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These musings—blog entries—are for the year 2003. Other years can be accessed from the blog's home page, use the link in the upper right.

The death of the American Dream
I am filled with despair these days by the Shrub Administration's rabid efforts to destroy civil liberties, health, democracy, jobs, and the environment. They are relentless. My future is in jeopardy, as is that of my daughter and her children. The American Dream has become the American Myth.

What can I do? I envy my friend Paul's belief that mankind—and you know it is mostly men—will not destroy his home. I am not so sanguine, hence the despair. We must all talk and write about these threats to our future. My challenge is one of focus. I am most interested in how I can live and eat nutritious food while not hurting the environment. (10-1-2003)

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