1904 NYC. Died 12-9-1986 Southbury, CT.
Helen Clirehugh Duncan born 11-22-1906 NYC. Died 8-23-1992 NYC.
Frederick Geller Duncan born 4-24-1911 NYC. Died 12-18-1983 East Lyme, CT.
Christine Stirling Duncan born 8-2-1917 Rye, NY.
Jean W. Duncan born 12-28-1926 NYC.
Son John married Margaret PARSONS 6-1933 in NYC.
Son Frederick married Janet St. Clair MULLAN on 3-12-1938 in NYC.
Daughter Christine married Eric Hall MORRISON on 10-3-1940 in NYC.
Son John was married at the time of his death, a lawyer and partner in a law firm.
Son Frederick was married at the time of his death, Treasurer of the New York Life Insurance Co.
Helen Clirehugh DUNCAN
Parents: William Alanson Duncan and Grace McWilliam.
The great-great-granddaughter of Elizabeth (Clirehugh) Cockburn.
Born 11-22-1906 NY.
Married Hugh Eustis PAINE on 11-28-1928 in NY. He was born 3-20-1905, died 3-30-1973, lived 1 Beekman Place, NYC, NY and Willsboro, NY. His father: Augustus Gibson PAINE, Jr. (born 1867 NYC, died 1947). His mother: Maude Eustis POTTS (born 1865 PA).
Helen's husband was a stockbroker (partner of the brokerage firm Abbott, Proctor & Paine) and a leader in humanitarian activities in NYC.
She died 8-23-1992 in New York, NY. Buried Lakeview Cemetery, Willsboro, NY with husband.
Had two children:
Hugh Eustis Paine Jr. born 9-19-1930, died 9-30-2005.
Mary (Molly) Wheaton Paine born 1-1936 NY.
The Paine family has roots going back to Cape Cod in the 1640s.
Hugh Eustis PAINE Jr.
Parents: Hugh Eustis Paine and Helen Clirehugh Duncan.
Born 9-19-1930.
Died 9-30-2005 Forest Hills, Queens, NY.
Buried 8-13-2006 Lakeview Cemetery, Willsboro, NY.
Married Julia Kean HASKELL on 5-11-1957 at the West Point Academy Chapel. Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Farrell Haskell of New York and Garrison.
Had two children:
William Duncan Paine born 2-8-1958 NYC.
Andrew Stuyvesant Paine born 5-6-1962.
He worked for his father as a partner of the brokerage firm Abbott, Proctor & Paine.
He died of lung cancer. His obituary and family stories are on his son William's website.
Mary Wheaton PAINE (Molly)
Parents: Hugh Eustis Paine and Helen Clirehugh Duncan.
Born 1-1936 NY.
Married #1: Thomas James McGREEVY of Kansas City, MO 5-1960.
Married #2: Earl John HINDMAN.
Had three children:
Pamela McGreevy
Jessica McGreevy
Barbara-Helen McGreevy
Molly is a film and television actress.

There is a pedigree diagram of these families.

See Family

Lizzie (Mary Elizabeth) See (born 6-6-1858 NYC) married William Clirehugh Duncan on 9-13-1876 in Manhattan. Her parents were Alanson SEE, born 3-6-1812 Thornwood, NY and died 6-1891 Tarrytown, NY, and Mary Ann HALL, born 7-1822 NY and died 1917 NY. I am adding a little bit here to preserve information about her family.

In 1850 Alanson and Mary See lived in NYC, they were 38 and 30 respectively. In 1860 they were 48 and 33 respectively (whose error was Mary's age, hers or the census taker?); they lived with their daughter Mary E. See (2) and Ellen Hall (59). In 1870 they lived in NYC with Elizabeth See (12), Emma Hall (15), and Elizabeth Hall (71).

In 1880 Lizzie lived with an extended family in Manhattan at 243 West 11th Street: her parents Alanson (67) and Mary A. See (58), her husband William Clirehugh Duncan (24), her children Marion S. (2) and William A. (10 months), her mother-in-law Elizabeth (Clirehugh) Cockburn (74), her grandmother Elizabeth Hall (83), and cousin Emma Hall (25). Both Alanson and Mary See were born in NY to parents born NY. Similarly both Elizabeth Hall and Emma Hall were born in NY to parents born NY.

