About AmazingTails

AmazingTails was a Maine Coon cattery I began in 1993. I stopped breeding in 1998.

Blondie, my last Maine Coon cat, died November 2012 at age 17. Her brother Captain Courageous died the previous May at age 19. I am still grieving. These cats changed my life in ways I am still discovering. Bless them.

I plan to add two Maine Coons to my family in 2014. I do not plan to resume breeding.

The cattery was registered with TICA and CFA. We were breed members of MCBFA.

We stopped breeding because we no longer had the time and money to devote to the cats. We love the breed and still attend cat shows and visit with other breeders, but the constant effort is thankfully a part of the past. Our approach to cat breeding was demanding. We studied animal husbandry, genetics, diet, health and disease, and grooming. We began learning about feeding cats raw meat in the second year and continue to study it as new information appears. We discovered first hand that diet is a vital link in the physical and mental health of cats, and that the health of both parents is a strong contributor to the health of the kittens.

Revision: 12-30-2013.