Testimonial to the Raw Meat Diet

The following was written by Miranda Wagner in October 1997. I have known Miranda for about ten years; she is an esthetician who waxes my legs, so I see her every month. Over the course of time, I have talked about my cats and my work with their diet. When I saw Miranda on October 11, she said she had been feeding her two cats raw meat for the last month and how dramatically they had changed for the better. She had so much to say that I stopped her and asked her to please write it down so that I could publish it. What follows is just part of what she said to me.

"Peewee was a feral kitten who grew up skinny, scared of everything, hair falling out, poor appetite, very slow to trust, didn't understand play. I have had him for 4 1/2 years, since he was a baby, and have very patiently tried everything I knew to help him adjust and be a happy kitty. Several (2?) months ago, at the recommendation of Susan Dorey, I decided to try a raw chicken, turkey, and fish diet for both of my cats.

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