Industrial Food is a Cuckoo

The cuckoo is a bird known for laying its eggs in the nests of other birds which, unknowingly, rear the offspring as their own. The cuckoo's offspring are pretenders.

Industrial food pretends to be real—it pretends to be a nutrient, a substance that, when digested, is used by our bodies to sustain growth, repair, and vital processes and to furnish energy.

Instead, industrial food fills our stomaches and induces satiety while bringing poisoning instead of nourishment, impairment and death instead of life and growth.

Industrial disease is the gift of industrial food. Modern peoples have learned, too intimately, the names of the diseases that bring modern misery and mortality, which names are legion. They are all different aspects of industrial disease.

People eating traditional foods were healthy, handsome, and happy and raised their children in the same mold. Their acceptance of industrial foods—the replacing foods of industrial civilization—destroyed this birthright in one generation.

As each successive generation takes the cuckoo of industrial food to its breast, it weakens and dies in agony.

What will you do?

Revision: 5-6-2008.