Industrialization of Food

Food is an essential part of human life. Our food is composed of plants and animals that grow on the earth and whose tissues contain not only their life force but also the energy of the sun and the strength of the rocks. Our bodies use that to develop and maintain our strength of life force, mental energy, and physical structure. Our birthright can only be achieved by real food.

When industrial methods are applied to food production and distribution, the essence of the food that fuels our essence is damaged and reduced. The only beneficiaries of industrial foods are the captains of industry. The rest of us are victims.

We need a model for seeing the food we eat as one stage in its growth and one stage in our growth. A model that connects us to the cycle of life and decay, that connects us to farmers and their land, crops, and animals. Such a model can provide a realistic view of ourselves on the planet as an integral component in planetary life. And help us to choose healthy foods and support the growers thereof.

Written: 12-17-2007.