Industrial Chemicals Make You Fat?

The prevailing theory of weight gain and loss—as a simple relationship between calories consumed, burned, and stored—is based on the work of Doctors Margaret Woodwell Johnston and L. H. Newburgh of Michigan University Department of Internal Medicine in the 1930s.

That theory has never accounted for all our experiences, and has let to other theories about the gaps.

A 2003 book offers an alternative theory. Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton's The Body Restoration Plan—Eliminate Chemical Calories and Enhance Your Natural Slimming System describes how our natural weight-control system responds to industrial chemicals in our bodies.

Her theory is in two parts. (1) Industrial chemicals in foods, skin care products, household products, etc. are highly fat soluble. When we are exposed to them our body, if it cannot excrete them, creates fat and stores them in it. (2) A number of chemicals, including carbamates and organophosphates, are fed to battery-raised livestock as growth promoters, to fatten them. They are also used as agricultural insecticides and herbicides. When we eat foods raised with these chemicals, they enter our own bodies and continue their weight gain effects.

The book provides an eating plan that can take off body fat slowly and avoid flooding the bloodstream with the stored poisons. It also advises ways to avoid future exposure to these chemicals.

This seems worth a try.

Written: 5-10-2008.