The Iraq War Must Stop Now

What are the results of the trumped-up war in Iraq that began in 2003?

  1. Loss of trillions of dollars of Americans. This money was looted from the General Fund and from Social Security.
  2. Active enmity of Muslims in the East.
  3. Spying on Americans without legal warrants.
  4. Disregard for international treaties like the Geneva Conventions.
  5. A National Guard eviscerated by the demand for soldiers in Iraq, thereby unable to meet their domestic responsibilities.
  6. Government refusal to account for wounded soldiers.
  7. Denial of medical care for wounded soldiers.
  8. Loss of esteem by foreign countries.
  9. The real issues of American life in the 21st century go unresolved: health, employment, education, safety.

How do you spell E-N-O-U-G-H?

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Written: 4-25-2008. Revision: 4-25-2008.