When Your Cat Misbehaves

The most common undesirable feline behaviors are:

First, let me address training as a technique of behavior modification. In a word—NOT. Only your behaviour is modified.

Don't make the mistake of labeling cat pee in the hall or cat poop on the bed as a "litterbox accident". It is no accident. I've come to believe cats are very literal in their expression of "piss on you." This is their main method of expressing displeasure with your behavior.

Punishment doesn't work with cats. The best approach is to give them a reason to behave properly. This usually means giving them all the attention they want. If they're "pissed off" because you're out of town for awhile, be sure the cat sitter gives them all the attention they want. (My cat sitter visits twice a day for about an hour each time. She pets, grooms, and plays with my cats as well as feeding them and cleaning the litter boxes. And I pay her well because I both value her service and my cats.)

Revision: 7-17-2005.