Americans in Afghanistan

Do you know how many American civilians are working in Afghanistan?

The US Army Corps of Engineers has a presence there called Afghanistan Engineer District (AED). They have websites:

Tha AED mission is: to provide quality, responsive engineering and construction services to a variety of customers in Afghanistan. The "AED performs a crucial role in the international efforts to facilitate establishing a secure and stable environment in Afghanistan while promoting reconstruction and infrastructure development."

AED employs more than 200 civilians and military personnel. Many of whom are lawyers responsible for writing the many contracts for construction projects.

In March 27, 2009 speech Pres Obama said he will ask thousands more American civilians to go to Afghanistan to help rebuild and retool the war-battered country.

A page on Wikipedia,, claims at least 4 American civilians have died in Afghanistan.

Other American employers with civilians in Afghanistan are KBR (Kellogg, Brown & Root), DynCorp, Bearing Point, Turquoise Mountain, and Two Rivers Consultants. Intelfiles at lists civilian deaths.

Revision: 4-3-2009.