The Wool Bed!

The ultimate software upgrade banishes sheep deprivation. Fleece on earth, good wool to all. At last—a bed that warrants superlatives of comfortability and health: the all wool bed and bedding from Shepherd's Dream.

wool bed

Start with a wooden slatted bedframe. Add a 5" thick wool mattress made of compressed pure wool batting encased in a double-stitched wool fabric and tufted. Top the mattress with a snuggly wool pad. Next put on cotton sheets. For warmth, add a wool comforter encased in a cotton cover. Support your head and neck with wool pillows.

Advantages of wool: Wool solves every major problem you can encounter in creating a healthy, natural sleep environment for yourself and your family.

  1. The ideal combination of temperature and humidity.
  2. No more mildew problems—wool does not mildew.
  3. A dry bed—wool absorbs human perspiration during sleep and afterwards quickly expells it.

    When you sleep, your body continues to detoxify itself. The body temperature fluctuates as it detoxifies. Higher body temperature causes the skin to release moisture, (in the form of perspiration), as much as a pint a night.

  4. An effective temperature regulator—wool actively responds to your temperature. Overheating does not occur with wool, nor does it lose its ability to insulate when moist. Wool is perfect for all seasons and climates (it not only keeps us warm in cold temperatures, but it also buffers extreme heat.)
  5. This adaptability is perfect for the varying needs of partner sleeping.
  6. It provides a resilient sleeping surface—somewhat like being cuddled by your own bed! The resilience is unaffected by moisture.
  7. Wool batting will not shift, thus maintaining an even layer of fiber.
  8. A naturally flame-resistant fiber.
  9. "EcoDomestic" wool is non-allergenic—free of chemicals and bleaching.
  10. A sustainable, renewable, and cruelty-free natural fiber.

In addition to this, wool bedding reduces the heart rate. This was proved by tests done at Polytechnic Institute in Wales. From this, one can deduce that the wool-filled comforter induces a state of relaxation.

The other important point is that wool actively releases its own organic scent as well as any other smells or spills, rendering itself quite neutral within a relatively short timespan.

Exposure to sun neutralizes while at the same time revitalizes the wool fiber.

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