The Violence of 9-11-2001

The 9-11-2001 destruction of the World Trade Center buildings in New York and the Pentagon in Virginia are the single largest acts of violence in American history. The report of the 9/11 Commission was unsatisfactory and unworthy of the American people. We are right in continuing to seek the truth. There is no statute of limitations on lies—they remain lies until the truth is revealed.

What I believe today:

  1. This was not a terrorist act.
  2. The World Trade Center buildings collapsed as a result of deliberate demolition—bombs inside.
  3. The Pentagon was damaged as a result of deliberate demolition—bombs inside and perhaps outside.
  4. An airplane may—or may not—have struck the Pentagon.
  5. The President (non-elected) was surprised by the news, but not completely surprised—as if it happened at the wrong time. He had a "deer in the headlights" appearance in that Florida classroom.
  6. The FAA and NORAD were incompetent, at least they did not follow procedures or behave according to my expectations.
  7. The "attacks" were deliberately timed to be easily confused with planned military exercises.
  8. It was an inside job—sanctioned and facilitated by one or more persons with ties to the Bush Administration and/or the military.
  9. What was the motive? Justification for un-popular events like a war on Iraq. Carte blanche. The destruction of evidence of lost trillions of dollars by the Pentagon was surely not a coincidence.

I quit listening to the "news" because it was so agenda-driven: some nasty Arabs did this and we should retaliate. Ironically retaliation is central to ongoing Muslim violence. Who in their right mind would want to join in? How do the modern Puritans justify this?

What really happened to the people alleged to be on American Airlines flight 77 (which supposedly crashed into the Pentagon with no remains)? Were they all real? What do their families say?

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Written: 4-25-2008. Revision: 4-25-2008.