Alanson See was cited in a July 1890 NY Times article as the victim of a $5000 theft by two bunko men in Asbury Park.

In 1900 Mary Ann See lived in Manhattan with her daughter's family.

Alanson See died June 1891 and was buried in Green-Wood Cemetery. Mary See died March 1917 and was buried in Green-Wood Cemetery.

Alanson's parents were John (Johannes) W. SEE, b. 1-27-1772 Thornwood, NY, d. 8-31-1823 Tarrytown, NY, and Suzanne SEE, b. 5-3-1779 Tarrytown, NY and d. 3-1824 Thornwood, NY. Alanson had 13 siblings!
Nancy SEE, b: 28 DEC 1798 d: 1889
Andrew SEE, b: 24 AUG 1800 d: 6 JUL 1880
Stephen SEE, b: 28 OCT 1801 d: 1877
Barney SEE, b: 6 OCT 1803 d: 9 FEB 1875
Mahala SEE, b: 22 MAY 1806 d: 1887
Montgomery SEE, b: 31 JAN 1808 d: 4 APR 1873
Amanda SEE, b: 3 FEB 1809 d: SEP 1823
Sally Ann, SEE b: 20 OCT 1810 d: BEF AUG 1823
Henry SEE, b: 20 OCT 1813 d: 1890
Isaac Westley SEE, b: 8 MAR 1815
Maria SEE, b: 1 AUG 1819
Eliza Jane SEE, b: 22 SEP 1821 d: AUG 1831
Margaret SEE, b: 23 APR 1823 d: 29 AUG 1831

This See family is itemized at the Hudson Valley Sees on RootsWeb and and the See family home page. The site claims that the family were French Huguenots. The first See was Isaac SY, b. abt. 1634 in Calais (Picardy) France, d. before 1719. He resided at Friesenheim (in modern Germany) at the time of his marriage to Esther SY, daughter of Pierre Sy and whom resided at Mannheim, in the French Church of Mannheim on 12-11-1657. They lived in Mannheim after their marriage. They arrived in NYC perhaps on ship Diamond on 10-22-1674 (the same ship that brought Sir Edmund Andros to take over the government of New Netherland from the Dutch). Settled in Harlem near friends from Mannheim. Were granted land in Staten Island (N.E. corner Richmond Ave. and Richmond Hill Road) in 1677. Issac and Esther had four children in Mannheim and two in Staten Island, NY.

Paine Family

Hugh Eustis Paine married Helen Clirehugh Duncan in 1906. This is what I know about Hugh's family.

Richard Henry Paine (1806-1893) and Susan Stickney Colby (1803-1851); 6 children in all
....Augustus Gibson Paine (1839-1915) and Charlotte Maria Bedell (1841- )
........Augustus Gibson Paine Jr. (1866-1947) and Maude Eustis Potts (1869-1919), and Francisca Machado Warren (1891-1981)
............Augustus Gibson Paine III (1890-193x) and Dorothy Marion Quimby (1892- )
................Dorothy Quimby Paine (1913- )
................Maude E. Paine (1914- )
................Alvah Jordan Paine (1920-2007) and Doris Thompson
............George Eustis Paine (1894-1953) and Helen Ellis (1895- )
................Augustus Gibson Paine II (1919-1993) and Iris Ada Smith (1927- )
....................Helen Ellis Paine (1955- ) and Jonathan C. Keith
................George Eustis Paine Jr. (1920-1991) and Joan Widener Leidy (1923- )
....................son (1942- )
............Alexander Brooks Paine (1899- ) and Walpurga K. Reilly, and Faith Cullen (1902-2002)
................Julia K. Paine (1924- )
............Hugh Eustis Paine (1905-1973) and Helen Clirehugh Duncan (1906-1992)
................Hugh Eustis Paine Jr. (1930-2005) and Julia Kean Haskell
....................William Duncan Paine (1958- )
....................Andrew Stuyvesant Paine (1962- )
................Mary (Molly) Wheaton Paine (1936- ) and Thomas James McGreevy (1933-1991), and Earl John Hindman (1942-2003)
....................Pamela McGreevy
....................Jessica McGreevy
....................Barbara McGreevy
............Peter Standish Paine (1909-2004) and Ellen Cabeen Lea (1911-2005)
................Peter Standish Paine Jr. (1935- ) and Patty
....................Peter Standish Paine III (1963- ) and Els Maria Neukermans (1965- )
....................Lea Warren Paine (1966- ) and Ian Highet (1965- )
....................Alexander Gibson Paine
............Francisca W. Paine (1928- )

Where did they live?

Richard Henry Paine's ancestors moved to Cumberland County, Maine from Cape Cod, Massachusetts; they descended from the immigrant Thomas Paine who arrived June 1637 in Boston aboard the Mary Anne of Yarmouth, settled Yarmouth, MA in 1637, and moved to Eastham, MA in 1655. The original Paine family in Cumberland County was Richard Paine (1699-1775), his wife Phebe Merrick (abt. 1702- ), and several of their sons. They moved from Eastham on Cape Cod. Richard and Phebe moved to Gorham with sons William and Thomas, son Joseph moved to Standish, and son Richard moved to Standish or Gorham (I'm not sure which).

Richard's son Richard was the great grandfather of Augustus Gibson Paine:

Thomas Paine (1613-1706) from England and Mary Snow (1630-1704); 9 or 10 children in all
....Thomas Paine (1656-1721) and Hannah Shaw (1662-1713); 14 children in all
........Joseph Paine (abt 1667-1712) and Patience Sparrow (1675-1745); 11 children in all
............Richard Paine (1699-1775) and Phebe Merrick (abt.1702- ) lived Eastham, moved to Gorham, ME in 1770; 10 children in all, several went to ME
................Richard Paine (1736- ) married (1) Thankful Harding, went to Standish/Gorham, married (2) Elizabeth Patrick; 7 children in all
....................Josiah B. Paine (1767-1832) married 1791 Elizabeth Ayer (1771-1852) in Buxton, ME; at least 7 children
........................Richard Henry Paine (1806-1893) married 1830 Susan Stickney Colby (1803-1851) in Fryeburg, ME; 6 children in all
............................Augustus Gibson Paine (1839-1915)


Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY

The cemetery is located at 5th Avenue and 25 Street. There is a website about the gravestone inscriptions. There are two lots that hold Duncans and their in-laws:

In Lot 22930:

Alanson See 6-13-1891 father of Lizzie See who married William Clirehugh Duncan
Mary A. See 3-15-1917 mother of Lizzie See who married William Clirehugh Duncan

In Lot 22931: All of these people except the last one were originally buried in either Lot 7859 owned by the Clirehugh family or Lot 2458 Grave 210 which was a public lot for adults. They were all moved to Lot 22931 on 11-4-1879.

William Cockburn 1-21-1853 25 2458 died 1-19-1853 of phthysis, age 25yr 11mo 16 da (for a birthdate of 2-5-1827), born Scotland, lived 118 Varick; this man was likely a brother of Helen (Cockburn) Duncan.
Helen A. Duncan 2-27-1854   2458 likely the daughter of Helen (Cockburn) Duncan who was born 1849.
John H. Duncan 7-29-1854   2458 ? (not a child of Helen and George Duncan, who had a son named John born 1851 living in 1860). Perhaps a brother of George Duncan.
Helen Duncan 5-26-1858   7859 daughter of Elizabeth (Clirehugh) Cockburn and wife of George Duncan.
George Duncan 6-11-1864   7859 husband of Helen Cockburn, daughter of Elizabeth (Clirehugh) Cockburn.
John Cockburn 7-11-1872 41 7859 son of Elizabeth (Clirehugh) Cockburn. Died 7-9-1872, unmarried, last residence was 75 Varick Street, New York (where he lived with his mother from at least 1856 until his death).
Elizabeth Cockburn 10-24-1884 81 N/A Elizabeth Clirehugh. Born Scotland, died 10-21-1884, last residence was 243 West 11th Street, New York (where she lived with an extended family composed of Alanson and Mary See, their son William Duncan and his wife Lizzie See Duncan, their two young children, and Mary See's mother and cousin).

Lakeview Cemetery, Willsboro, NY


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